Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt -November

Hiya again all,

Whew I've done a lot of posts this month! Anywho - It's PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT time hosted by the blog Postcards from the P.P.

This is when my mum gets to have a little fun with MY blog - but she get scored by me on her performance. One point for every pic with ME in it!!  Here goes:

My Grandpaw races homing pigeons (you can see one in the right top corner) and this is Grandpaws' Lucky Charm that he put on the front of one of the lofts.

My Auntie Candy gave me this poppy plate for the PSH as it was way past "poppy season" here.... she made this you know - she is excellent at painting.

Then - at Grandpaws, look what I found amongst the "ugly part" of his vegie patch. A real poppy right by the path. Nice.

Mum would never let you see her on my blog - well not the whole of her face anyway. So the "self-portrait" is of me (plus-I'm much more photogenic!) Even if I do say so myself.

WWWOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! This is the quarter chicken hot pack that mum orders on Friday nights. We call it "junk food friday". Under that pile of chips and gravy is a BBQ chicken leg and thigh, roast pumpkin, and steamed peas and carrots. Out of this lot - I get a mini version of everything put in my bowl, plus extra chicken I beg outa dad dad! UUUUmmmmmm! Can't you just lick the screen???

When mum was looking at Bird pics for my posts earlier this month, she came across her pics from the "Australia Zoo" (the home of the late Steve Irwin). Everybody knows the croc-hunter and after we lost him to this earth, the peeps who visited the Zoo got to help put together this Memorial for him. This is only a small portion of the Memorial - it is located under the "CROCOSEUM" where he performed with animals and his much loved crocs.

A close-up of some of the messages from his fans. So sad that the world lost this man who just LOVED animals. If ever you come to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - you need to visit his Zoo.

This is one of my polar fleece blankies, complete with Polka Dots!

Me looking out my bedroom window. Monitoring for any intruders.

Mum is NUTS for PURPLE. These are items never far from her. Her stainless steel water flask, and her leather wallet. When she bought this wallet over the interweb, she had to buy two - because her good friend (my Auntie Lynny) is ALSO NUTS for PURPLE - so she got one for her for Christmas. 

This is mum's prized Tiffany Lamp - she treasures it soooo much. When she bought it in Melbourne - she "shlepped" it for blocks and blocks through the CBD, took it on a crowded tram, booked it lovingly onto the plane home, then watched baggage handlers THROW it off the plane to land HEAVILY onto the wheelie cart. She thought it would be in a MILLION pieces........she has no idea how it survived, but boy she was HAPPY!

Mum says when I was a puppy I made a Stalagmite. Clever huh?

This is what mum has just finished making. A Mosaic Lady. I think mine's way better!!

This is PART of the 87 hundred steps down to the beach at Seaford, South Australia. There will be a post about this soon.

Nothing beats the WARMTH of mum's HUGS.

It's a pretty good month mum, you scored 12/15 - not perfect like last month - but darn good!!!

Bye for now!!


  1. Awesome photos. My hooman friend liked Steve Irwin a lot, too. :)

  2. 12 out of 15....not bad. We love your stalagmite...BOL!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & roxy

  3. Hi Rubie, great photos especially the ones with you in them. Those steps at Seaford look amazing. We must come and see them one day. Mum's favourite was your Tiffany Lamp. Just beautiful. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Excellent photos Rubie - good to see you in most of them :-) That Tiffany lamp is gorgeous but you have some talented peeps in your family too. The mosaic lady and the poppy plate are really good - love from Magic xx

  5. Howdy from USA! Thanks for visiting our blog. We're surprised at how fast the Holiday Card go to you, too. We love all the pictures of you and can't wait to follow your adventures.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. Rubie-

    You did another wonderful hunt! Our favorite is you sniffin' the poppy through the fence. Now, pass the comfort food please, YUM!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    P.S. your mom's mosiac lady is great, talented mom!

  7. Wow Rubie such grrrreat pics today!

    Mom and I specially love the sketch of you by your Mom.

    Hey, I thought you barked Lick the Screen, I did and didn't taste a thing!
    Are you fibbin to me?

    Mom loves Steve Irwin and is very sad that he left this earth WAY too soon!

    So, ah how did you make your Stalagmite there Rubie???

    Love the Tiffany lamp!

    woos, Tessa

  8. Here there Rubie! Love your stairs and your self-portrait!! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie, and now I am following you!

  9. Hello my Rubie!!! What a fab bunch of photo's, we were rolling on the floor laughing at you stalegmite, definitely the best pic!!

    Sorry not to have been around too much but I am thinking of you lots, you know the old dear has this shoulder thingy but we'll post as and when we can.

    Lots of love, your Dexter xxxxx

  10. I'm not happy, just did a comment and blogger lost it!!!
    anyways great hunt Sis I gave it a miss this month just to much to do.
    Looking forward to the post on the steps, oh and my mom loves purple to.
    Love and hugs from Bro xxx

  11. Great photos, Rubie! Don't forget to send in your pictures for my couch potato protest.

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Hi Rubie, that's a fantastic collection of photos for the hunt. Aunty Tooki was too ashamed to post hers because NONE of them had any doggies in it...:( Tell your Mommi that her bird photos are just too good...the only bird that cooperated nicely for shots over here were those inside a pot. Your Mom's family are certainly very good with their hands! Oh, btw, that tiffany lamp looks EXPENSIVE and I felt for your Mommi when they threw it around callously like that...but I had to smother a giggle the way she described that. Have a nice day!


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