Saturday, May 7, 2016

New stuffs happening around the NEW house! (still)

Hiya all,

Things are still SLOW with the administration of this bloggie. Ma is STILL unpacking and buying stuffs for the house. Today she is unpacking "office" boxes so I thoughts it would be a great opportunity to give you a quick post.

Look at the progress of Auntie G's house next door!!

It hasn't got to "lock-up" stage yet - but won't be long. I can still wander through and check if the tradies left me any of their lunches ... he he!!

See this blank wall?? Watch closely ....

Dad dad and Uncie smeared some really smelly black stuffs on it, then stucks on some stone stuffs ...

Then it looks like this ...

Scarlet had to check it too ... it was exhaustin' watching all that sticking and smearing!!

Then these two nice men arrived .... they call themselves "gas fitters" and they messed up our living room, and brought in this big metal box.

I hads to watch this one closely .... nice young man .... he seemed to be doin' most of the works.

Then THIS happened after all the stuffs was cleaned up ... this metal box has flames and heat coming out of it. Mum says she has ALWAYS wanted one of these, but dad dad refused to have one that he had to find and chop up wood for ... so we have a gas one. We even start the flames with a remote control!!

What lazy peeps I have!! BOL!

Still it will be good once winter gets here!

Bye for now, Tail Wuggles,

Rubie xxx ooo xxx


  1. Crikey ... How good is that? I wish it got cold enough here for one of those fire things. I love 'em? I tried one out when we went to the Blue Mountains. I couldn't keep away from it? Mum put my bed right in front of it and I snoozed for hours.

  2. What a lovely fireplace. We have a wood one. The wood gets delivered once a year:) Glad the new house is coming along.

  3. How exciting to be getting everything all set up for your new place. Looking good
    Lily & Edward

  4. That looks just the thing for winter. Our summer is coming soon - we hope BOL We have a wood burner here but the peeps don't need to chop the wood luckily - it comes ready chopped on a big trailer. Enough for a whole winter. Enjoy the new house - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  5. that is one nice fireplace - must admit I hate the smell of wood burning so this is a great option.

  6. Great snoopervising! We think that heater will come handy all too soon. It has been cold in the mornings here.

  7. Oh gurl, THAT IS BEAUTIFULS! Your Pops is such a handy dandy dude! They did a FABulous job on that wall! And that fireplace is beautifuls! You knows the gas ones are better for the air anyhu! Ma says she is all kinds of jealous of your beautiful new estate! And she wants to knows when she can move in???? hello??
    Ruby ♥

  8. Rubie, we've missed you! Welcome back.. We understand you guys have a lot to do but everything looks great!!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  9. Bet mum gas that gas fire on today Rubie with all he rain and wind Archie & Lily was nearly blown away on their walk today

  10. Pretty exciting stuff! New houses, new fireplace, new yard...Wheeeee!
    Looking Good,

    Wyatt and Tegan

  11. It looks like Rubie may be enjoying some lovely evenings in front of the fire! Our five year old terrier loves sitting in front of our gas fireplace. Not only does he love the warmth it gives off but it also provides hours of entertainment for him as he sits and watches the flames move around. Enjoy Rubie!

    Margaret @ Boston North Shore Real Estate

  12. You start the flames in your gas fire with a remote control!? That's so cool! I have never seen that it in real life; I've only ever seen it in the final episode of 'Breaking Bad' when Walt breaks into Gretchen and Elliot's house. I thought that remote controlled fire places were only for the super rich. Well, I guess not.

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van

  13. Rubie, you did such a great job at snoopervising. You made sure they did the job correctly. Now you have a pawsome fireplace to keep warm during the winter time. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals


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