Friday, June 17, 2016

Helping the "Gas Men"

As some of you know .... my peeps and I built our house and now my Auntie G (mum's sister) is building next door.

One morning we had a knock on our front door, and the Gas Man was there askin' for my pawfessional help in diggin' a huge hole in my Auntie's front dirts.

So dad dad accompanied me in my consultancy of the hole. The Gas Men had this huge cool yellow digger thingy, and they needed to dig a big trench to sink gas pipes.

We let the yellow digger thingy do MOST of the hard work.

Then the hole needed some finer touches so I directed the nice Gas Man as to how to dig and pat, dig and pat ....

Yups, that should be deep enough!

I then look at the overall lay of the land from across the road ... (after I finished investigating what I had stepped on that smelt good!)

Right - so the pipes are sunk, and then I said to fill the hole in with the digger thingy!

That's right boys - get that dirts back in there ... my Auntie does not need that hole left in her front yard!

Supervisor must inspect and do Quality Control of the area.

Yups .... ALL GOOD .... 10 - 4 a-ok MATES!

Here's is one of my new friends thanking me for my expawt consultancy and supervisory skills.

They were goin' for lunch ... and getting YIROS ... but my ma wouldn't let me go too!!! Grrrrrrrr! Doesn't she know the Supervisor should get the BIGGEST YIROS!!!! Geeez! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Birthday BALLS!!!!

Hiya all,

Well - I have two words for you...... (and a visual)


Have you eva seen anythin' so WONDERFULS!!!!????

Are ya all DROOLIN' over dem keyboards?????

I recently turned 6, and three days later my cousin Scarlet turned 7, so we decided we would celebrate together.

Happy Birthday to me......

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

And to ME says Scarlet!!

Hurumrumpty fotoiirnnsyy, nom noms!!

Oh my dawg this is GOOD!! Says Zoe.

For those of you who are overwhelmed with the beauty of our meal, mum wants to tell you that they were Wallaby mince balls, with herbs and veg, on a bed of pumpkin and red capsicum mash.

She is such an awesome cook!!

This is what a difference 6 years make:
The day my mum and dad dad collected me at 8 weeks old.

Me today.

Bye for Now

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Saturday, May 7, 2016

New stuffs happening around the NEW house! (still)

Hiya all,

Things are still SLOW with the administration of this bloggie. Ma is STILL unpacking and buying stuffs for the house. Today she is unpacking "office" boxes so I thoughts it would be a great opportunity to give you a quick post.

Look at the progress of Auntie G's house next door!!

It hasn't got to "lock-up" stage yet - but won't be long. I can still wander through and check if the tradies left me any of their lunches ... he he!!

See this blank wall?? Watch closely ....

Dad dad and Uncie smeared some really smelly black stuffs on it, then stucks on some stone stuffs ...

Then it looks like this ...

Scarlet had to check it too ... it was exhaustin' watching all that sticking and smearing!!

Then these two nice men arrived .... they call themselves "gas fitters" and they messed up our living room, and brought in this big metal box.

I hads to watch this one closely .... nice young man .... he seemed to be doin' most of the works.

Then THIS happened after all the stuffs was cleaned up ... this metal box has flames and heat coming out of it. Mum says she has ALWAYS wanted one of these, but dad dad refused to have one that he had to find and chop up wood for ... so we have a gas one. We even start the flames with a remote control!!

What lazy peeps I have!! BOL!

Still it will be good once winter gets here!

Bye for now, Tail Wuggles,

Rubie xxx ooo xxx

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We're living in The NEW House!! Come See!


Geepers, it has been so long since you have heard from me, my assistant has been too bizzy to turn the big computer on so I could keep you informed of what was going on .... she is now on my final warning!

The HUGE news is .............. (drum roll)................ we are FINALLY in our new HOUSE!!

This is the new house which my peeps designed ... and the plot next door is very special too - because my Auntie G (mum's sister) is building next door to us!!

This is Auntie G's place, which has just been sold so she can move too !

Mum has also been bizzy helping Auntie G get her place ready for sale .... and moving stuffs here and there etc.

Wanna see some pics of the inside?

Here is our foodables prep room a week before "handover". This day the peeps walked around with the construction manager and checked out any stuffs that still needed attention and fixin'. 

This is the first day of house ownership, Uncie, Scarlet and Zoe came over to help my dad dad settle in, and Uncie put up blinds on every window.

And then the Laundry door was removed:

So that I would have a way to go in and out the house!

Mum and I wasn't allowed to move in till our furniture got delivered. 

