Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Outback Dawg.......... Flinders Ranges Pawt 2

I'm so glad all my furiends out there are enjoyin' my Hollingday snaps..... here is the next installment - and I will try and cover some of your questions too!

For those of you who were equally impressed at the "hoppy critter" outside our camp - I can confirm that I got "up close" to wild Kangaroos and Wallabies on this adventure.

I am flabbergasted about these furry things..... I've never seen them this close before - and mum says I eat bits of them all the time - my roo chews and roo tendons! So I can confirm that these do not taste like chicken.... much yummier! Look at the camp fires and the campers ..... the roos look comfortable with how close they are.

(**I wonder if they have the recipe for "roo chews"??**)

Mum did a little zoom for you to see better.... does it make you drool??

You guys asked me if I was out chasin' em..... and the answer is "I wanted to!!" but the station here has an "all dawgs on lead at all times policy"..... bugger huh?

The great thing is I got to see them everyday..... it's not something you see normally. Oh and there were some sleeping on the side of the roads up here - that's what my peeps said - but I'm sure they met with an untimely end. 

Oh Crikey !!! Did you see that mum????!!! Did you have the flashy box handy!!?

These cheeky buggers are REALLY big birds..... mum calls them emus.... and they are walkin' straight past our camp! It's time for me to get out there and have a sniff around!

These emus are just walkin' about out here! I wonder what they'd taste like?? Chicken you think?

That was awesome don't ya think? Now - some of you have previously asked to see the inside of the PKW - so come have a look!

Here's my our double bed - note the curtains are closed to stop some of the direct sun heat from getting in.

Here is the sink and the gas hobs - which mum has left closed because she brings the portable hot plate to cook on when we are plugged into power.

Round further to the front of the PKW and we have the blue PKW coffee machine (mum can't rough it and not have good coffee in the morning) (**can you say "soft"**) ! The bin, our convection/microwave and our PKW TV/DVD player. I know what you are thinkin' - yes my peeps need a certain amount of creature comforts! (**feel free to roll your eyes upward...... I do!**)

The view out the front dome window.... the patch of trees directly in front of us was the scene of my first Kangaroo encounter on the first morning.

 That's me stalkin' em(!) They were skeered to see me comin' their way! Look how they both have their beady eyes on me!

Then there is a step down to our patio. I get freaked by the silver step - so I jump over it to get in and out.

Pretty comfy huh? Oh and mum insisted that the van is fitted with reverse cycle heating and cooling...... because she is soft!

In answer to my bloggin' bro's question (George the Lad) there were many turns and curves on our roads..... and we even went on some dirt ones. You should have seen the state of the car!

Another of our views from base camp. 

Yes it was hot....... 

And we visited an old Homestead ruin.....

But I'm going to show you some of the walks, sights and scenery from look-outs and stuff..... coming real soon ......!


  1. It is like being there! Do you bark when you are stalking those critters? I have had a taste of Emus stew before. I did not think tasted like chicken. I loved it however. Looking forward to more adventure photos. We are loving it.

  2. I Just loved the photos!
    I Love Australia landscape and especially the Kangaroos ;)
    You look cute as always Rubie... I wish you could meet Blanca. :D

    André Moreiras
    Passos Caninos

  3. Ooh, Rubie, we're salivating... did you... did you... did you get to eat roo poops?? Were they really, really tasty?

    And those emus look like they would do the biggest bird poops ever - we bet they're really tasty, too - and excellent for rolling in!

    We're going to ask our human to take us to a bush poop smorgasbord just like that!

    Puppy kisses
    Sasha & Trixie

  4. Rubie, I am just a little surprised that your peeps need the TV/DVD player, when they have you to entertain them...
    But Gail says she is total agreement with mum about the importance of a decent cup of coffee first thing.
    We both think that kangaroo (i think you know the one we mean) is VERY impressive!
    Toodle pip!

  5. Emus!!! Wow! We don't see them 'round our neck of the woods.

  6. Kangaroo tendons....another of our faves....but they look they're still using theirs! We'd like an emu drumstick.

    You're getting to see lots of great stuff. Bummer about the lead, though.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Thanks for that tour round your campsite and PKW Rubie. Great photos - we don't see any of those Kangaroos or emus here for sure. I've not even tasted one :-( Look forward to your next instalment- woofs and licks from Magic xx

  8. Amazing wildlife. We have something for you over at our blog. It is under wordless Wednesday!

  9. Hey... I can COMMENT...this morning, at least.

    WOW your PKW has taken you to a GRRRRREAT Place. Love the Roos and the Emus and EVERYTHINGY... THANKS fur showing us the FUN you are having.

  10. Howdy Rubie, you lucky dog. What a fab holiday. We love all your photos and are glad you got to see some kangaroos. We saw one the other day on our walk but he hopped away when he saw us. They are so cool aren't they. Your little caravan is sooooo good. We are green with jelly. It must have been a hard life living at the old homestead many years ago that's for sure. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. You are telling a great story Rubie your peeps sure do love their creature comforts!

  12. Hello Rubie!
    Looks like you're having a really nice Hollinday! Mum wanted to thank you for adding us as friends, we don't know many other Schnauzers, at least none as cute as you! Hope the rest of your Hollinday goes well. Oh.. and mum says to check the pouches of the hoppy things, that may be where they're hiding the Roo treats!

  13. Hi Rubie-Roo! I'm really enjoying looking at all of these wonderful Holiday Photos!
    WOW I cant believe that you go to see the Wild Kangaroos and Wallabies on this adventure! AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Mum is a little grossed out that you eat bits of Kangeroos all the time when you eat your roo chews and roo tendons! I think that they look good and yummy to me, I think you can get one heck of a lot of roo chews out of one of those Kangeroos, they are HUGE!!!!!!
    I'm sad you didnt get a chance to chase one, not that I'm sure you would be able to catch one mind you, I would have loved to see a photo or video of you having a go though, I just hate those "all dawgs on lead at all times policy" things and Mum says she hates them too becuse I'm not used to being on my lead that much, just walking around the Village, once I cross on to the trails I'm allowed to run free for hours!
    BOL that you said the words "Oh Crikey" that is VERY Australian of you!!
    I love the Emus but they look a bit mean, dont let them put the bitey on you Rubie or you put the bitey on them ... tastes like chicken you say ... hmmmmmm!
    I love that you took us all on a little tour of you Peep Kennel it all looks really nice, real compact and cosey and just great for having fun and especially family time!
    I love all the goregous scenery and sights, love the walks you went on, looks like you had a blast! The old Homestead ruin places looks creepy but very beautiful!
    Im so jelly that you get to go on amazing adventures like that!!!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank xxxxxxx


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