Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad Dad!!!

My dad dad had a birthday yesterday. I wanted to go shopping a get him something, but they don't let doggies into the shopping centres here. You gotta be an "assistance dog" to get away with it. I posed an argument that I am an excellent "assister" - but centre management didn't buy it. Poop!

Anywho - I gave specific instruction to my mum for the perfect gift:

First we had to get the perfect gift wrapping - one with doggies on it of course - then mum helped with the card.

Before dad dad could go off to the gym, I insisted he receive and open his gift. Here's me handing it over.

A big bag of choccy Bullets - choc covered liquorice bits - he loves em! But I'm not allowed to help him with the QA of these!

Mum also gave him a card and gift.

What's in there??????

Oh yea - he's wanted a new DAB+ digital clock radio for a while now.

Mum did some baking for his Birthday too. (*aroma sniffs*)

And she also made a frosting in the saucepan. (*licks chops*)

And all that turned into a cake! But because it is a Nigella Lawson "Devils Food Cake" it has LOTS of dark chocolate in it. You know what that means furends......... an unhappy QA pupster  :-(

I got a consolation prise of a dehydrated chicken foot. Not for the squeemish I know...... but it was YUMMERS and I nommed it all up.

Changing subject - my dear mini schnauzer mates from England, Dexter and Louis, are having a fun event over on their blog. They want pet bloggers to send a photo of themselves having a fun time in the Summertime. Click HERE to go to all the instructions. My mum downloaded the button but not the magic link (she's not that clever). I made it into week one's photos - but you still have lots of time to enter - all of JULY.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad Dad!!! Nice gifts! Chocolate-covered licorice bits??? I like both, but together? Hmmm...sounds like a must-try! And you look like you got a nice consolation prize too! Many happy wishes!!!

  2. Happy Birthday dad from your blogging Son:)
    Hey Rubie you got a lovely present for him, shame about the cake being chocolate, but I think you scored with the chicken foot ;)
    I'll be looking in while I'm on my blogging break, got to see what my sister is up to ;)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  3. Great shopping for your Dad, Rubie. A shame about all that chocolate, but the chicken foot made up for it.

    We saw your beach picture at the schnauzers'.

    Happy birthday to your Dad.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Too bad about all of the chocolate that you couldn't have, but that chicken foot does look interesting.

    Guess what? My mom persons birthday is today. Our people have almost the same birthdays.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Looks like he scored with the treats and toys :)


  6. Happy birthday to your Dad - great presents for him! That cake looks so-o yummy. Shame us dogs can't have chocolate - but the chicken foot looks good too! Love from Magic x

  7. Hi Rubie Lou!! We called you that becuase the Momster has a Great Niece called Rubie Lou :-) Thanks for the mention of the photo comp, that's so nice of you. Now to the serious stuff, those chicken feet or whatever they are look mighty good, as good as our Ostrich, maybe we'll have to have a swappsies - mwah ha ha!!! Happy Birthday to the Popster too. Your fans Dex and Lou xxx


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