Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Big Truck Delivery!

It was very exciting today...... a BIG truck reversed into my driveway.... and I got to bark and bark at it!

Then a nice man jumped out and patted me...and spoke nice to me and I calmed right down. I let him go to the back of the truck, open it, and give my dad a BIG BOX!! Boy - oh - boy, my treats are now arriving in true style!! Woooo Hooooo!

So what is inside this box??? Liver treats? Milk bones? Mutt Balls? Uhh oh, maybe it's NOT for me!! (puppy shock!)

Bummer drag! It's stuuupid metal and plastic bits and pieces! Better get back to my pillow and toys!

Plastic big bits?

What's this for??? Hope it's not for me!! Very strange!

My toys are coming over for a closer look too!

OOOOOOHH! It's mums latest win off Ebay.... she scored this with only 2 bids....she was VERY happy with herself. Dad tryin' it out - seein' if he put it together right!

(Loudly)  MUM!!!! Mum!  Dad says it all ready to go! Start peddlin' off that apple and pear crumble with ice-cream you had last nite!!!

I'll just watch from my cumfy wumfy pillow! I'm in full support of ya mum!! NOW PEDDLE!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obedience Skool (part two)

Hi. Today was a HUGE day at Skool!! Prepare yourselves, a HUGE day means a HUGE post......He he

First we did all the normal stuff that we do at Obedience Skool........ and me and Bailey could have graduated into Grade 2 today..... but, uummm, are still in Grade 1...... coz we didn't pass all the things we had to do to get into Grade 2.   ( It's called pacing oneself!!  I think Bailey is too!) Why do you have a pained look on your face ma??!

Here is my mate Bailey and me...... after we flunked paced ourselves.

We mucked around a bit.....

Bailey getting excited and trying to roll on me.... he's pretty heavy you know!

He has his "distinguished" moments......

And sometimes we just press noses..... we go way back you know!

Then we were able to watch an "agility display" by advanced doggies..... they were good.... but they didn't do stuff perfect! Even the advanced make errors apparently. Whew!!! (that takes the pressure off!)

These doggies were showing us their superior "waiting" and "staying" abilities. They stayed in their dropped positions for hours at least 10 minutes until their handlers came back to them. I would've started chewin' the grass or hassling the doggie next to me WAY before then!!

Halfway through the agility course - you can still see the dropped doggies in the background.

Hey - here is my other mini schnauzer mate Jazper, we are waiting to get some sausage from the BBQ the humans were cooking after the demonstrations. Ha ha, Jazzy had a bath and a haircut this week!!

Meet Maggie, oh, and my bum bum, sorry. Maggie is doin really well at Skool and agility, and she only has been here 3 times!! Maggie is currently being looked after by a foster mum, and she is looking for a permanent home. I hope she finds one soon.

We were doin' lots of playing and bitey face while waiting for the BBQ. (what IS taking so long!!)

Then we had to take to the field and do our showing off agility moves. Here I am rocking these jumps...

And Maggie is fully in the air too!!!!

Jazper runnin' through the tunnel.....

and me runnin' through the tunnel - my dad would like to point out his great level of camera mastery in capturing these shots.... we are so fast through that we are only a blur....but he got us....even kinda in focus! Well done dad!!!!!!!!

Hey..... who is this with me....?????????

This is my mate Merlin. Merlin is a mini schnauzer like me.  (Great pose Merlin!) He's 10 and a half years old, and his sister, Asta, is 4. Asta and her mum compete in high level obedience (she's in level gazillion!). I don't think I'll ever be that good. Merlin is lovely.... even though he has a nubbin and no tail!! I'm not sure if he lost it in a horrible accident or what. It might be a sensitive issue, so I haven't "grilled" him about it yet.

Here is Jazzy and me supervising the humans packing away our agility equipment.

But we got NEWS for ya..... we ain't moving until we get a sausage from that BBQ!!!!