About 3 weeks later (after the house had a driveway and concrete paths put in) the moving truck could come and bring all our furnitures and stuffs. Lots and LOTS of boxes, meant lots and LOTS of unpacking for my ma.

With most of our stuffs now moved in - here is the new and improved foodables prep room!!

We been bizzy going to and from the shops and hardware stores. Here is one I could go along too - we bought our washing line and concrete to plant the washing line post. Sorry I am blurry - but I was bizzy swinging my schnauzer head around at all the stuffs I could see. 

Starting to get more like home.

This is the "garden". Sad huh!? This is all we gots now - we have "downsized" our plot. The problem is this dirts is "green clay" and when it is wet, it gets super sticky, icky, and tricky ...... and sticky to my fluffy paws like wet concrete BOOTS. So my peeps had to leap into ACTION FAST..... and order:

A big MOUND of forest MULCH to cover my clays!

Oooooh I LOVED this STUFFS! It smelled soooooo good, and I made sure enough of it was taken into the house on my furs too.

This is what the backyard looks like today, much different now that our pot plants have arrived. At least the sticky clay is covered and being improved with the mulch. A little later mum and dad dad will start to plan the garden and the plants properly. A big truck and forklift will come in a couple weeks to help sort out the front yards. I've heard 50 tonne of rocks are being brought to our front gardens. That will be another big barking day!

There are still a lot of "tradies" coming and going here. All need barking at. These two came and put window film on all our windows ....

And just today two more came and begun to install a big folding window in our outside eating area. They got a big barking "hello" from me.

Tomorrow more will be here - so I'm on full alert! 

In the meantime, remember Archie??? He's visited a few times with his mum (Auntie Lynny) and Lily.

Mum says there is much to do. She has not finished the boxes and is still changing over furnitures and things like that.

Dad dad says it is still costing a fortune.

Anywho the good news is, I am back in the land of blogging, and there is much to tell you.

Tail Wuggles.......

Rubie xxx

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Archie and Goodbye Old House

Hiya all,

As you know, life has been crazy for us because we sold our house a few months ago and put all our stuffs into storage while our new house is being built. We are living with my uncie and Scarlet and Zoe while we are "homeless".

My mum was contacted by Schnauzer Rescue (while we were packing and preparing to move out) and was asked to temp foster a male mini schnauzer.  To cut a long story short, we did.

Enter Archie.

Archie and I were friends straight away. Archie ended up in the RSPCA shelter after his people divorced and he was a victim of that fall-out. Don't get mum started. Then he was adopted by an elderly couple - who loved him but could not look after him properly. He put on LOTS of weight while with them and developed some health problems too. So Archie found himself back with the RSPCA again. Lucky for Arch the Schnauzer Rescue people were contacted and then they called ma. 

Ma helped Archie get all better again.

Archie and I learned how to schnauzer synchronise our sleeps (while mum was packing up the kitchen)

And even though there was not much left in our old house - mum always made sure we had enough doggie beds to use. Here is Lily (Auntie Lynny's dog) who we were looking after while Auntie Lynny was in the Youuu-Kayy on holidays.

We all went on daily walks together.

And on Junk Food Friday ... we would all have a little taste of peep unhealthy foodables. "No Pressure Dad dad!!"

And in the meanwhile a big truck came and made this happen in every room - the dining room went from this...

To this!!

My bedroom got emptied (remember how the silly birdies would knock at this window and I'd go "off my nut" at them?!) ... ahhhh just memories now!

The office cleaned out.

And I was explaining to Archie how I had many hours of playing Goalie at these two steps, and hours of running up and down the hallway chasin' my balls. This photo captures my last moments ever in my old house. The house I came to as a wee pup of 8 weeks old. Sad huh? 

Then we left our house forever and moved in with Auntie Lynny (and Lily) when she got home. 

Archie and I had lots of funs playing with the squeaky toys ... and Archie was a bit naughty with chewing them a bit too hard at times.

But the great news is - Archie was then adopted by Auntie Lynny and Lily. Auntie Lynny had seen two of her little rescue doggies go to the bridge earlier this year - so she was really sad about that - but she was ready to look for another fur-baby .... and it was just meant to be that she and Archie crossed paths through my ma.

It meant I had to give up my temp brother though :-(

But it's all good because we see Archie all the time. We will probably even see Archie and Lily for "doggie daycare" when our new house is built. 

So it was a great outcome for all - Archie has landed on his paws - and he will never need to look for a forever home again. He has one. 

And he has a good schnauzer friend in ME!


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