Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt JUNE and Equestrian Reminder for OLYMPICS

Hiya all,

Thankyou for all your sympathies regarding that Stinky Tuesday post..... peeps really have no idea of what constitutes a good smell do they!!!!

Anywho, another month has jetted past and mum would like to present her pics for the Photo Scavenger Hunt as hosted by the blog POSTCARDS FROM THE P.P.  

And because it's My BLOG I get to score mum on how many of the pictures include ME!!! Here goes......

As some of you will know, my dad dad's daughter (Sissy R) has recently built a house, in fact she just just got the keys a week ago. Here is a Before picture of her Kitchen.

And ....see..... this is the After picture!

At night, when I am ready for sleepy-bo-bo's..... I wait at the end of the bed for my mum to come to bed too!

This is the Caution Bunting the builders put around the drive into Sissy R's garage..... the fresh concrete was still drying. It was a bummer because I was happy the leave my paw prints across it for her!

That's me and cousin Zoe getting Close to another Schnauzer buddy at the doggie park.

Awwwww - see this little Crown???? Mum bought this when they went to the Yoooou-Kayy and visited the Westminster Abbey.

This is mum's Diamond engagement ring - dad dad had it made and mum designed it!

These are pictures of Will and Kate's Wedding Day...... those royal occasions are FULL of Pomp and Majesty

That's me standing On the Edge of the cliffs overlooking Pt Noarlunga Beach.

It's so unfair when it's your first Birthday...... and you are still not tall enough to reach your own Birthday Cookies!!!! Yup - they were Out of Reach for me!

Now there's nothing wrong with getting ultra-comfy when in Sleep....... ZZZzzzzzzzz!

A mirror will demonstrate Symmetry at it's best......and it's best includes one silver schnauzer!! BOL!!!

So mum, looks like you get 8 / 12 this month....not bad.....but now there's room for improvement!!!


I want to take this opportunity to REMIND you all to get your pictures done for the BLOGVILLE OLYMPICS!! There are LOTS and LOTS of events to enter...... and all are WELCOME!

I'm hosting the EQUESTRIAN EVENT...... and here you can see my training (it's been gruelling):

This horsey compliments my furs don't you think?????

A few of you have asked what kind of entries you need to come up with.... you can use a wide imagination...... be pictured with a horse or with what YOU CONSIDER to be a horse...... and YES - I've spoken with the Equestrian Judging Panel..... and creative photoshopped pictures are more than WELCOME!!!

Start sending your PICTURE to me no earlier than the 9th of JULY..... and no later than the 18th July mid-night MY TIME here in Australia.

The Equestrian Event will be POSTED on the 5th of AUGUST, right here on my BLOG!

The email address you will need to use is: rubie(dot)schnauzer(at)me(dot)com

I look forward to all the "horsing around" !!!! BOL!!!! Please remember to do your WARM-UP stretches and COOL-DOWN work before engaging in your heavy training for all events!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


  1. Those are some great pictures, Rubie! Our favorite picture is the one of your birthday- it is such a pain when pawrents put yummies out of our reach. And it's almost like its on purpose...nah, why would they do that?
    Your fellow beardbuddies,
    Joules & Prescott

  2. Hi Rubie we will be entering and we love the Maj stuff. Molly Head of the official 'We Love Maj' fan club.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Great PSH pics as always Rubie although we did notice you were missing from a few. Will try to get working on some PSH photos for my next post - and some entries for the Equestrian event. Woofs and licks from Magic xx

  4. Those are some great pictures of you Ruby and we love the ring!! I am getting my horsey pics ready as I love to ride horseys


  5. JUst now, I mean JUST NOW I got a great idea for a picture for the olympics and your event. Oh my dog I can not wait.

  6. Fear not Rubie, I am taking my training for the Equestrian event most seriously indeed.
    Toodle pip!

  7. Rubie your riding skills are unprecedented in the canine world! I think we need to intensify my training cause i am nowhere near that good!!!
    Indigo the Grat Dane!

  8. I'm all ready for your event! I have a pawfect picture all ready.

  9. We've got our entry ready....been practising for ages.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Terrific photos!
    I know you will do great in the horsey events.

  11. Oh my I am so ready for the EQUESTRIAN EVENT.
    I have my pic on the desktop so I can just click it with my paw and it is off to the races.
    We never get tall enough to reach the cookies Ruby!
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. was there any good foods in that kitchen? hopefully mom can get creative enough for the equestrian event.....we'll see how that turns out. ;)

    yuki and rocket

  13. Great pictures! I love your sissy's kitchen and the picture of you sleeping is adorable!!

  14. I love, Love, Love your photo scavenger hunts, it keeps me and Mum occipied for some time and its always nice to see your cute face! Looking forward to seeing all the entrys in your olympic event! It all looks good! Love and Hugs from your Pugalier Pal Frank xxxxxx


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