Monday, November 21, 2011

Give Us The Bird - 21st Nov

Hey all,

Sarge's event is starting right now - it's just hit the 21st November here - trust me it's 7 minutes past midnight!

Here is my mum's moment of glory...... her shots of some feathered friends from her motorhoming extravaganza all round Australia. She wants you to know that most of her shots are birds in the wild....not pictured through cage wire in zoos. Well, most of them are..... you will see a couple of zoo shots too but she will disclose that. She has soooooooooooo many that she is gonna put up a few each day. But just don't think you can zone out and look at all the pretty birdies and not have a task to do. SHE wants you to spot the FAKE bird...... (*schnauzer eyes rolling*) .......see how you go!

Picture A: This one's for you Frankie (our Mayor), it's one of mum's very favourite Aussie birds of all time, the Kookaburra.

Picture B: That's a real wild Emu stalking the caravan park - my folks watched it go through boxes and bags outside tents and stuff lookin' for foodables. See my dad dad's bald head and the motorhome.

Picture C: Mum goes bonkers over this shot. They were doin' a croc tour on Yellow River in Kakadu, Northern Territory. This was an early morning flock of feathered ones on the edge of the river. Hopin' they weren't gonna be breakfast for some croc I suppose.

Picture D: A friendly Pelican with pretty eyelashes in Noosa, Queensland.

Picture E: The unusual ground nest of the Bower Bird. See the female inside and the male at the front. These dudes are famous for collecting stuff all of the same colour. See this one loves the colour white, check out all the valuables at the entrance to the tunnel nest!

Picture F: A colourful Parakeet, check out the red bit above the beak!

Picture G: It looks like a Wren, but we are not 100% sure which one. Mum was delighted to get this little fella all clear like. She wants you to know the little birds are the hardest to photograph.....they go like lightening!

Picture H: Whew last one. This funny lookin' "duck" was amongst more normal lookin' ducks at Margaret River, Western Australia.

So that's our pictures for Monday....hope you enjoyed them! Hope you could study them very hard like, and work out the FAKE!!! More tomorrow, including FIND the FAKE!!


  1. Hey Rubie!
    Wow, you're the first one in the event! Woohoooo. These birdie pix are totally pawesome! I've seen those neat bower birdies on the tele and they are top notch home builders fur sure. I really liked that big yellow birdie with the eyelashes!! Great entry and you are first in the contest.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. WOW!! Those are some cool birds. We have ours ready to show too. Fun huh??

    JAzzi and Addy

  3. O hai! I like birdees. My hooman friend says the parakeet is the best. :)

  4. Well done! We're going to have to depend on the internet to get pictures because our camera is just an aim-n-shoot. We always thought Lyrebirds liked blue...

    Every morning the kookaburras accompany us on our morning walks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

    We'll be posting at 7 p.m. so the date shows up 21st!

  5. Hi Rubie, thanks for the photos. They are fabulous. We have those little wrens at our house, we think they are just called Blue Wrens. We love the kookaburra too. Especially when they laugh. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  6. Holy Gwalk A Moley Rubie... I am all RED in the Face now that you showed me how the really spell the Name of that cool bird. I thought it was Coo Coo... even when my mom SAID it wasn't. Well, I'm not TRUSTIN her much right now you know.
    What a WONDERFUL Post to kick off the Bird Week thingy.
    We are all kinda Crazy (AKA Coo Coo) over Birds on my hill. Mom Feeds them and watches them.. I... on the other paw CHASE them.. and am teachin Ernie to do the same.
    BUTT now that I see YOUR GRRRREAT POST.. I may have to REthink this chasing bidness and start LOOKIN instead.
    NOW I can't wait fur the NEXT installment!!

  7. Beautiful birds!!! It's still Sunday here, so hopefully we remember to get some bird pics up tommorow...ours won't be anywhere near as beautiful as the ones in your country.I think australia is probably the most famous for all those pawsome animals you guys have!

  8. You have some nifty birds. We really like the big Emu, he would be fun to chase...maybe not?...


  9. I just resent 26-50 to you. Let me know if you got it.


  10. Holy cow, Rubie, those are amazing birds in your country. We've never really been into birds, but when you have so many amazing ones it would be pretty exciting.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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