Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankyou IAMS and Olympic Update

Another exciting thing happened just today..... well there were TWO exciting things really....... one involved me FALLING into a deep part of our ravine creek river today....and mum had her heart in her mouth as I was dog paddling at about 87 thousand paddles a second.... and dad dad had to help me out via my harness....WHEW!! It was exciting furends FUR SURE! Ma should have taken her camera and got the images for Sarge's swimming event!! The down side came when we got home and ma insisted I get a warm rinse in the tub..... BUTT....the creek was CLEAN (we've been having lots of rain that swooshes down there) it was just not required, really ma!!

Enough of that story....shame there is no photographic evidence!


The nice peeps at IAMS (Proctor and Gamble company) not only make EXCELLENT PET FOODABLES..... but they also sent Pam and Oskar at PBU some special scarves for the HOSTS of the BLOGVILLE OLYMPICS 2012!!! Seeeeeee:

Mum even ironed it for me so it was all Purdy!!

It suits my FURS ..... don't ya reckon?????

Pam and Oskar were very apologetic that they didn't get any scarves with AUSTRALIA on them.... so I hope you don't mind Pam and Oskar..... but mum and I got on the computer and made a few little TWEEKS......

I am an Aussie doggie after all........ but with all my USA furends in Blogville.... it's easy to feel a little American too!!



Gosh it's not long now to have to wait for the Opening Ceremony and stuffs in our Olympics....... like one more sleep!! I cannot wait!!!!! Remember to check out Frankie and Ernie's blog EVERYDAY to stay tuned for all the action and links to the daily events.....

Also check out the Pet Blogging Games Site for links and info too!

My EQUESTRIAN EVENT is scheduled for the 5th August...... and check out what I'm dealing with here!!!

These Equestrian "wanna-bees" are stalking me..... look at them ..... parading all over MY pedestrian and doggie path in MY ravine!!

Ruh Roh!!......... Here they are coming to STALK ME!!! See the bush in the foreground is in MY FRONT YARD..... and they are comin' TOWARDS me all DIRECT like! YIKES!!

No....nup! siree..... you two cannot enter our Equestrian event...... YOU ARE TOO LATE...... and a little SKEERY!!

That's right mates........ keep movin' .........nothing to see here. No amount of your bribery can allow ANY late entries.... we GOT RULES you know!! BOL!

I told them......(In my best and LOUDEST barking fierce voice too!!) (yes, I admit, I love to bark at them!!)

OK everyone...... sorry I have not been able to comment much on your blogs..... I am still reading them!! Hang onto your HATS  Collars...... the beginning of our GAMES are almost here!! I'm entering 25 events...... how many are you in?????

 I can smell the performance anxieties already!!!

Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hiya all,

TODAY, I was sitting in the Peep Kennel on Wheels (the peeps call it a caravan) when I saw THIS coming down my road!



Just a VERY QUICK post to let you there are only 4 HOURS till it turns mid-night here...... it's a bit earlier than most ............

When the clock strikes 12 you cannot send me any more EQUESTRIAN ENTRIES!!!!! Dems da ROOLES!

There have been fabulous entries to date..... thank you to all who faced their fears for the sake of PERFORMANCE!

All the entries will be seen in the Equestrian Event Post....AUGUST 5th .... right here on THIS blog!

Bye for now, Rubie xxx 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Prize Arrival and Equestrian Event Update

Hiya all,

A VERY exciting thing happened yesterday. Scooter, my pawsonal parcel delivery man brought me another PAWCEL!! Here's the background.

My furiend Ruthie runs a newspaper called The Blogville Chronicle. If you don't know about it, you NEED to click on the link and find out...... it's really cool and the latest article features an interview with our Blogville, Mayor, Frankie Furter Price!! Sign up as a follower TODAY!

Anywho, I signed up as a follower and left a comment on one of the posts...... and I won a prize give-away!!!! Just like that!!

The pawcel with my name on it....

Now the plastic bag teaser....

Ooooo ma...gimme, gimme, GIMME!!!!!

Hurmph, hurrmmmph, it has an excellent squeak!!

Thanks RUTHIE....... you are THE BEST!!!!


It's not too late to enter my Equestrian Event for the Blogville Olympics..... overnight another 3 entries rode in......

To join the 21 entries listed in my last post.....


That makes 24 entries as of NOW. Butt, we are welcoming more....... go select your horse, or your riding gear, or what you consider to be a horse...... and have your picture taken. Send them to me, Rubie:


You have until Mid-night 18th July, Aussie time!!

