Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Visit to A Winery (including history lesson)

Hi Ya all,

A couple of weeks ago instead of going on my "normal" walk, my peeps decided to take me somewhere I have never been before.

We visited the Hardy's Winery Reynella. It is the oldest wine business in South Australia, established by John Reynell (a migrant from Devon, U.K.) in 1838. The Hardy family purchased this business in 1982 but the association between John Reynell and Thomas Hardy dates back to 1850, when Thomas (also a Devon migrant) worked for John in the original vineyards. Hardy's wines are exported all over the world, so when you buy a bottle, it's made here and leaves through the gates from here!

We will even get to see the restored original homestead built for/by John Reynell in 1842.

This is us walkin' in after we parked the car in the carpark.

 I'm dyin' to check this place out. This winery is really close to my home - it's about 6 minutes away by car.

This is the "Chateau Reception" building - this is where the peeps go to do their "wine tasting" and meet the nice staff peeps. They tell us the "pressed basket Shiraz" is to "die for"..... but I reckon I still would prefer my liver treats!

Here is the wood maturation cellar and the John Reynell Function Room.

A glimpse of the original vineyards through the trees.

Mum LOVED the leadlight windows at the front of these buildings - they would look fab from the inside! But I wasn't allowed in there.

Here is the underground cellar Number 1 (affectionately known as the Old Cave) it dates back to 1845 and is the oldest working wine cellar in the whole of Australia, and is listed by the National Trust.

Here is a side view so you can see how it's built into the hill.

Here we are walkin' towards the old Homestead and the gardens. I felt the need to sniff the lamppost (of course!)

I've given the nice grass my romp of approval!!

Found a shady patch!

And had to try out these steps for my blogging bro' George!

Next I had to pose with this ol' thingy...... dad dad said it was a still.....so I'm standing still for it! Ha ha....get it??!!!

Here are some of the pretty gardens - you can hire these for functions you know! People get married here too!

Some of the rose gardens.

Mum wanted to get most of this big gum tree in the shot - it must be very old!

And this is a very young and just forming bunch of grapes. See, they are really little and green.

The edge of the vineyard - just before we jumped back in the car and drove home.

PEE S: Doggies were actually not allowed in this place.....my peeps didn't see any signs...so they thought they would give it a go. Right after this photo was taken, a nice security man spoke to my peeps about me, but he was nice and didn't really want to interrupt my adventure. Kinda - "turned a blind eye" for me maybe??!!

We had a great time! Next time your peeps are in Adelaide, drop into this place and taste some of their produce, you won't be disappointed!!  ;-)


  1. Oh, wow! Those are pretty pikshers. I kiss u with mah nose. (tap tap)


  2. Hi Rubie, yep we sure have some good wineries here near Adelaide. Always good to see another one. Lovely gum tree photo and we loved the underground cellar. Thanks for sharing. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Will put it on the to do list for HER since we can't go. Nice security guard.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Glad you got to see it Rubie if dogs are not really allowed in - that winery looked really interesting and what a stunning old gum tree! My peeps have had Hardy's wine before and never knew it came from where you live! That's one Caoimhe will be making a note of for her next tasting BOL
    Magic xx

  5. OH RUBIE... this was a GORGEOUS TOUR. THANK YOU fur takin us along..even though we aren't really allowed... hehehee

    I LOVE the standing STILL fur the STILL pic.. BaaaaWaaaah

    PeeS... at furst I thought you were taking us to a WHINEry.. and I was gettin set up fur a nice LONG WHINE..
    Silly Me.
    THANKS AGAIN fur showing us this lovely and WELL MAINTAINED place. I LOVED it.

  6. What a pawsome time! Did you get any wine???

    I thinks that the security guard was very nice to look the other way! BOL

    woos, Tessa

  7. oh Ruby! How cool that you got to visit a winery! I think it's so wonderful when humans take the doggies on new and different adventures. Although such a shame that so many places don't officially allowed doggies – it was very nice about security man to look the other way – ha ha! We have also had some of our best adventures in places that don't officially allowed doggies but we managed to get away with that one time! :-) If my humans are ever in Adelaide – they will make sure to remember that place – it looks so beautiful and well worth a visit!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. That is pretty cool, Rubie. Our favorite part was that big Gum Tree. Those are so grand!
    We like to go to the wineries around here too. Some of them actually let dogs come in. It's just a fancy farm right...heehee!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  9. what? what's wrong with those people not allowing dogs! maybe the guard turned a blind eye, because he knew a true celebrity when he saw one! those big old trees sure are beautiful though! the weddings held there must be stunning!

    ♥ yuki and rocket

  10. Wuby

    What a bootiful place..I'm so glad the nice secoowity man tuwned a "blind eye" and let you give us this lovely toow..it just wouldn't be neewly as nice wifout you
    I hope you got some lovely livew snacks fow all youw hawd wowk
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess Mommi says she and Daddi would love it thewe

  11. What a beautiful place to visit! Too bad about the no dogs allowed thing - why do humans have to always ruin our fun!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Hi Rubie:

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am sorry to have to tell you that my blog was hijacked and I cannot use it anymore. We are able to read comments, but thats all. So we are deciding to either start over or take a break from blogging. We just have to decide.

    thanks for the winery trip. The outside grounds were probably the best part anyway!
    You are one cute schnauzer and makes me think of our girl Bitsy.We miss her very much.

    Stella and her Mom

  13. Beautiful scenery, even if they don't usually allow dogs! (I guess that we'll forgive them for it.) If we're ever in Australia, we will have to make this a stop. I love the gum tree.

  14. Hi my lovely Rubie Lou! What a fabulous trip out, that lokks such a cool place to go. We notice you didn't show photo's of the hoomans sampling the vintage ;-) Lovely to see such great pics, hope you are enjoying the good weather there now, we're settling in for the winter now. Take care my sweet, your very own Dexter xxx PS Louis *waves* xxx

  15. wow, Rubie, that looks like a lot of fun. I was in the 'wine country' in Western Australia last month but I wasn't allowed into any wineries - no one turned a blind eye for me! But .... I did manage very long walks every day on a wonderful beach so I can't complain!

    Woof for now.

  16. Thank you for bringing us along that most interesting tour! Aunty Tooki has never been to a winery and didn't know that it could be such a lovely place with so much greenery. Did you get to taste any wine? I am one of those (unlucky) people who cannot consume wine, it makes me all itchy and sick....:(

  17. Great post Sis, mom and dad would love it there, did I see a sign on one of the photos recycled water in use is that what they put in the wine!! hope they clean it first :) love you on the steps.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


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