Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink Coat Play-Day....No where to hide

Hi everyone. I was unsuccessful in hiding the coats for my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. When they arrived for  our usual play-day...it was like a sea of pink. Feel our pain:

First we had to ALL have our coats on and have a photo shoot on the blue recliner chairs.

Zoe and me staring at a liver treat in mum's hand so uncie could take this pic.

Me tryin' to be happy about all this.

Scarlet went and stood by the door ... she wanted to get outside.  Zoe (looking a bit stiff) backing up her wishes.

Scarlet: Let me OUT, and stop taking pictures!

Ahhhhh, we made it out and were able to sniff about and enjoy the great outdoors. Mum wants you to know HOW HARD it was to get us all in one photo together! People in their cars were staring at all our gorgeousness when they spotted us!

Look on the bright side Scarlet...at least mum took our hoods off!

Another "hard earned pic" with the three of us in the photo!

Zoe doin' her "pointer" position while sizing me up in the garden!

Scarlet and I sat conveniently in front the old mirror that mum found (she is going to smash it up and use it in her mosaics).

Zoe thought it was a good idea so she thought she'd give it a go too.

One final pic - mum loves this shot of Scarlet, and I managed to put in my cute face....and Zoe is showin' her tail....so technically - the three of us are all in this shot too!!

I know we whinged about the coats.....but in Adelaide we are having a bit of a cold snap with lots of rainy days and temperature of 17-18 degrees celsius (62 F) ( which is VERY cold for us ) so it was good to try em' out. It helped that we all had the coats on together and saw that we COULD move....and that loosened us up considerably. When it was just me at home alone with it on....I wasn't sure how much I could move (as my blogger friends hinted) !!

Scarlet and Zoe even went home wearing their coats...they didn't seem to mind. Besides we are always very tired at the end of the play-days!


  1. Hey there Pink Ladies...we were expecting a song from Grease at the end of the post there! :-) You all look lovely in your coats, Louis would look good in one cos he's a big girlie but I need something a bit more macho. Have a great day, Dex & Louis x

  2. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, those are some very fashionable coats. I realize they may be a little uncomfortable, but they say no pain, no gain. With that mirror, there were six of you...all looking great. I think you are ready for the runway!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. You all look great in pink! That picture of you and Scarlet in front of the mirror got us thinking for a moment who's the other schnauzer!

  4. oh yall are pretty in pink..such troopers...

  5. You guys look great in your new coats. We'd be happy to have 62F here today, it's cold & rainy.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. I love your new coats, your mommy sure got on a wild shopping spree!!! They will keep you super duper warm now when winter is approaching Adelaide.

    Stay warm!!!!!


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