Friday, March 15, 2013

PIP and PUDDLES - You Dawgs ROCK!!!!

It's a special day alright.

We critters in Blogville want to dedicate the WHOLE of this DAY, 15th March 2013 - to the APPRECIATION of our good furiends Pip and Puddles.

Pip has been proclaimed "The Blogville KING of CHEESEBURGERS", and Puddles has been proclaimed "The Blogville QUEEN of MERRIMENT and MAYHEM".

You TWO ROCK the WORLD....... your bloggies are AWESOME and your assistants do a great job too. You are WONDERFUL furiends and make us LAFF and CRY and WHINE and WHIMPER all at the same time...... and at different times too.

My Mum and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you BOTH......

I have switched the comments OFF this post because all of my readers will only AGREE with how GREAT YOU TWO are. So readers, have a rest then use the time to race around the other bloggies giving WORLDWIDE TRIBUTES to PIP and PUDDLES!!

Be Good Everyone, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


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