Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lessons learned at Grandpaws

As you know I'm just a young puppy still, so I'm learning new stuff all the time. Yesterday we went to my Grandpaws place and I want to share with you some lessons learned.

Lesson 1: When you get to Grandpaws' first (before cousins) stay close to Grandpaw while he's eating nuts, and help with the eating part!

Lesson 2: When leaping for the toy in the backyard, try to glean some advantage over the stronger jumper by obscuring her vision somewhat. He He.

Lesson 3: When playing tug-a-something ensure that the something is authorised by the humans to be used as the tug-a-something! In this case we selected an old rag - not something good out of Grandpaws' washing basket.

Lesson 4: Try to gain the middle position in any tug-a-war, it's the best place to be.

Lesson 5: When flowers are being chomped off bushes, have your answer (with sweet face attached) ready - "Scarlet did it!"

Lesson 6: In the beginning of a run chasey game, try and get a head start.

Lesson 7: If you "win" the toy, hang onto it hard.

Lesson 8: Try and exhaust your opponent where possible and not look tooo smug about it.

Lesson 9: At the dinner table, try and get your face close to the action of the dinner plates.

Lesson 10: Always have one cute pose up your paw for when you are resting on the grass next to mum. Seems to make her happy!


  1. Great lessons, Rubie! Wonderful pictures too! We especially like the one for lesson nine. Who could resist that cute face of yours? Minnie is good at that! Aww...and you have made Scarlet and Zoe jealous too...look at their faces!!

  2. O hai!! :) U are havin such a fun time. Kiss kiss! :)

  3. yep it is impawtant to remember that we can always learn from the senior members of our families!

  4. You had a lot of fun there with your cousins. Thanks for sharing what you learned there, yesterday we also learned how to behave around house guests. Especially how to lick their faces to make friends with them.

  5. what lucky puppies such a big garden to play in!!

  6. Hi Rubie, I just found your blog this week after saying goodbye to my beloved little friend Sam after 10 and 1/2 years. You have a brought a smile to my broken heart Thank you

  7. oh Heather, I'm so happy I can bring a little smile to you! Who was Sam, may I ask? I bet those 10 and a half years with you were wonderful years. Big lick and Big Tail Wuggles, Rubie xx oo xx

  8. Very wise lessons for such a young one!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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