Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - January

Hi all, 

With our brand New Year comes more monthly Scavenger Hunts from the blog  Postcards from the P.P.  and, as usual, I will be "scoring" my mum on how many of her pics contain ME!! She is acting mighty pleased with herself and walking with a skip to her step..... so let's see:

Here are TWO little angels sittin' on the edge of a bowl (another one of mum's creations)

And a BONUS picture.....mum couldn't resist showin' you TWO mini I am with my mate Jazper. 

Scarlet and I playin' tug-a-toy and bein' in the blur state!

Here we are in doggie company (and peep company) at my agility skool. Check out my happy expression lookin' at my furiend Bailey.

This is the wine tastin' Entrance at the Hardy's Winery.... look how I'm dyin' to get in there (but was actually not allowed!!)

This is the ensuite bathroom off my bedroom. Mum has always disliked the decor in here - and was about to spend bazillions of dollars re-doin' the whole room. Then I came along and she discovered how great this tub was to wash me! Now this is my torture chamber every Sunday and the location of my scrub-a-dub bath!!   :-(

Some of the Tomatoes that are ready for pickin' at the moment from mum's veggie garden. Mum goes nuts over her "ox-heart" ones.

That's the end of the Brighton Jetty in the distance

This is the letter and brochure sent especially to me from the Quarantine Department tellin' me why they KEPT my TREATS sent to me from the USA and all the information associated. I said "Ppprrrrrffffffttttttttt.........!!!!!!!" to all that!

Mum says this is a MESS - I call it unwrappin' my gifts!!

See me laughin' at mum's latest garden ornament....... nobody likes it and I think it says "odd" all over it!!

Mum has made me all these SOFT and COMFY faux fur floor pillows - there are three in my house. The green one is the lounge room one.

Snakes.......??! What snakes???!!! Do you see any snakes???!! What a load of hogwash! Scare mongering!! 

So, mum, even if I don't count the BONUS picture, it seems I'm in EVERY photo! Very impressive, so you get:

12 / 12 !!!!

Perfect Score!!

(she's doin' happy human zoomies!)

Hope you enjoyed her efforts, Bye now!


  1. She did very well this time!!! Even we don't have beware of snake signs....I suppose we're just to assume they're all around.

    Great pictures. We love the blur one!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  2. Great pictures, I love that last one especially!!

  3. The best Photo Scavenger pictures with you in every one Rubie - loved the one of you in your en-suite even if it's not your favourite room :-) and that Quarantine Dept will never be forgotten for stealing your treats! Will have to try and get my peeps onto this PSH - Love from Magic xx

  4. Un Wrapping is NOT a mess. It is FUN in PAWGRESS.

    Whoooooie.. your mum scored 12 of 12 THAT is amazing.
    Sorry that the Torture Chamber didn't get.. tossed before you came along.
    I kinda like the garden decoration head thingy.
    GRRRRREAT Post Rubie.

  5. Hey Rubie!

    Great pictures . . .I love that you have your ears au natural instead of cropped. My little schnauzer Bitsy was natural too, and she often spoke volumes with those ears moving around!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

    Please come and visit our new blog at

  6. Is that a real snake??? Yikes! I always love reading your scavenger hunt posts and looking at all the different pictures. I also love how Rubie has been incorporated into all of them, very clever. ;)

    Yuki and Rocket

  7. That was so cool Rubie!
    Dachshund Nola

  8. Look at all those yummy tomatoes!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wowzer. Your mum takes great photos and especially with you in them all. We love the jetty photo. Can you believe we haven't even been to the beach yet??? We have to talk mum into it soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Rubie, I love pictures. Especially the snake-y one. I also like the ODD picture. I like the statue a bunch, so does my lady human.

    Licks and Love,

  11. That's a splendid collection of photos, Rubie and yr Mom did a great job including you in all 12. Honestly don't think I can beat that...!

  12. OMD those sure are Grrrreat pics Sweet Rubie!

    I just LOVES the last one though! You sure looks happy that you being held up HIGH!

    woos, Tessa

  13. Hey Rubie!

    There was a snake behind you... When you took the picture ^_^

    Those tomatoes look delicious. And I bet Sundays are the best days for your mom, since you'll be smelling pretty good.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  14. lol that's a funny photo with dad lifting you up, I see the snake ;)
    I'm with you on your mum's latest garden ornament, might look better with a wig on.
    Well done being on all of them, just got to get mom to start doing it again, she says she has enough to do without helping us blogg :(
    Catch up with you again soon
    Love Bro xxxxx

  15. You did good 12 out of 12!! Your agility school does look like good company. We are so jelly over your ripe tomatoes...It will be 8 months at least for us!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  16. I love your photos scavenger hunt posts – they are always so interesting and such a great variety of photos! Those tomatoes look gorgeous! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. Wow, you are pawsome at posing for photos! I love ALL the photos, and your mum was also pawsome in taking those photos!

    By the way, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award! You can collect it here:

  18. BOW, WOW,WOW! Rubie that was so much fun! I like doing photo scavenger hunts, havent found them all yet tho so will keep on looking! Your photos are so pawsome! You are such a natural model with youre fab furry posing for photos! Love, Licks and Pug Hugs from your friend Frank xxxxxx

  19. Good for her. Really what is the point of taking a picture if you're not in it.

    My mom person wants to thank you for all of your well wishes. They helped to make her feel better.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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