Friday, September 26, 2014

Hollingday in the White Stuffs - SNOW - Pawt 6 (Final)

Hiya all,

This 6 Pawt Hollingday saga was a marathon of its own ... don't ya think? Anyway - we have hit the home stretch and please enjoy the last Pawt...

FURST - I have to report "Operation Meet The Bright Peeps" was VERY VERY successful. I have NEW GRANDPAWRENTS!!! Grandmaw I and Grandpaw N sure did LOVE ME!! Grandmaw even went special shopping for me and bought me YUMMERS treats and FED ME NON-STOP.   I LOVES HER!!!!!!! I was on my bestest behaviour too. Grandmaw even snuck me her foodables at the dinner table ... when mum wasn't looking! We had such a GREAT TIME togethers. I'll show you how I trained Grandmaw later on in this post.

It may seem a little strange - but we went on a little excursion with my new Grandpawrents and ended up in the Bright Cemetery !! I've never been to a peep cemetery before but you can see my happy fur butt heading up the hill in front. That's my new Grandmaw on the left and dad dad in the middle, and my new Grandpaw on the right.

This place was like a big pawk!

See this wall?? My Grandpawrents are gonna be "planted" in a wall like this one when they go over the Bridge. It was all very confusing ... they are not planning to get planted anytime soon - they just booked the accommodation so they would end up together and where they wanted to be. Such a pretty place - surrounded by mountains and stuffs.

This is the old part - with lots of interesting stones to read, but I loved running around on the grass.

On the way home - I met a couple more locals.

These locals were friendly and waved at us each time we passed!

Another big day in Bright!!

My peeps and I saw the Grandpawrents every night for "Happy Hour" drinks and dinner. We alternated which house we ate at. Mum called it a "dinner party and red wine marathon". We ALL had a wonderful time. 

This is me and Grandmaw the morning we left. This is at their place. Check out the trick I taught her:

This trick is called "Feed the Hungry Schnauzer TREATS". She had the best JERKY for me..... hhhmmmmm! 

So we booked them for next year too! I proved to my peeps that I can travel the distance. This was the biggest car ride I have done and I'm not a great traveller!!

See ya in 12 months Grandmaw and Grandpaw!!!

Back in the car:

The scenery looked like this:

We pulled over so I could have a close look at these big things in a paddock. Mum says they are Black Bulls. They had a distinctive odour.

They were VERY interested in me ... mum picked me up when they started crowding closer ... and we left and said goodbye when I started shaking a bit!! See Ya BULLS!

We did a few stops to stretch our legs ... this was a cute town called Echuca. It is on the River Murray which is a huge river in Australia.

Lots of houseboats docked along the banks.

But mum didn't want me to go onboard without an invitation.

Funny trees here - never seen bark like this before!!??

We even got to stay in the same room at the Pet-Friendly motel at Swan Hill on the return journey. Won't be long till we get home now!!

So this Hollingday WAS A BLAST my furiends.... big drives, doggie motel, SNOW, chalets, underfloor heating, new Grandpawrents, lots of treats and walks ..... all GOOD!!

AND - I get to go back next year!! Mum says we might even drive up to see the snow again - if there is some - at the time we are in Bright! Wooooo Hooooo!!

Thanks for reading!!


PeeeeSss: Make sure your peeps are "on the ball" and have your "International Taco Day" tacos planned and ready to roll - not long now!!!!!

This fun day on October 4th is hosted by Angel Jazzi and her bloggie - and it means that we can eat TACOS in her honour! 


  1. Oh how wonderful - new Grandpawrents! And we love the tree with the unique bark.
    But those peep burial places can be a bit of a trial for us male pups who like 'marking' our territory, as apparently peeing (even just a drop or two) is frowned on big time!
    Toodle pip!

  2. what a wonderful wonderful trip and Mom especially has loved seeing all the pictures of home - especially all the house boats on the Murray

  3. Great training. Your grandpawrents have a whole year to stock up on treats for Happy Hour!

    It's a beautiful area, thanks for showing us.

  4. What a great trip and even better you got to have your own happy hour too with all those treats. Looked like a lovely place and peeps says she likes the wine marathon idea LOL. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. What another big day. The grand pawrents will be planted in a beautiful place.
    Lily & Edward

  6. Wow, what a grreat grreat trip! I'm so glad you get to make it an annual event.

  7. That was a great trick to teach your Granny, I work that one on my peeps all the time. What a great adventure you had! Thank you for sharing all of this and letting me live through it with you. I bet you are tired now and you deserve a rest.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Howdy Rubie. Wowza, you trained your new Grandma easy as. Glad the trip all went so well. We loved the funny tree too. What a crack up. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Your little adventure was pawsome! Oh the fun and cool things you got to see!

  10. What a wonderful time you had Rubie. Those new grandparents sound just perfect and so well trained BOL Thanks for sharing your hollingday adventures - Woofs and licks from Magic xx

  11. Rubie, thank you for sharing many nice photos! What a fun trip. Beautiful weather, wonderful grandpawrents, pretty you!
    One of the doggies you met looks like me, Pinot!

    Momo & Pinot xo


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