Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hollingday in the White Stuffs - SNOW - Pawt 1

Hiya all!!  We are FINALLY HOME!!!

I am VERY pleased to report we "made it out alive" and now it's time to tell you all about the GREAT snow hollingday we had. Now it's time to share the GREAT adventure with all my mates - furry and not so furry!

You know how we had to drive for 87,000 hours to get to our destinations. Well, the peeps made sure I had a nice comfy spot on the backseat to curl up in and sleeps .... and then every couple of hours they let me out for a sniffs and wee and stroll around. We stopped in some funny little towns, and sometimes I got to share the snacks the peeps bought.

I'm not the greatest of car travellers .... so this trip was a bit of a test  for me .... and I PAWssed it my furiends.

Here we are being greeted by the PAWsonal Manager (Deezie) of our Motel in Swan Hill, Victoria. It's the ONLY doggie VIP Motel in this town, and mum is still "high-fiving" herself that it all worked out. Mum says sorry - she took four shots of Deezie and I meeting .... and they were so blurry .... we were movin' at true speed you know!

Right .... here is our room in the Motel ... nice big bed for the peeps ... and ....

Mum says the motel is very dated and had "crime scene stained" carpets .... but she didn't care. It was clean and WARM, and let me be inside - this was the MAIN CONSIDERATION and we were VERY happy with that!!

A familiar spot for me - this is my travelling bed that is on the backseat. Mum found it amazing that until I am comfy with my new surrounds ... I do not jump up on the beds/couch/ etc but prefer my blue bed.

And because I travel on a pretty much an empty tum tums .... I was STARVING and as soon as mum started to prep my dinner in the bathroom .... I gots VERY excited, my tail goin' a million miles a minute here!

And the peeps had their annual treat of McDonalds!!! So I gots to help with their beefs burgers... Yum Yum in my Tum Tum !!

We had a good nights sleeps .... had toast for breakfast .... packed up, and then jumped in the car. But we were not goin' anywhere because we could NOT see OUT the windows. There was ice covering the windows so dad had to do some clean up first!

Mum had to take a picture of the outside temperature from the dashboard ..... see the 2 degrees under the red light??? That's 35.6F. And that is after the sun came up at 7:00am. So overnight it was freezings my furiends!! The car even flashed up the warning "possible icy conditions" on the screen!!

So lots more drivings .... and I got a huge run around on the Shepparton Oval, snacks in Benalla ... then we arrived in Bright (where mum and dad dad's friends live). Here I am having a leg stretch and grass sniff by the Ovens River. This river is supplied from the melting snows up the mountains where we are heading next!!

OOOOooooo mum got so excited when we set off again and saw the tops of the mountains. We are just entering the last little town, Harrietville, before we hit the mountains .... we collected our snow chains for the car from a shop in Harrietville.

A nice young man demonstrated to dad dad how to fit these chains (in case we get stucks) and he LOVED me!! And also LOVED my pawsonalised and blingy paracord collar that my uncie made for me!! I liked him too. He was very impressed that I was going to the snow with my peeps.

OK - back on the road again, and within about 10 mins the outside world started changin' a bit!!

What the heck is wrong with the ground up here??? There is white stuffs everywhere!!!

This is pawt of our road up!

Are you people SURE about all THIS????? It's gone all white stuffs outside?????!!!!!!

AAAAiiiiiiii CARUMMMMMBBBBAAA - Look at how deeps it is!!

We have reached the top of the Alpine region and this is Mount Hotham. A big skiing resort/villiage. This is popular with the people of Melbourne as it's much closer for them - not a two day drive like we had!!

We drive through Hotham to get to our village (Dinner Plain) because dawgs are not allowed at Hotham - it is a National Pawk (unfair I know) - in fact the peeps are not even allowed to stop the car or they will get a fine! So we just drove real slow to get some shots for you.

Onwards to our Villiage.

Pawt 2 of this Great Adventure to follow!!


  1. Brrrr, your vacashun looks real cold!

  2. Super duper adventure Rubie, I LOVE the snow. But it seems all wrong that dogs are not allowed in the National Park. After all, we are part of the nation too, are we not?
    Toodle pip!

  3. We've been having some of that icy weather here, too. What a great adventure you're on. We're impressed that you got to stay in a motel room...

    Can't wait until you are ALLOWED out into the white stuff. (We think no dogs in a National Park is unfair)

  4. Wow that snow looks spectacular. No dogs? Drats we so know that one. Welcome home. Have a serene easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Wow - that was some snow they had. mom says she been up that way through summer but not in winter and she LOVED seeing the pics. We can not believe that they don't allow dogs or even allow you to stop if you have a dog in a car.....that is a bit much ! Can't wait to see more pics.

  6. What a beautiful start to your trip. We live with lots of winter but have never had to use chains. they are only used for hills here, everyone has to have snow tires in our province. Can't wait to see the village.

  7. WE are SO glad that you actually got to see some SNOW... Wow 2° is pretty darned COLD...
    This is an outstanding vacation... BUTT we do not think it is NICE of that place to not even allow you and your mum and dad dad to even STOP. THAT is very UNFRIENDLY. They Do NOT know WHAT (or WHO) they are missing.

  8. OMD what an adventure! I am glad you are doing good with the travelling. I am not very good at that. That is a lot of snow. I ccan't wait to read more.

    Love Sasha

  9. Oh my pugness Rubie, what a wonderful adventure you are having, look at all that snow, it's so beautiful, the stream supplied by melted snow is so cool, it's nice that that snow chain guy took a fancy to you, glad he didn't sneak you off with him ha,ha! I'm excited to see your pawt 2 it looks like this trip is going to be very fun and I can't wait to see you in your snow suit in the snows! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  10. Woweeee!! That is a real adventure for sure!! The snow is beautiful... and the mountains!
    You and your family are soooo lucky!

  11. Oh wow, what an adventure! We're in the middle of a HOT Texas summer, so it's pawesome to see that nice white stuff everywhere.

  12. can't wait to see more of your adventure to the mountains.
    We have crazy weather here now it's actually very hot.

  13. You have such great adventures Rubie


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