Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our PARK Day

Hiya all,

Sorry but we have arrived a little LATE for Blogville's Park Day - but sometimes it is just too hard to keep the lazy humans focussed..... we WON'T mention any names..... but MUM (oops) wasn't feeling the best and she didn't want to turn on the big computer so I could put up my post in time.

Forgive us.

Anywho - My cousins and I wanted to show you our Dawg PARK and what we got up to when we last were there:

Woooo hoooo!!! That's me runnin' around all NUTS-OID!!

And this is Scarlet arrivin'

Followed closely by Zoe!

Here we go runnin and runnin!

I love meetin the bigger, faster visitors.... they are good for run chase-ies!

OOooo who do we have here???

Your name is "Red"..... are you a relative of my mates Frankie and Ernie from OHIO in the U.S.A???? They look very much like you only fluffier?!

RED: We are probably distant relatives Rubie - especially if they are as good looking as me!...... Give me their bloggie address and I'll look em up!

Hey Red! Don't forget to tell em' I sent you over!! 

Puff puff puff!!!!! All this runnin' around and meetin' Dawgs is exhausting!! But we always love the Dawg Park!!


  1. Love those high energy park shots. That's my kind of place.
    Toodle pip!

  2. That's the best kind of park! Red looks like our friend Millie. We wish we could be there running around with you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Meeting new buddies at the park is the best and getting to run like crazy....ah what could be better

  4. I think park day is open all weekend. Visit gizmo or Finns blog for details. I think the drawing for prizes is Monday.

  5. Looks like you had a swell day at the park with lots of new buddies. Nice one! Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Better late than never Miss Rubie. You have a great park to go to. Just look at all the fun you all had. And boy can you fly fast.

  7. RUBIE..... it is soooooooo grrrreat to have Park Day with YOU and RED!! WOW he DOES look like Bella Daisy and Roxy's furend Millie.. and I am SURE that he is one of our distant cussins!! He is SUPER. THANKS fur mentioning US to HIM.
    Rubie your park is gorgeous. OH how WE would love to have one like that near US.
    We are Soooooo sorry to hear that your Mum was not feeling tip top. We hope and pray that she is all BETTER now.
    WE have missed YOU. And are THRILLED that you were able to share Park Day FUN with us.

  8. My my, you is all very fast! Red is an extremely handsome fellow, if I does say so myself....


  9. Looks like everyone had a blast!


  10. Great fun Sis love the action shots, we are on a blogging break, my mom and your mom are like two peas in a pod, she can't face turning on the PC sometimes
    Anyway's Have a good week
    Love Bro xxx

  11. Whew Rubie, you guys wore us out just watching all the running and playing with new pals, bettcha had a doggie ton oh fun!

    The Mad Scots

  12. Wows! That sure looked like a FABulous time! I LOVED the action pics of you guys!!! Your Mum really knows how to capture your spirit.
    I'm tired just watchin' you all runnin' around! Phew. I hopes you had a long nap when you gots home.

  13. Little guys, big guys, long guys, why you meet every kind at the dog park. Great park Rubie.
    Sweet William The Scot

  14. Looks like a great time. Lucky you got to go. Lee and Phod who never go to the park.

  15. Great to meet you Rubie and thanks for coming to Park Day...You certainly were not too late at all...Finn and i left our list open till tonight so everyone could have a chance to join us...Looks like your dog park is great fun and there's a lot of zoomies going on there...Always a really good time! Thanks for sharing

  16. WOW...that looks like fun, zooming around the park and meeting furiends!

  17. Better late than never. What a beautiful green park to play in with your friends
    Benny & Lily

  18. Looks like a fun park and a great park day!!

    jazzi and addi

  19. What a great day out at the park meeting friends - and so sunny. I'm looking forward to the sun coming back here and we can have more fun days out - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  20. No worries about being late, you're just dragging the FUN of Park Day out even longer! Thanks for showing us your park. It looks like lots of fun!

  21. Oooh, it looks like you had a fabulous time at the dog park!!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  22. Wow that was a pawsome park journey. You were all going nuts and having a blast!

    Loveys Sasha

  23. Hi Rubi-Roo!
    So much fun at the park, it looks like you had a great day with some new friends to meet and greet! Great photos, love the action shots! Wahooo!
    Love and Licks from your furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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