***Rumour has it that there will be AMPLE HORSEY Poo-Poo's for us to roll in afterwards..... butt, we havta be careful not to get it schmooshed into our shiny gold medals!!! BOL!!***

Don't forget to enter as many as the other cool events...... I've entered 21 so far - and I'm not finished my entries yet!!! So much to much FUNS to be had!! Go to our Mayor Frankie Furters blog and scroll till you find posted dated 12th July and see the list of all events and their hosts!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic Equestrian Entry Update (2)

Hiya all,

There are Olympic athletes coming out of the woodwork to enter events all over the Blog-O-Sphere..... make sure you don't miss out!!

Entries for all events are being accepted NOW and you will find all the details for events, hosts and dates on this site:

I, Rubie, am hosting EQUESTRIAN and let me update you on the list of current ENTRANTS:

Benny and Lily
Sweet William
Casey The Boxer
Molly The Wally
Frank The Tank
Lily Belle
Finn Howard
Declan with furiend Puddles
Shelldon and Beachnut

The event is doing so well, BUT... we have room for more.....

Look around everyone.... there are ALWAYS opportunities to select your ride. Remember, it doesn't NEED to be a bone fide horse....but what YOU CONSIDER to be a horse!! For example:

Look what I found at the Doggie Park Yesterday!!!!

There are opportunities out just GOTTA SEE EM' !!!!! Don't be shy!

PEE S: No Great Danes were harmed in the picturing of this picture!!

Get your pictures to me, Rubie..... that's an ie on the end... not a y:


I am looking forward to seeing you at the Equestrian Event!! All Athletes need to be all signed up by the 18th July, Mid-night....Aussie time! All species welcome!!

Join us for "Horsing Around" in the Olympic Village after the official event and stuffs...... we will be balancing on our saddles FOR SURE!!  BOL!!!!! With PUDDLES in this event the partying will be something to remember!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blogville Olympics Update (1)

Hiya all,

I see the training for the events has paid dividends and you are up and firing your way into the different events!! Good to see frantic pawticipation!! BOL!

For access to all the great events and their hosts, go to:

Don't forget to enter my EQUESTRIAN EVENT:

And select a Horsey that you think will give you a winning ride!!

So far, I've had great entries from:

Benny and Lily
Sweet William
Casey the Boxer
Molly the Wally
Frank the Tank

I gotta say, the panel of judges at this event are VERY IMPRESSED at the sheer creativity of the entries to date! But we are waiting for what ya waitin' for?????????

Email your picture to me, Rubie:


You gotta get this done soon, entries close mid-night Aussie time on the 18th JULY!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet MY Caravan / Olympics Equestrian Reminder

HiYa all,

Yesterday was SOOOOOO exciting! Mum, dad dad and I went to pick up my our caravan. Remember my peeps ordered it, like 87 months ago???!!

Come and see it.....I wasn't even skeered of it (as if, mum!) She thought I'd be a bit funny because I've never been in one before. I was FINE!

See...... cool as a cucumber........actually - I think it's a Peep Kennel on wheels, sorta!! He he he...

And look...... while I was checking out my our caravan.....I got to meet Wooki - he works here!! Wooki helps sell these kinda caravans (peep kennels) and he has excellent customer relations skills.

He made sure my dad dad used the steps to enter the van safely. He told me I can skip the silver step and jump straight into the van. I kinda prefer that technique.

Wooki even got his mum to demonstrate the way to unlock the storage compartment door. I hope this compartment is big enough to hold essentials like liver treats and milk bones for travels!

Hey Wooki....... You likey my wheels????? And the way I'm gonna roll????? BOL!

Wooki is telling me softly in my ear...... we could go travelling together!! OOOoooo!

Aaaarrrrrrr - let go of my ear Wooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We got distracted and started to muck about.

Wooki kept trying to taste the back of my neck.

Then we played with the floor towel which his mum took out of my our van.

For those of you who are curious.... Wooki is actually a Lagotto Romagnolo breed, and he just got a furs-cut yesterday. He usually is much fuzzier, as his furs kinda go into tight ringlets and mum thinks they look like beautiful dreadlocks. His mum and dad used to have a mini schnauzer, Monty..... but Monty had to leave for the bridge. His mum looked at me - right in the eyes, and it reminded her of Monty. She got a little misty.

Now we have to fold the van down, and tow it home.

And mum and I can start planning our peep kennel caravan  adventures for the future!

Stay Tuned for that after the Olympics!!


So, have you been training your Equestrian Skills with your horseys and stuffs????  There are no rules, you don't need real live living and breathing horses ( *they can be skeery* ), and if your peep wants to help you with photo-shopping pictures - that's allowed too. Send in your pictures to me, Rubie, starting the 9th of July to email address:


You have to get them to me by the 18th of July. I've briefed the judging panel on how to judge us...... and they are "on board" with the whole "everyone wins a gold medal" thing!! Paws UP!

Now here's a real live picture of me training my horsey for the jumpin' ...... no creative photo shopping on this sir eeee !! (WINKS!) 


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