Friday, July 15, 2011

Old Reynella Walk

We live really close to a little township called Old Reynella. This place is known for the site of the first commercial vineyard in the whole of my state, South Australia. Let me take you on the walk: (here goes)

We've parked the car in the local shopping centre and set off.

I have put my schnoofler into gear - ready to smell all these new smells.

Gotta smell this plant - then gotta find the duckpond mum promised me.

Beauty! Found it - check out all those DUCKIES!

 I decided to take a closer look at these two.

They were funny lookin' - but they were scared of me!

I love duckponds.

Here.......duckie, duckie, duckies!!!!!

Alongside this pond is a hotel/motel/function complex.

Dad reckons I need to make a wish - but I'm not allowed to tell you about it - otherwise it won't come true!

In this ol' wagon is some old wine barrels - I don't reckon they are very "winetight" anymore!

Did I tell you that my pawrents booked into this hotel once during a heatwave (when our air-cond broke) - mum couldn't stand the heat in the house another minute!

Hope we see some horses!!

I'm schnoofling the new smells.

We came across this important spot - take note of those two trees.

These little garden beds have real pretty "grape vine" ceramic stones on them. Each one has a little script telling of some of the history.

Here I am readin' the plaque (or pretending to). Mum says that this little spot - flanked by two trees each side - was the site of the house owned by John Reynell built in 1839. He was responsible for planting the first vines for wine production in 1839. That vineyard is still producing grapes for the Hardy's Reynella Winery company. 

Oh, and the big stone pine trees were planted by his son, Walter, to commemorate the site of his dad's house. Cool huh?!

Here's one of the stone pines up close.

OOOoooo - I see two doggies! Better give them a "woof"!

And over a bridge we go.

Mum wants to show you some Hibiscus flowers from a bush she found.

We're almost finished this walk.

Time to go back to the car - what a great walk - thanks for coming along with me!


  1. Rubie Lou, what a fabulous walk, we loved it! Our humans like vineyards for some reason, must be something to do with all the Shiraz they drink, whatever that is. Have a good weekend whatever you get up to, Dex and Lou xxx

  2. What a brilliant walk! We bet you wished you could have your very own duck pond with duckies....

    We feel like we were with you the whole way. Thanks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what a pawesome walkie! Love the wagon and the duckies were cute. I would have tried to bash them, so I'm sure they ran from you too. Hope your wish comes true!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. That looks like a great walk in a really cool place. Thanks for taking us along!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. oh rubie, what a lovely walk! I wonder if your wish had anything to do with something yummy tasting? I thought those ducks looked really tasty personally ;)

  6. What a wonderful day you had! You are such a lucky dog who gets to enjoy such beautiful scenery! You fit right in to the environment and you are quite photogenic as usual!


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