Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Postman Delivery and a Wintery Scene

Hi All!

Scooter, my personal parcel delivery man rang the doorbell again today. This means I bark and bark like a mad thing, and mum shuts me into the bedroom so she can open the front door.

Anywho, Scooter gave my mum this:

OOhhhh - I hope it's something for ME!

A schnauzer cookie cutter - I'm a bit unsure about this one - it's a beautiful image (of course) - but would it give the idea that it is OK to eat schnauzers!!!???? Hope not! What's next?

Ohhh - that's better.....a BONE cookie cutter. Bless ebay!

Check this out everypup! The PAW Cookie cutter is so big it's almost as big as my head! I can't wait for mum to get baking and make me a cookie that BIG!!

Mum bought these over the interweb. Believe it or not, it is cheaper for her to buy stuff like this from Oregon(U.S.A) (via ebay) including delivery, than gettin' the same stuff from the shops here!! NUTS! I'm not complaining though! It's a win-win for mum and me!

I keep seeing all my furends from all around the world having fun in the sun at the moment. I wanted to share with you the scene the other morning from my end of the world. Remember it's winter here now:

Burrrr - cold and foggy!!

Remember what this scene is supposed to look like???

It normally has my view!!!

Till next time, hopefully my mums gonna start baking in the kitchen soon! Paws crossed!!!


  1. Rubie-

    Hey, we have the same cookie cutter! We call it an Airedale shape of course..heehee! We got it at either Kitchen Kaboodle or Sur la Table here in Oregon. We make peanut butter or chicken dales...YUM YUM!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. It does look really foggy there.
    And sounds like I just need to be thankful to be based in Oregon!

  3. It was foggy and frost here this morning....but has turned into a gorgeous day!

    Can't wait to see the biscuits you're mum is going to bake for you....guess you'll have to share with Scarlett and Zoe.

    XXXOOO daisy, Kendra & Bella

    It is often cheaper to shop online!

  4. oh, the barking schnauzer. I know what day I'm going to be expecting a package and I know the time the mail man comes so I'll actually keep yuki in a room with me for that hour with the door closed and television real loud...ha ha. but somedays I don't know if anyone will be coming to the door, so we have the 2 archways that open into the formal living room, blocked off with kiddie gates. No one even uses that room, we're usually in the back living room or 'family room', i think its called. anyway the formal living room is where the front door is, but at least she at a distance with her ear piercing barking.

    p.s. Yuki thinks you need to get to work on baking some treats for rubie, starting with the giant paw...that thing is awesome!

  5. ha! We get the same treatment whenever ANY delivery man is expected. We do not have a doorbell by the way (not that we are too poor to afford one BOL) cos Mom thinks I am better than the doorbell. And with my barks that loud, people think there's a Doberman in the house! ROFL..

    Mom agrees too about shopping overseas being cheaper. She bought stuff from US Amazon too :)


  6. Cookie cutter... Great it arrived. But Rubie, where are the cookies?

  7. Rubie... I love those cookie/bisquit cutters!! THAT is a LOT of fog.

  8. Hi Sister :)
    Oh I like them cutters, looking forward to seeing the cookies.
    Stay warm,
    love and hugs
    George xxxxx

  9. Rubie,
    I love your cookie cutters! Your humans now can make to you sweet biscuits:)
    It's very cold where you are? here in Italy, instead, there is so hot!!!!!!
    Have a great week.
    Woof, woof,


  10. Rubie, what a lovely picture of you posing with the cookie cutters! Can't wait to see the treats your mum bakes you.

  11. 1. Your view is AMAZING! What a beautiful street to look at everyday.
    2. It's okay to eat schnauzers when they taste good, and come from mom! hahaha <3

  12. Schnauzers are supposed to bark they say..... I also have to put Betsy is the bedroom when the doorbell rings!

    I will have lots of fun watching your mommy make your treats with the new cutters and the best of it all is that you get to eat them when they are done!

    We would love to trade place with you, New York is toooooo hot and humid and we don´t like it here! My husband would love to move back to Australia, me on the other hand need a much milder climate so I would like to move back to Sweden! How come, we are never happy?

    Enjoy your new cutters! I wonder if ordering Tim Tams from Australia is cheaper than buying the from Amazon...

  13. Hi Rubie Lou! We can't be long because the Momster wants to get on ebay and get some of those cookie cutters, she's been looking for Schnauzer ones! As long as she makes some doggy biscuits and not such choc chip ones we don't mind. Hope you get some good days soon, we'll send a bit of sunshine your way for the weekend. Dex and Lou xxx

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday Rubie's dad dad!!! Mom almost licked the computer screen... she said chocolate cake is the best! :) We used to watch Nigella's shows a lot. She has created so many goodies. :)

    Schnauzer cookie cutter is so cute but ahhh.. we can't eat you! :) :) Now we have to look for Cavalier cutters.. then we can't eat us. hehehe...

    Momo & Pinot

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    Want to be my friend too?
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