Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh My Gosh ..... A Storm Blew In!!

Yesterday was an exciting day...... I just HAD to tell you all about it!!

After my walk yesterday ..... we gots home and I had my paws washed (it's a mum thing!!) ..... then the SKY went very very DARK. The temperature dropped, and it started raining and the wind picked up too. The rain looked like it was horizontals.

Mum said to dad dad - "somethings gonna blow"....

Then the weather exploded!!!!!

This is the footpath and verge across the street, you can see the waters rushing down our road and into the storm water drains. See the white stuffs ..... it was NOT snow....

It was little tiny balls of ICE, falling from the SKY. I haven't seen this before.

My entire garden got a smattering of white ice balls.

On my Moss Rock steps.....

Behind this statue.


I was rushing around sniffing it....

Tried licking it.... stomped around in it - see my paw steps!

Mum scooped some and said I can lick it...

Our rainwater tanks' filters blocked up and then we had a mini flood of standing water on the side patio...

Then the little ice balls floated under the washing line ...

See - mum called these "floating islands" and I had my paws in ICE WATER!!

So - We ALMOST had a "snow-like" feeling - the house across the street had white on its roof and on the ground around it ... but it wasn't snow it was little ice balls.

It's NEVER snowed on the Adelaide Plains .... but I reckon we got CLOSE!!

After mum finished her flashy box photos ..... we got towelled off and I rested on the couch under my blankie .... watching the rain from the warmth of inside. Mum looked at the temperature gauge and said it was 7.2 C outside. (44.6 F) - that's bbbrrrrr cold for US!

Later that day, my cousins Scarlet and Zoe came over - and look what happened:

Little Zoe had to wear her SNOW BOOTS!!!!

Too funny - don't ya think?????

(As long as mum doesn't make me put on mine!!)


  1. Weird weather going on there.

  2. Oh my dogness! The weather has gone bonky bananas!it has been blowing a gail here!

    Be careful, don't get washed away!

  3. wow - that doesn't happen often does it - I do remember a few suck storms like that - usually at the end of a hot spell though.....not in winter. Did they get any snow on Mount Lofty?

  4. Great dawgs! Look at those tiny ice balls. They are everywhere. What weird weather you are having.

  5. Wow. But we Brits think it is sunny in Australia. Always.
    If I was not of a scientific cast of mind, I would be saying that your Mom brought it all on by angering Someone Up There with her tedious insistence on paw washing…
    Toodle pip!

  6. Brrr.... 44? Dat are cold!! Look at all dat sleet!!
    Sumtimes I fergits dat y'all has winter while we gots summer... it's in the 90s here today!

  7. I has snow boots too - I wore dem when I lived in Bawston.

  8. Wow, that is a storm! We Canadian dogs can handle 7 C - that isn't too bad, we only get upset at -10 or so. Hope it warms up!

  9. Those ice balls are amazing!
    I like your snow boots!

  10. Wew looks very cold. I also would not like to put those things on my feet. What an experience.Are you all okay?

    1. Thankyou for asking if we are OK.. yes we got through without any damages. In the hills some very big and old trees fell over and some roof and fence damage was recorded on the Adelaide plains .... but it was pretty good given the 100km per hour winds! xxx Rubie

  11. Hey Rubie! Thanks for visiting! We are behind on all the happenings too so no worries about not knowing about Sam being blind! And you know what? Sometimes we forget he's blind too because he's so awesome!

    We loved seeing your winter storm and maybe someday you will get snow!

    Sam and Pippen

  12. Oh my, the weather certainly gave you a double whammy! Hope things have settled down a bit.

    Love those little boots. It reminds me of putting a small pair of booties on one of my dogs years ago. She lifted each foot really high as she walked as though trying to pull her feet out of quicksand. So funny!

    Critter Alley

  13. It was very cold and very windy my guys stayed in doors in front of a roaring wood fire toasty!!

  14. Goodness, Rubie - that's a whole lot of hail! I'll bet it would hurt if it hit you. It's a good thing you were inside when it was falling.

    As for Zoe's boots, I think they're smashing! They even match her fur. She looks really fashionable. But then, I'm a human, so what do I know.

    Glad you're all OK there. Keep warm.

    Ruthie and Bella the Rat Terrier Princess (neither of whom writes in our blog;-)

  15. Oh Rubie! It looks like the weather is gone crazy, watch out you don't go out to use the bathroom and get swept away! Lots of love and hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx


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