Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Traumas !

Hiya all,

First of all I had to say goodbye to my Auntie Lynny a couple of days ago. That was my first trauma in the last week or so. Mum says she is gonna to go on a big flying machine in the sky and fly and fly for hours and hours........ then she will end up in the Yoouuu - Kaayyy. I am so jelly because some of my best furiends are in the Yoouuu - Kaaayy (not to mention my most special man, Dexter!) and if I went with her I could go visiting!! But mum says she would miss me too much to let me go:

I always scream with excitements to see Auntie Lynny and she always brings me a special treat to chew on....... 

I'm not normally a lap doggie - but I give Auntie Lynny special love when she comes over - we have cuddles and kisses and wrestles!

She'll come back. 

Hope she brings me something!!

My second trauma this week went like this:

See this picture...... it's Scarlet (middle), Zoe (bunny ears) and me over at Grandpaws' last Saturday. See how gorgeous we are.


Zoe specialising in "bunny ears" that day.

Well....... on Monday Scarlet, Zoe and uncie came over to my place for play day as usual.

Look at Zoe..... hey what happened to your furs?????!!

Here I am laughing at Scarlet and Zoe because they had their post-winter fur cuts!!!! Ha ha ha........ glad I DON'T HAVTA have THAT HAPPEN!!!!!


Barked TOO SOON!

Oh darn....... this is me after 87 hours on the grooming table.......

Now I havta "look happy"!!!! As IF....... after that buzzer clipper TRAUMA!! At least I got some stroppy growling and biting in when uncie was doing my furs on my head!! he he he!

The only pawsitive is...... it makes me look slimmer!!

Someone explain this to me....... FURST they cut our warm furs OFF......THEN they make us wear COATS (yuk!) so that we can be WARM........ Heeellllloooo????? Can anybody else work out the problem??? Humans!!

So yesterday we were back at Grandpaws' with our new fur-do's. Poor Zoe had her coat on. We found a rag to play tug-a-war with.

Scarlet and Zoe.

Now that they have taken our furs off...... it is windy, cold and rainy!!

Can anyone explain this to me??


  1. Cold and windy. Oh that always happens after ones furs have been removed, I am learning. And Auntie Linny will probably be learning (if she didn't know it already) that it is often cold and wet in the You Kay too. Especially if you venture North and West.
    Toodle pip!

  2. O-M-D... That is SO silly! You would have been nice and warm with your fur-coat on!!

  3. Howdy Ruby, nope we can't explain what goes on inside their heads. Anyhoo you look fab with your new hair cut. Wish this cold windy weather would go away. It's getting on our nerves! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. That is too many traumas. We hope things look up. Hailey and Zaphod

  5. Humans sure are silly! You sure look devine though!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. My you are looking dapper Rubie girl. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. You do look lovely in your new fur cut. Hopefully summer will be there soon and it will all be worth it.


  8. You got something right... Those hoomans don't have a clue in life! Look at the lot of ya ~ your almost naked!!!

    Lily Belle

  9. Don't worry, karma will give you two good things for every trauma you had!
    Lots of love,
    Indigo the Great Dane

  10. Looks like you had some great belly rubs with Aunty Lynny. Sorry to hear about your grooming trauma - we have to suffer that here too especially now Judith went on a grooming course and wants to try her new techniques. Oh Rubie - it would have been so good to meet you in the furs too but the UK is a long way and not a good journey for dogs. Hope the sun comes out for you soon and you don't have to wear your coat much lomger - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  11. How weird! I have to wear coats when it gets cold out, but that's because I don't grow a whole lot of my own. I don't know why they'd shave off your perfectly good furs!

  12. So glad I am a short fured dog and I do not have to go through that trauma. And how great is you Aunty Lynny?!! She looks like she give the best belly rubs.

  13. Life is so unkind sometimes! I love your new pink coat!! Hope it warms up!

  14. OMD OMD... Peeps are just... CRAZY fur SURE. I can NOT begin to explain their... Brains.
    BUTT you gotta admit that you all look super cute.

  15. Rubie- You do look a little miffed at the fur situation. Gotta say, you do look nice and the coat is snazzy!


  16. You are lookin' GOOD Rubie! I know peeps can be soooo backwards sometimes! And, really, coats? What's with that anyhu? Just keep the stinky furs on! Peeps, whatcha gonna do??



  17. Same thing happened here! Fur off, cold back on...crazy.

    Next time you see the girls shaved....HIDE!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Your play dates always look like so much fun.

  18. You are right! The buzz cut makes you look slim! :)

  19. BOL crazy! I've given you an award, check it out if ya want!

  20. That colder thing happened when Todd and Charlie were groomed too--They didn't believe me! But they both looked slimmer as do you!! :-)

  21. I can't explain it and I don't even want to try. I am totally with you my pal. You do look very nice and slim. I am sorry for the torture you had to endure.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. I hope Mommy doesn't see this and get any ideas.

  22. Oh your new hair cut looks so charming on you!
    trim and slim, and cute!

  23. Oh Rubie-Roo! Such a traumatic time for you! It's always sad saying goodbye to visitors especially the ones who fuss you and give you lots of lovings! I think that you look so cute with your new hair cut and it looks like you had so much fun with Scarlet and bunny ears Zoe! I do however agree that Pawrents are silly, cutting your furs then putting you in a coat! This time of year is when my Mum goes crazy for the seasons new jumpers and coats, she got me a new high vidability collar that lights up yesterday for when we take our dark evening walks, for now though I'm lucky that the weather has been nice and Mum is making the most of the light evenings taking me on long walks to the lakes! Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank XxxxxxX

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  25. I think the humans like to just torture us with a the furs grooming and clothes.

    Yuki and Rocket

  26. Hi Rubie,

    We just gave you an award! If you like, you can hope over to our blog and pick it up.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  27. Rubie, what a beautiful blog you have! I´m a fan!
    My princess at home is a white miniature Schnauzer... hehehe.. I Love Schnauzers! :D

    André Moreiras
    Passos Caninos


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