My Cousins

My mum's brother (I call him uncie) got his first mini schnauzer, Scarlet, in July 2009 when Scarlet was 8 weeks old. Scarlet is therefore the oldest of us three. She is a pure "Black and Silver" coat colour, whereas Zoe and I are "Salt and Pepper". Scarlet is tall and lean and is therefore bigger than both Zoe and I.

Scarlet's sister, Zoe,  arrived from Dubbo, NSW on a plane into Adelaide Airport in April 2010 when she was 8 weeks old. Zoe is a pedigree which means she has a funny long name, but we don't let her get to big for her britches! Even though she is a "Salt and Pepper" coat colour like me - she is dark - and almost looks like a Black and Silver. She may continue to lighten up - who knows. Zoe is also the smallest in stature amongst the three of us, I think she is a short-stuff. 


The "Pack Politics"
When we get together we conform to "politics of a pack" - being dogs and all! Scarlet is the boss, and will step in and sort Zoe and me out if we are gettin' too boisterous! Zoe thinks she is the boss of me, but I spend a lot of time growling and mouthing her reminding her that I'm the boss of her. We play "bitey face" a lot, and this also includes Scarlet when she feels like it. We are great mates.

Scarlet tends to gravitate towards the peeps, especially her dad dad, and she can be needy of peep attention. You should see it when her dad dad is tryin' to work on the computer and Scarlet insists on sitting on his lap too!  Zoe and I are fairly independent, and will play with each other till we drop.


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