Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter "Get-A-Way" in the PKW....Pawt 2

So ..... on goes my report of our little hollingday:

So here is a picture of me and my dad dad waitin' for our Brekky to be served by the mum person. I personally was very unimpressed that she forgots the bacon in the freezer at home!!

Luckily - she had some sausages in the van fridge which she fried up with some eggies for us..... I am not asleeps ... merely restin' until my tid-bits  get fed to me at the end of the feastin'!

I have them well trained my furiends.

So all ready and fuelled up for my day.... we went and walked alongside the waters "edge".....

NB: "Middle Beach" is a fishing and crabbing beach - not like the pretty white sandy ones I usually go to. This beach has a main channel that the boats use to "get-out" to the open waters - I'll show you that later. The water's edge however, is grassy and muddy and also has mangroves.

There was a bunch of black swans in the channel.

Along the beach we saw a few shacks like Win's. My peeps liked the homemade stones fences and the two skulls!

At the end of the shacks there is a very newly installed boat ramp and floating pontoon jetty..... dad dad said when he came here as a boy there was nothing this fancy available.

Back at Base Camp one of the workers of the caravan park owns this Kelpie pup and she came over to play with me.

So we played and played - and I had to dodge and weave her sharp little puppy teeth!!

Nothing to see here!!

In case you all were wondering about the state of this caravan park.... it is a bit rough and unkempt .... it has been very neglected in the past. Now it has new owners and they are about to plow up the powered and camp sites with big equipments and grow nice grass and make concrete pads for the campers. The kelpie's human is the man who is driving the big equipments. 

Time for a rest in my PKW after all that walkin' and playin'.

And I gets the most comfy wumfy spot in the van. (*Happy Sigh*)

So..... what's for dinner ma??????

Stay Tuned for the final pawt of our PKW adventure!!


  1. Left the bacon at HOME???!!! We are barkless! Good thing she had the sausages...just sayin'.

    Fantastic much to see and sniff. Did you bark at the swans?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Good food (even without the bacon) and good furends, sounds like you're having a ball!

  3. What no bacons????? Looks like you are having fun there. Those were a lot of swans.
    Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Eeeemmmmm misses Aussie snags soooooomuch...they don't make anything like them in the states.

  5. So wait, let me understand this. She left the bacon AT home? Tragic. Your puppy friend looks like he has a lot of energy. Glad to see that the place will be getting a face lift.

  6. Looks like you had a great time on your hollingday. At least your mom saved breakfast with some sausage.

    Millie & Walter

  7. That puppy looked nice, even if she had sharp teeth, it is nice to make a friend. Our lady will never share bacon, so you are lucky you ever get it! Your trip looks like so much fun! Lee and Phod who never go anywhere

  8. OMD SHE left the BACON at HOME??? THE HORROR of that. BUTT you did have a super time playing with your new furend. THAT makes up fur a LOT.

    Love your comfy Nap place.

  9. OMD!! No BACONS???? Well, Thank Dog they had some frozen weenies, better that nothin', huh?! BOL
    I loves your new pal!!! Very cute, butts, yes, those puppy toothers can be very sharp indeed!!
    Can't wait til the next installment!
    Ruby ♥

  10. Send Mom Snags !!!!!!!!!! The "things" they make here is the USA as sausages are all italian flavored or so full of spices and hot stuff they are terrible!!! We have never found anything like an aussie snag anywhere we have lived in the USA :( Even what they call breakfast sausage here is so full of pepper and red pepper flakes mom can't eat them (she's allergic to pepper(s) - oh send meat pies too :) :) :)

  11. That looks a fine caravan park to us, we like the rough and ready, less fancy, then we don't need to worry about anyone being worried about us. We're off camping to what the owners say is a camp "in the wild lands" in the Cevennes in France in a couple of weeks, should be challenging, hoping we won't see many people, don't think we will. You enjoy everything you can now and get them to keep cooking you great breakfasts x

  12. Love that photo of you Rubie having a rest after a busy day. Bet you'll be dreaming of bacon tonight :-) Glad you've got the comfy spot too - that's most important on a camping hollingday - woofs and licks from Magic xx


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