Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WHO are YOU????

First thing this morn, I went outside to do my perimeter fence check...... and what do I find!!!!! A BIG FAT SECURITY BREACH!!!       INTRUDER!!!!!

Dad came out to see what I found in the backyard. 

Mum decided to make a sign and hang it on our fence. She and dad thought the real pawrents might be worried and touring around the neighbourhood looking for my intruder.

Mum checked the intruder and said she is not a stray - but in tip top condition - obviously very good at jumping fences because she jumped ours..... and that's pretty high!

Mum gave us both a dried beef tendon to chew on..... my intruder really enjoyed that!

She was drinkin' outa my outside bowl.....

Lyin' around on my concrete....

Makin' herself comfy wumfy on MY outside doggie bed - while gettin' pats from MY mum!

The intruder is lookin' mighty pleased with herself (selectin' MY place)!

She's even suckin' up the pats from MY dad!!

(Puppy put-out) I won't even tell you the story of dad taking HER for a walk to see if she leads herself to her own place. Grrrrr - I didn't get to go!

The intruder lookin' all regal and gorgeous! She has GOT TO GO!! See that she has one dark eye and one light eye! Pretty!

I also had to put up with her wanting to play "top-dog" with me and growlin' at me and donking me on the head with her paw.....owwww! I was eventually forced to get away from her by goin' under the outside table and chairs. She couldn't donk me on the head from there! He he he..

Lucky for me mum's sign worked. Within 5 hours we had a young woman knock at the door, and said her partner's dog is our intruder. He only got her yesterday and today they worked out that she is a very good jumper!! They were very grateful to have her back safe and sound. The intruder turned out to be a Siberian Husky!

If you ask me, the intruder was gettin' FAR too comfortable in MY place - at least she is home now and I don't have to endure her paws on my head anymore! 


  1. It's great to have guests; but even better when they leave!

    You were a very good hostess to put up with all of that.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. She looks classy! May I ask, how did your human parents made sure that she really belongs to that lady??

  3. Ohhhhhh, you poor thing! What an awful shock to find such a large intruder in YOUR yard.

    All thing considering, I'm sure you were very lovely. I'm glad everything worked out okay for everyone.

  4. Hi Bowie, the young lady lives down our street and my pawrents have known her pawrents for about 10 years. They are aware of the young lady's personal circumstances too. There was no reason to suspect she was being dishonest to get dog. When she came she corrected us on our guess for the breed and knew it was a female - she had a collar and lead and called the husky by her name and the doggie rushed right over to her. Her partner was 5 minutes behind her and was very nice and thanked my dad and mum for looking after the husky so well. Later on, my pawrents were able to walk by the young lady's house and checked that the husky was happy behind bars again.

    Yep I was a good little hostess - when I could have been a little scared. I shared my stuff and yard, but I was happy to have it all back to myself again.

  5. Hey Rubie... you were very tolerant and hospitable, but am glad you won't get bonked on the head any more.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. What a lovely hostess to put up with that much trauma!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. I love the picture of you "putting up" with your intruder drinking from your bowl. So cute!

  8. you handled that very guys would have gone nuts...stranger danger...stranger danger...

  9. I have a feeling she will be back!! She made some new friends and she's a jumper!


  10. Glad that her people found her with you and she gets to go home. Nice to have guests but if they start to take over "everything", that's a different story. Anyway, you've been very tolerant with your intruder.

  11. Thanks for giving us a paws-up on this post! Wow, such a beautiful intruder! Imagine how they just take over though? I think you, who is just adorable, was very kind in letting the intruder Sibe use your dish, your bed, and even get some rubs and a snack. You were a very kind host kind, don't be surprised if the Sibe comes back for another visit! Oh, and that paw thing, yep, very Siberian Husky! Great post, great pics! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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