Saturday, November 10, 2012

Outback Dawg........Flinders Ranges Pawt 3

OK - so the fun continues in the Aussie Outback.... hope you like my next instalment!

So here is a overall shot of our Base Camp..... the arrow is pointing to our PKW. Yes - this shot was taken at the top of a hill (before the "mountain incident") we were climbing in the searing sun. This is the day mum almost had to call for "chopper rescue" (!!).

OOOooo here is some "Bush Kibble" left by the Kangaroos..... my mate Sasha made great comments about Outback poop.... and yes I have to tell you Sasha the emus left BIG SPLATS behind and I was not allowed to get anywhere near em'!! 

Here we go for a walk within our station.... it's supposed to be an easy one to a lookout.

This is the view at the lookout spot.

 The other direction.

Here is me restin' in the shadow of the peeps. Note how sparky mum still is and she had the energy to wave to you all too.

Because the walk to the lookout was pretty easy, the peeps decide to go "the long way back"..... little did they know the end of "the long way back" involved a hike up a mountain!! I've got a great shot of the mountain reserved for the final pawt of this Hollingday adventure.... wait till you see it!!

Half way up the mountain mum had to sit on a rock and rest.... I stayed with her to make sure she didn't have a heart attack while dad dad went on ahead and checked that the mountain was not one of a few mountains..... because my mum peep knew one was her limit.

I helped to pull mum up the mountain while tracking dad dad's shoes..... I felt like Bert on a search and rescue mission....sheeesh! Check out the colour of my legs and feets at the end of it all!

Luckily - we all made it back in one piece in the 38 degree (100.4F) heat.... and no chopper had to be alerted!

Then I had to suffer through a long combing session (in fact - whenever I left the PKW and patio I had to have a long combing session.... gggrrrrr!)

To get out handfuls of these burs !!!!! I hate burs - especially when they get stuck deep in ones paw pads!!

Our next adventure started in the air-conditioned car. ("yay!") See the emus in between the trees. They crossed straight in front of the car but dad dad had spotted them coming and slowed right down before we made any sleep on the side of the road!

We visited some lookouts - this one was a little windy.

Then we found this cool homestead ruin from yonkers and yonkers back in time.

The roof had gone flyin' off somewhere...

Now the house needs major fixin' up - maybe a "renovation rescue!"....BOL!

Without a roof one needs to find a little shade elsewhere!

Mum liked this stony bit between buildings

This is her tryin' to be all creative like.......

We had to cross the river bed .... lucky it was dry.... in fact it is dry most of the time out here.... buggered if I understand how the European settlers thought they could "farm" here (!?!)

Must have been hard because this homestead had it's own graveyard....... spooky no??

So stay tuned because I'm gonna post the final pawt of our Hollinday adventure in a couple of days for you.

Be good all!!


  1. What a most pawsome journey you are on. I love seeing all the cool places you visit. The pictures are beautiful. I am sorry about the burrs, they are mean and nasty and I hate them. I can't wait to see more.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. It just gets better and better!! And that was a great creative photo. MY MOM liked it very much. I tell ya Bert would be very proud of your search skills. I think you may have a bright future as a SAR's dog. I'm just going to sit right here and wait for the next installment.

  3. We enjoyed that....except for the burrs...yuck, we get enough of them around here. Good thing you were there to help your mum get up that mountain.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We like your mum's creative photo.

  4. Hi Rubie,
    wow, what an awesome adventure! except for the burrs- painful! we know what you mean about turning into the color of the trail dust by the end of the hike.
    can't wait to that about the rest of the trip,

  5. Awesome pawsome hikes there. Yikes we don't like the burrs either. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. That old homestead looks like a cool place to investigate!

  7. OMD! That place is so cool! What a fun adventure to be on with your peeps. We love the 'shadow' picture and also the one of the 'picture frame.' Sorry, butt we think your Mom did a great job taking those, and creative too!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. So many adventures, you are so lucky to have people who take you to such cool places. Can you send us some kanga poop?

  9. WHEW... THAT is HOT. I am glad that you took good care of your mum. Burrs are the Worst, aren't they?
    Your Dad Dad did a good job of slowing down to prevent the Emus from taking a dirt nap. That would have been bad...
    I am really LOVING the chance to see your beautiful country.

  10. How beautiful it is there, but way to hot! What a vaca!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  11. Your holiday looks sooooooo amazing, really fantastic. W also hate those little burs, such a pain to get out of schnauzer coats!!

    Look forward to the next instalment :)

  12. We cannot even imagine what it feels like to walk up a mountain in 38ºC.
    Gail goes all torpid when it's over 25ºC...
    Toodle pip!

  13. now that is a camping adventure. Glad you got those stickies out
    Benny & Lily

  14. Thanks for sharing your fun adventure Rubie. I can't wait for the next installment.


  15. Hey Rubie, there be fires outta control in South Australia... Hope you're okay!

  16. Howdy Rubie, what a fangtastic holiday you are having. We love all your photos. The old cemetery one made mum a little sad cause it must have been a really tough life all those years ago. Glad you saved your mum from getting lost. Those little prickles are a real buggar aren't they. Look forward to more of your adventures. Take care and keep cool. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  17. Then I had to suffer through a long combing session (in fact - whenever I left the PKW and patio I had to have a long combing session.... gggrrrrr!)

    Hi Rubie!
    More really cool photos from your amazing adventure! Im sure glad that your Mum made it up that mountain, you were so very good to stay with her while she .. regained composure and carried onward and upward! You were deffo like a Rescue dog and you did a great job!
    I can not believe how dirty you got, your tummy and feet and tail all covered in dirts and those nasty bars! The photo looks sooooo funny of you on your back being brushed and you really did collect handfuls of those burs didnt you! It must be horrible to have them in your paw pad furs!! I'm lucky, Ive never had them, but I did have a pine cone stuck to me once and that wasnt nice! Lucky for me I have short furs so dont pick up many things from the floor and stuff!!
    Such a great adventures, cant believe its almost over now, it looks like you had a really, really good time!!!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from Frank your Pugalier Pal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. PS. I loved that homestead ruin, it looks amazing, so peaceful and very beautiful, it looks quite spooky yet spiritual too! I love the photo through the window and the pic of you looking timmedly in to the grave yard!
    Love Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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