Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Beach Day

Today mum and dad started out on a walk with me. We got about 50 meters down the street, and mum said "It's a beautiful day for a beach walk... why don't we take Rubie to the beach?!" Next thing I knew we did an "about face" and headed back to our home. I was then put in the car. Mum ducked inside the house and brought out my extenda lead.

So we ended up here - Brighton Beach - it's the 2nd closest beach to my place. Mum took this photo and I pointed out that she captured an aeroplane  in the middle. (Adelaide airport is close to the beach and quite close to Adelaide city - so we often see planes gliding out over this beach) Click on the photo to make it bigger and you will see the plane better.

Woo-Hoo we are here - I'm guiding dad to the beach!

Hey hey, looks like my new extenda lead is comin' in handy - look how far ahead of dad I can get!

Ohhh, made my first friend within 2 minutes of arriving!

There are some people with two fishing rods fishing off the beach......

I'm gonna go there and check out what they have in their bucket..... I'm nosey!! Note the wind speed and direction as per my right ear.

Found another friend for a mini play!

I found a nice little dark burgundy starfish....

See... proof those schnauzer feet belong to me!

We have turned around now and are heading back.... I'm getting a little tired.

Check out this cute little fella!!!

He's a four and a half month old Tibetan Spaniel..... his mum came to us and checked that it was OK to play - she is keen to socialise him so he will be good with other doggies. We had fun and chased each other and played. He's gonna be a nice doggie!

Time to go home again.

The down side of the beach - is having a bath when I get home. Then a blow-dry. I'm pooped again and dad came into the office to console me on the bath. He thinks I smell good though!

I need to nap now! See ya!


  1. OOOOOOOH Rubie! You are sooooo lucky that you have these fantastic beaches to play on. I wish we had something like that here...

    Sorry about the bath, but you looked really pretty in that last picture, all clean and fluffy.

  2. Give your Mum an extra smooch for that idea! What a wonderful place to walk and meet other dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. How lucky that your parents changed their mind. It looks like a real blast! I'm dreaming of winter to be over so I can play more.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. That was so much fun! It's worth a bath for that fun time!! We always get a bath after our day in the park.

  5. Hi Rubie, great run on the beech, white sand blue sky lovely.
    Hey I have one of them extenda leads, I'll let you into a secret ;) I'm on it, on all my walks, mom worried I will run off, and them for the blog post she photoshops it off!!!lol!!
    have a good weekend
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Looks like you had a great day! perfect beach weather loved the new friend did you catch his name??

  7. Rubie you are a lucky girl...what a fun outing...


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