Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come Garden with ME!

Hi ya,

Remember mum's orchids?????

These are lovely flowers that we grow outside in pots, but they only bloom once a year - the good thing is that they last for ages as a cut flower and we get weeks of looking at them inside.

Well - it's the time of the year when they are all finished bloomin' and they need some attention.

You see, after a few years the bulbs die off and new bulbs form - these new ones are where the flowers come from. But mum tells me, you need to pull apart the whole pot and ditch the deady bones brown bulbs and replant the bulbs with green strappy leaves coming out of them.

So - we didn't get pics of that part...... and you missed mum gettin' attacked by angry ants that she disturbed (he he he that was funny!!) - but we are now up to the repotting bit:

I sense my pup help will soon be required!

You can't use any ol' potting mix - you gotta buy the mix for orchids. 

Right this pot is good to go.

Tip about 1/3 of the pot with mix, then arrange the good bulbs loosely on top. Tip more mix around and on the roots of the bulb.

This is what your woozle and nose should look like after helping.  :-)

Hey - these need to be put in a pot ma!

Yup - this one will do.

There - repotted.

I just havta make sure it's nicely even and all that!

The finished products - five pots of alive orchid bulbs - all ready for flowering next winters! Oh - and you should give all the pots a good drink of waters.

Now I know why I felt like we were bein' watched!! She lives next to the orchids.

 Whew - all done - and most of that dirt fell right off my woozle. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! I'm only sorry we didn't get pics of the "ant incident!!!" (BOL!)

Till next time!


  1. Hi Rubie! Thanks so much for the info and has it been months since you changed your blog design??!! So sorry, most times connectivity is bad and most blogs gets downloaded in a disjointed manner. I find the green, patterned background very nice....

  2. OOPS, forgot! Pls tell your Mom those are very beautiful orchids which I don't see in Sabah..and I think you look very cute with dirt on your woozle...heehee!

  3. Ok Rubie, those dirt on your (cute) woozle proved that you indeed helped with gardening ^_^


  4. Oh wow, Rubie - those orchids look STUNNING!! They are so beautiful - they don't even look real! :-) Hsin-Yi is very envious of your human's green thumbs because she is one of those people who can't even keep a plastic plant alive - hee! hee!

    Oh - and thank you for your lovely comment on my latest post! Actually, I responded to it as well on my blog but I wasn't sure if you would see it so I'm pasting it here as well:


    Oh Rubie - that's OK! I know some doggies are "guarding breeds" and so they are more alert & watchful - and also how some doggies can feel very stressy at the vets so they can forget themselves a's not so much the doggies' behaviour as their humans!! At least your human cares and is trying to help you behave more appropriately - but we get mad at the humans who don't seem to care how badly their doggies are behaving and don't do anything to stop it.

    I don't actually mind doggies barking me - I've learnt to ignore them - but I don't like strange doggies barging up to my face or trying to jump on me. It is very rude & threatening to just barge into another doggie's personal space like that, especially when they are on leash! The last time I was at the vets, there was an awfully rude Weimaraner doggie who just barged up into my face and started jumping on me and then humping me! 8-O And the worst thing was - his human did nothing about it! She didn't try to pull him off me or stop him or tell him off or anything - she just stood there. Grrrr!! :evil:

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Rubie, your mum sounds like a great gardener. Mum has brown thumbs and that's not from the dirt. Oh well, she tries, we help and nothing grows hehehe.

    We love your woozle too. Actually its the word woozle that makes us giggle. Woozle, hehehe. Sorry, but we are immature. Have a great weekend Rubie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Were they Bull Ants? Ouch! You are excellent in the garden, Rubie....mostly we just make a mess.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

    Bella's outside harassing her first tree frog of the season.

  7. You are a wonderful gardener... beautiful.

    pawhugs, max

  8. Oh those are beautiful orchids - we couldn't grow those outside here - too cold & windy! Me and my sisters try to help with gardening but we usually end up in trouble for pulling things up instead of planting them! Hope your Mum's OK after those angry ants - love from Magic xx

  9. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, what gorgeous flowers! My mom's thumb isn't green enough to do that. I think you must have done a super job helping because your snout looked just right! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Rubie I love it that the dirt comes right off your woozle like that. DARN, I would have liked to see the ANT Attack too.
    Those orchids are beautiful and so is your garden!!!
    THANKS fur teachin us how to do the planting. VERY good instructions.

  11. Mom says those are the prettiest orchids she has ever seen. We salute you for the hard work you did, helping your mom in the garden.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  12. What beautiful flowers! My human loves to grow flowers as well. Maybe when I come home I will have to help her garden!

    Licks and Love,

  13. Wubie
    I had no idea you wewe such a mawveloos gawdenenw. Those owchids awe gowgeous and wif youw expawt help, they will bloom again and again..I like the special instwuction on how ouw wozzles and nosies should look..those antses would have scawed Mommi away fwom plants fuwwevew, hehehehe
    smoochie kisses

  14. Oh Rubie your Orchids are just lovely! I thinks you do a pawsome job helping out your Mom too!

    woos, Tessa

  15. You are such a great gardener rubie! This is the one thing my mom wish she knew how to do! We should have our own show together and teach other schnauzers about crafts and gardening and cooking. :) oh, and my mom thinks your garden statue lady is beautiful!

    yuki and rocket

  16. Rubie-
    What a green paw you have, or should a say a brown woozle...ha!


  17. Oh Rubie - naughty naughty! This is why I can't have a flower bed, my doggers are naughty x's 100000 HAHAHA <3

  18. Aw what a good helper monkey you are! Wookie probably would have just sat there eating the dirt and plans, haha.

  19. Rubie, yet another talent - is there no end!! You are obviously very green pawed, we love the attention to detail you give, sticking the wozzle in the bag to make sure it's the right sort is a very Schnauzery thing to do - keep up the good work! Lots of Love, your Dexter xxx


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