Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update on my, I mean mum's Vegie Garden

Hi - I'm exactly NINE months old today!! Later we are going to Grandpaws' place so mum can cook dinner for him and the rest of the family. Grandpaw always has treats for us!!

This morning, mum let me into the vegie garden to snoopervise on her activities in there. You can look back to a very early post that showed me "breaking into" the vegie garden! I am not really all that good in here because I have big moppie feet and don't know that I am stomping on the plants while doing my usual snoofling!

Here I am in front of the Vietnamese mint - it has gone crazy and is a big bush now!

Overall view - the passionfruit vine has gone NUTS - mum reckons it's like the invasion of the "trifids"!

Passionfruits look purple and here are some we found today!

Behind in here, are the green thingys....yea capsicums....see!

These will get bigger and then go red - that's when I like to eat em!

These ones grow little long weird things like this:


In this bed are asian small chillies (I'm not allowed to eat them!) and chives and parsley. Most of the green bushes are Tomatoes.

The ones on the top photo are "oxheart" and the bottom photo are "romas". They are still green, they need to go red.

Back behind here are little ones like this:

These are starting to go red now!

Mum's lettuce is just about finished...... 

But her rocket and basil are still going strong.

This pot has a spare cherry tomato bush that she couldn't fit in the garden.

So there you have it. I didn't stomp over too much today (ran over the rocket though!) I had a "baby dig" behind a tomato bush but I'm sure no-one noticed. When the plants are bigger they are more able to cope with my feet. Looks alright in there doesn't it.?? Mum is proud of her HUGE tomatoes - she hopes they will go nice and red and taste good too!


  1. The garden is amazing.Such a treat to learn about veggies that are indigenous to your area. Great!

  2. your dong a great job Rubie snooperving your mum well done

  3. Fantastic garden. We can't grow anything except natives.

    Kendra ate half a huge zucchini the other night, when it fell on the floor. Do you ever test those veggies?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Wow you have great fruit and veg, you must have very green paws ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  5. that is a nice garden....we just have ice right now in Texas....ready for it to leave...and spring to come

  6. That is a nice garden. YUM for you!


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