Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obedience Skool (Part One)

Hi everyone. Right after puppy skool at the vets, mum and dad took me to "Big Skool" - I know some of you wanted to know what we do here in Adelaide - and I am only just beginning to work it out myself. So here goes:

This is me and my mate Bailey. We go way back. We met at the vet's Puppy Skool. He was a lot smaller then, look how huge he is now!!

This is my other fav friend (fellow mini schnauzer) Jazper. She and I met here. Her mum adopted her when she was already 5 months old - but she was very smart - and picked up this Skool business real quick. Kinda showed me up!! (our mum's are working on Jazzie coming to some "Play-Days" at my place with my cousins - I'm sure we will all have fun!)

We do this on a local primary school oval - where our Doggie Club has "Clubrooms" and a shed down one end of the oval.

We start off in "puppies", then go to "beginners" then into "intermediate". I'm now in "intermediate" level.

We sometimes have to sit "at heel" by our owners.

This is good.

This is what they call "unfocussed" (I'm very good at that!)

This is me walking "at heel" position - I'm good at this.

This is Jazper and me doing our "stands" - we need to work on these - I'm too far forward and she is too far back - our shoulders are supposed to be in line with our mum's leg. At least I'm not sitting. I like to sit- especially when I've been told to "stand"!.

Bailey is showing off in Grade 1 - I'll be there soon! Look how he's focussed on the "treat hand"!

Jazzie is showing us how to do a "come" to her mum. I'm waiting patiently for my turn.

So that is all I can show you for this post - we have to wait for more and better photos from dad who is in charge of the flashy box at Skool.

Tomorrow night we do "Puppy Agility" and that is way more fun than Obedience Skool. We have equipments to use and can do jumping, balancing and stuff.

Fingers crossed for good photos!! 


  1. It looks like great fun, I know your going to be the star pupil.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. We're sort of home-schooled...BOL! You look great AND it looks like fun.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. I think you're doing a great job at school. Keep at it.

    pawhugs, Max... (I never went to school... it looks like fun...)

  4. Skool looks like fun...all of us have never been to one!

  5. Our busy schedule will open up soon and we are going to try to get Remus and Riley into a formal training program.

    Thanks for giving me an idea of what to expect.

  6. School looks pretty cool Rubie! Like your funny friend Scotsmad said, 'I'm sort of home schooled too." BOL!
    Please forgive me mentioning this, but I think it is so cool that everyone has their tail there. Unfortunately, I don't have mine (don't get Mommy started on that one - she still wants to go hunt down the breeder) because of the (stupid) thing about breed standard in the U.S.
    You and your mini friend in school have beautiful tails!!! I don't talk about it much, but I did mention a bit about it in my blog post here:
    Hopefully one day they will ban it here in the states...


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