Sunday, June 5, 2011

Holling Days - The report...Part 1

Hi to all in blogville!!! Did ya miss me???? I'll be round to see you all real soon.

As you know my pawrents took me off on Holling days and all my good furends in Blogville wanted a full report of my adventures.... so mum took thousands of pics for ya - and I will do the report in 3 parts.... here goes:

Getting close to the country town of Clare, South Australia (famous wine growing region) 

The main street of Clare..... where the humans go and buy our doggie treats and stuff

One of the smaller grape vineyards in Clare.... it's just hit winter here now, so the vines are just about bare. In the background of this pic (near the top in the middle - you will need to click on the pic to make it bigger) is a B&B my pawrents stayed at before I came along to enrich their lives. The building to the right of the B&B is a restaurant that my pawrents tried out as well.

A farmhouse with some sheeps (including a chocolate one) in the town outskirts.

The local kangaroos make themselves comfy up in the hills.

Finally, I'm let out the car and have reached our Mud-Brick Cottage (sorry for calling it a stone cottage before- I stand corrected).

After a quick schnoofle over the outside I want to check out our digs. Here I am bursting through the front door and nose to the slate exploring.

Here is the lounge room. Nice sofa.

Kitchen - all mum needs to keep the food comin'!

One of my fav rooms..... dining room!

Mum and dad's room.

2nd Bedroom - I hear a rumour that there might be another peep sleeping in here on night two! I wonder who that would be???

This pic shows my blue bed next to the pot-belly oven....very cozy indeed!

There is a little enclosed yard that you access through french doors from the dining room. That way we doggies can be contained if we need to...but the views are still amazing!

The views from the front verandah are awesome too!

Look at me.........I'm F-R-E-E-E-E!!

LOTS of stuff to sniff, taste and explore.

Having an outdoor cuddle with my ma....... thanks for bringing me along ma!!!!!

This is a lovely place - do we LIVE here now I wonder?

Mum's happy she has a pretty sunset to photograph..... and we snuggle down for the night in our cottage, pot belly warming us.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring????

Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Rubie, that's a wonderful place! It's just perfect for dogs.....and their people.

    Hope you get to chase a 'roo. I did once. It's lots of fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Wow Rubie, what a lovely place for a holiday and you get to run free. Thanks for showing us your digs does indeed rate as 4 paws ;)
    Looking forward to part 2
    See Yea Soon George xxx

  3. Very nice your place, enjoy Rubie!
    Happy sunday my friend.

  4. Hi Rubie! What a wonderful place to be taken on holiday, the photo's are fantastic. The views look stunning, can't wait to hear more about your holiday adventure, Dex & Lou xxx

  5. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what a great holiday place! Love the sheep and the roos. Very nice cottage and your bed is in the perfect place for warm naps. Great pix of you snuggling your ma.
    BTW: For the upcoming picnic, my event is Bobbing for Tube Steaks. Some peeps call tube steaks "hot dogs", but that makes us pups a little nervous since they get steaks sounds nicer than eating hot dogs! BOL
    Hope you can join us!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  6. Hi Rubie, I have mad love fur your name.. MY Ruby spells her name different.. as you can see. I know that you will LOVE the Blogville Picnic in the Bark. I just found out that there will be TWO MORE grrrreat activities.. a hiking lecture in the Ampitheater.. by Shawnee the Shepard.. AND... a WALLY Melon EATIN thingy too.
    WOW what a grrrreat vacation you are havin. I love ALL the pictures.. butt the Kangaroo pic was the BEST. You certainly have a lovely place to stay!! AND.. that pic of you and your MOM is WONDERFUL!!!

  7. Ruby looks like a fun place to visit...can't wait to see more...

  8. hey there rubie,
    looks like a great place to be able to take dogs...i know my mom always says she wishes every place was a dog friendly place and that she could take me everywhere with her.i cant wait to see more of those beautiful pics, i think you are natural model-posing in every room for the camera :)

  9. Hi Rubie,

    Oh you had fun a lot in that beautiful place!
    I love reading your adventure.
    Happy sunday.
    woof, woof,


  10. Welcome back, Rubie! That cottage looks lovely and relaxing. I want to move there! I liked the picture of the sheep - I've never seen a brown one before. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your adventure!


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