Thursday, April 14, 2011

YUMMERS! - Welsh Cakes!!!!

We went to visit Grandpaw yesterday. Mum cooks dinner and sweets (and washes lots of dishes) and I play with my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe. We then wait for noms from the dinner table - because eating our dinners is NEVER enough for our schnauzer tummies!

Thanks to my dear mate George The Lad's Blog - mum saw a post from last year which gave us a Welsh Cake recipe. She is an adventurous cook, and likes to mix it up a bit, and she has never had or made a Welsh Cake before.

Cooking the first side in a dry heavy based pan.

Flipping them over - mum cracked a couple because she used a flat blade knife to turn them - she found an egg flip spatula worked better (the second batch were perfect)!

YAY!!!! They looked we must wait for our tastes! Mum bought some Strawberry, Blueberry and Cranberry conserve for the occasion.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.........COME ON PEOPLE!!! We need to try George's cakes TOO!!

Here's me sayin' "my mum made these Scarlet, that means I get FIRST tastes!!!" 

I'm watching nicely (saliva building) while Grandpaw tastes his share.

Uncie made us pause for the flashy box before we got to try our bits! He gave us all a bit of his share....he did get the most after all! There is no photo of us eating.....because it is a BLURR of chewing and swallowing very quickly - but yes George, we ALL tasted your Welsh Cakes - and they get FOUR PAWS UP from us!!!!

Mum wishes me to mention that she gave each of us schnauzers some of her share. Love my mum! 

After dinner we adjourned to the lounge - and got back to playing chasey and bitey face. Don't my eyes look evil in this photo?!

What's all this excitement about???? Zoe and me were meeesmerized!

We found a black bug to harass - see Zoe's schnauzer shadow....

Scarlet got bored with the bug quickly....and waited for us to "get over it".

Mum taking a photo of Zoe's cute face.

This is the usual end to a play time with my cousins....... pooped....


And pooped!

Our work here is done.

Feedback from humans re: Welsh Cakes - We found them to be light and yummy too, a different texture to a cake per se, but well worth the exercise......try them - but you need to be patient when cooking them - don't rush the dry frying! A little splash of milk was required to bring the dough together prior to the refrigeration. All in all - a great success! Thanks George and your humans!


  1. What a fantastic day you had! Welsh cakes, perfectly shaped as well:), lots of playtime, attention, a photo session and lots and lots of Human attention! I don´t think life could be much better.....

  2. wow you guys must have had a great time...

  3. Those Welsh cakes look great. We have the recipe; but haven't tried to make them yet.

    We love playing with bugs, but they aren't glued together very well. They always fall apart after one good pawing or bite and then won't play any more.

    No wonder you're pooped.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Those cakes look yummy and you are having a great day there. We love playing with those bugs but Aunty Diana is a spoil-sport. She always picked them up and threw them away even before we are done playing with them.

  5. Those cakes looked delicious! I dont know if my Ma could cook those though. Maybe I can convince her to try...

    You all were very well behaved as you waited for your tastes!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  6. Hey I saw your blog post and I thought Mom makes welsh cakes, and you got it from my blog!!
    I tell you what you made a very good job of them, and you are right about not cooking to fast you can end up with a burnt outside and not cooked in the middle!! we like them straight out the pan and coated in caster sugar, not good for the waist line!!
    Thanks for your kind comment and so pleased we are friends ;)
    George and Jan xxx

  7. It looks like you had a fabulous time.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. What a fun day! I'm glad you got to sample George's cakes and play with a bug and play bitey face. I'd be pooped too!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Those look delicious! I think I'll have to try that recipe!


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