Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hospitals and a Mum Pupdate.

Hiya all,

As some of you know, on the 5th January my mum packed a small wheelie bag and left me. She went to a place like this:

She even had her own room - it was number 407

The first day was horrible - she tells me she was "put to sleep" and then doctors cut open her tummy, and took out her lady part. She tells me she was very crook for quite a few hours after that. 

 I don't know what the big deal is - I HAD that DONE when I was six months old see:

You didn't see me lying around feeling sorry for myself.... well okay - busted - but it didn't take me long to be runnin' around back to normal.

Really - she did it sooooo tough. She had her room cleaned and bed made up everyday .... she could watch TV whenever she wanted. She even had her own private baffroom.

The nice ladies gave her shortbread cookies with her cups of coffee and hot chocolate!!

Other nice ladies brought her awesome foodables like Shepherds Pie, veggies and mash, ice-cream and fresh fruit salads. She could drink as much juice as she wanted too.

She didn't even have to wash the dishes either!!

She did lots of "walkies" around the hallways - even late at night if she wanted.

Orchids were brought to her.

In fact, this is what she thought of her hospitals. Frankly my friends - I think she gots WAY too COMFORTABLES.

She even started to take Hospital Selfie's !! This one she posted on Facebark!

And check this out. When the Choccy muffins and cakes started arriving for morning/afternoon tea ... quite frankly I thought she ain't ever comin' home!!

I heard about all of this ... and eventually cracked and sent dad dad to go and get her BACK:

Oh thank goodness you got her outa that Hospitals place!! Did you have to prise her fingernails out of the doorframe to move her out?? It wouldn't surprise me.

And your first task ma .... is to give me a neck scritch ... yea that's the spot!!

I, Rubie, want to send a very special SHOUT OUT/ BARK OUT to my Auntie K who lives in Florida in the USA. She has lots of health issues and was kind enough to keep an eye on ma and say lots of nice things to her to help her heal.

It's worked Auntie K. You are a real nice lady and my ma values your friendship very much.

Mum is still being lazy but is probably doing a bit more than she should. But she says she feels good, but gets tired easy. Her pain levels are much much better too. I'm still not allowed to jump up on her and do my signature MOVE (mum calls it a double fist pump into the abdomen!! he he)Won't be long and she will be chasing me (I loves that!) and throwing my balls for me once again.

In my next post I'll have more info on our New House Project!


  1. Yeah, we think she was having a holingday without you....using being sick as an excuse. We're glad she's home and hope she'll be up and running around soon.

  2. yay yay,, were glad she is home!

  3. Oh gosh Rubie, I know all about the human lady parts operation situation. Better stay off her lap for a few weeks…
    Toodle pip!
    PS from Gail - tell you mum she hopes the recovery goes smoothly.

  4. Welcome home to mum and take it easy and Rubie you give her plenty of loving. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Ouch, hope she is feeling better and gradually regaining her strength! I'm sure you are a very good nurse and helper.

  6. we are glad your Mom is doing better and we are sure you will be doing chase all around the yard in no time

  7. We want to send a wish for a speedy full recovery.

    xo Cinnamon

  8. OMD Rubie... we do think that they treated your mum VERY WELL in that place... We are glad that she is now HOME with YOU where you can take good care of her...
    We are glad that this is all behind you... and your MUM...
    We will send her POTP fur a FAST recovery.

  9. Rubie, so glad your mom is doing better. I cannot believe all the scrumptious foodables she received in the hospital. Hospital food here in the States does NOT look like that...or come with shorbreads or chocolate muffins!!!! No wonder you had a hard time getting her outta there!

  10. That's pawsome news that Mom is back home where she belongs. We hope that each day leaves her feeling better and better. That's not a fun surgery as our Mom has been there/done that. Tell your Mom we feel for her and wish her the very best in her recovery.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  11. Good news all around, Moms ok, and you got her back for the missed rubs!

    The Mad Scots

  12. Howdy Rubie, well we're glad your mum is home safe and sound but it does sound like a pretty good resort doesn't it. Coffee and cake? our mum would have to be pried out of the place hehehe. Take good care of your mum ok Rubie.
    No worries (especially for your mum's recovery) and love, Stella and Rory

  13. what about the private nurse she has that attend with treats for a certain special girl??


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