Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give us The Bird - 24th Nov

Hi all, wow this is day Four of Sarge's great event of showcasin' our feathered buddies.

As usual, amongst these great pics (all taken by my mum), there is a FAKE bird hidin'. See if you can spot it. Congrats to my mate Frankie (and others), who picked the FAKE picture (B) from yesterday.

PICTURE A: Australia's only all black shorebird, The Sooty Oystercatcher. If you are an Oyster, try and run when you see this dude comin'!

PICTURE B: These are female Western Rosellas, found only in a small area of Western Australia.

PICTURE C: The iconic Jabiru. This one was pictured on the mud flats of Cairns. To follow are two better pictures of them so you can see how lovely the colourings are. There are other little birds here who wanted "in" on the picture.

PICTURE D: These were easier to photograph as they were in a zoo in Queensland. They are the largest Australian wetland bird.

PICTURE E: Look how lovely the feathers are on it's head.

PICTURE F: This is the Cassowary - also an Australian icon. Mum was desperate to picture them in the wild but they are very wary of peeps and hide real good. So this picture was taken in a zoo. It is funny that twice mum saw them in the wild, and dad dad missed them! 

PICTURE G: The Brolga. Even though you can see fences, these ones were not confined, they were walking around housing in a small inland country town of Winton. My peeps stopped for some lunch, and these two were just walkin' around!

PICTURE H: Mum was fixated by these little Apostlebirds - pic taken in Daly Waters (inland). They were friendly little characters and very chatty and sociable. Mum threw them some breadcrumbs from the motorhome. These little fellas are famous for makin' mud nests in the trees.

PICTURE I: A yellow skinned and blue feathered chicken found walkin' in our bushes!

Well - that's day four done. You will have to study the pictures really well to find the FAKE! I'm not sure if we will do a post tomorrow, as I'm getting stressed at no pictures of ME on my blog during this series!! You might forget what I look like!!  ;-)

Anywho - bye for now!


  1. NOT a chance that we would furget your cute face girrrrrrl.

    OMD OMD I am just CRAZY about all of your birds... they are so much different from anythingy I get to see here on my hill. I am TRULY enjoying every single picture and the stories that go with them. THIS is grrrrrrreat!!!
    I am really stunned by the birds in D/E. Gorgeous deep blues on their heads.

    I think I am gettin better at spottin the Fakes.. I chews I today.
    THANK YOU fur Puttin all of these up fur us to study and savor... Not to be confused with the savoring we will be doing with our TURKIES... YUMMMMMMMM

  2. Gosh, this is tough! I don't know who the fake is, but Bird E is BEAUTIFUL!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. We think the last picture might have a fake bird...BOL!!!

    You've shown some birds that we don't get to see. Your parents have really travelled.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  4. Beautiful bird pictures - some amazing birds you have in Australia. But we do miss seeing you Rubie it's true - love from Magic xx

  5. Ooh, sorry rubie this time it's soooo hard! I wanna say it's the first bird with big long scary beak, but I'm guessing it's the last pic! Beautfiul bird pics like always!!

    yuki and rocket


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