It was a great day - but long and tiring! I think I will have a chilled afternoon now.  PS: (guess who scored from the BBQ!!!!!!!)   High 5!

Bye for now!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

LOVE my dad dad!

Hi everyone! Here I am with one of the mostest wonderful dads in the whole world - MINE!

He doesn't mind when I jump up and ask for some special attention. (See my pretty name collar!)

He doesn't even mind if I take him by the hand and guide him towards the treat cupboard. Hmmmm, I even loves the way he tastes!

I'm one lucky girl!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I ponder......from the kitchen basket

You know, sometimes I get to ponder about stuff when I'm in my kitchen basket. 

This is on my mind today...... it's my food bowl..... I know it usually contains my fav foods - but it is a different issue that is bugging me today. It's a nice bowl and I have 3 of them. See here's the kicker - in their ceramics class, mum painted two of them and my dad painted one for me.

See the bowls even have a pretty bone on each side, and a tail at the back - ALL GOOD! I love them. But......I would like to know...... which ones were painted by who????????

EXHIBIT ONE (1) - doggie with spots

EXHIBIT TWO (2) - dark grey doggie

EXHIBIT THREE (3) - plain brown doggie

I know there are bigger issues in the world, but this is part of my little world, and it's been on my mind to ask.

So do you think you know, dear readers???????

Monday, March 21, 2011

More ways of the Mini Schnauzer

Hi everyone - I didn't post for a while because I wanted to leave my previous post up for a few days to capture any more comments for the best photo for my Canvas. Thanks to my fav people who already have left comments.....  please feel free to continue to comment on the pics, my mum says "the jury is still out...." Mum may even borrow another camera from my mate Jazper's mum to see if she can do any better. We'll have to wait and see.

Remember not long ago we I showed you some "mini schnauzer positions"? Well, on visiting Grandpaw again, - we have captured some more for ya:

This is the "cute begging position" that we do when the humans are nomming something Yummers - that SHOULD be shared!

Scarlet is really good at this position..... in fact I think she taught Zoe and me some finer points about it!

Whereas I NEVER do this one, Scarlet is very good at the froggie legs position (also mum calls this the "confit duck leg"??!!?)  Scarlet has recently added her front legs wide apart, which has now turned the above position into the "bear skin rug" position.

Ohhhh, is Zoe performing another mini schnauzer position?

OK - I did this one before - it's the "too pooped to pop"! She has added to the level of difficulty by including the right ear relaxed against her dad's leg.

Before Zoe was "too pooped" we did do lots of "bitey face" which is kinda our favourite thing to do..... which ultimately results in all of us being "too pooped to pop"!!!!!! If you look closely - you can see we are both doin' the "Crazy eyes"!!

Friends, keep your eyes open for any more signature positions.... you don't even have to be a mini schnauzer! 

Till next time, see ya!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ME....... on canvas!

Hi everyone, sorry about billy-bossy Zoe taking over my blog..... I was busy doin' stuff with my mum.

We have a little issue we would like you, our friends from pet-blogging world, to help us with. Here goes - my mum bought a voucher online from a photography studio for a Custom Canvas Print (16" x 20") and it needs to be ordered by this June. She decided she needs to get a photo happening for this print, and she decided the most gorgeous member of the family was going to be the subject......ME! (of course). I'm BY FAR the most photogenic ;-)

So we have been out in the garden, taking some shots - I even had a BATH before these :-(

We have some shots we would like you to comment on - in particular the one you can see as working the best for the blown up canvas. Keep in mind, my mum is NOT a fantabulous photographer - even though she thinks she's pretty good! (Dahhhh)

Here are the photos on the short list so far:








(I know I have saliva bubbles on my tongue.....but maybe they can be blurred out?)

Please click on them and they will go bigger to help you decide. Please comment on which one is the goer for you, or leave any photography tips or advice for you-know-who! We look forward to your opinions!

PS: Ain't I just gorgeous!


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