Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back to the BEACH - Before it gets too HOT!

Hiya my furiends,

Like my new Ruby Harness?? This was one of my Xmas gifts and the first time I got to use it was yesterday - when we hit the beach.

I know that my o/s furiends and family are having all sorts of strife with polar vortex's and just generally freezin' your furry butts off ... but we are having the opposite issues here.

We have got through a week of temps that were 40 degrees C (104F) and up to 45 (113F). Mum's tomatoes made it through (she is happy to report) but only JUST.

We had a week off to recover - back to normal summer temps (around 33 C av, 92F). Now we are going back to baking. They have forecast another week or more of very hot hot temps, with little reprieve overnight. Boy - we are gonna be KRANKY!

The big news is that yesterday mum had the bright idea to take me to the beach ..... and I said YES PAWLEEEESE!!! 

Are we there yet???? (Only took 10 minutes!!)

Woo-Hooo - Chuck the ball dad dad!!!

I loves chasing the tennis ball on the beach.

I got a lot of socialising done - these were big doggies. The doggie at the bottom of the picture is a "stumpy tail cattle dog" and we had a lot of fun together.

I loved runnings in the shallows to get my ball.

Then we spotted a group of Dolphins swimming and surfing really close to shore!!

Then I played "dolphins" by swimming in the rock pools with my mum.

Having a rest on a rock in the rock pool.

Dad dad was throwing the ball for me in the rock pools too!

This little doggie was helping me dry off - and it actually barked more than me!!

What a great time - I had to be rinsed off in the baff tub at home - then mum massaged some of my nice leave in conditioner into my skin and furs. That was nice too.

Then a BIG NAP was required.

Hope my post helped to make you thaw a bit - and believe it or not - mum is thinking about planning a holiday to the SNOW this year !!!!

She's just NUTS!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be BRAVE ....... it's Baby PEEP Day!!

Look - I know some of you dawgs out there are very brave when it comes to little and baby Peeps .... but not I. I didn't have much exposure to small and smallish peeps while I was a wee pup .... then when I got older and starting getting' out to parks and stuff .... I came across these small peeps - who spent a great deal of time squealing, shouting, flinging their arms about, and worst of all .... doing these things while rushing to me!!! 

So you can imagine - I am not good today with little peeps. I do not trust easy.... and my timid side really comes to the fore.

So this day - mum pulled me aside and told me that we were getting special visitors .... and one of them was a Baby Peep and a child peep too ...... and that I had to be good and brave.

Firstly - when they arrived I did a lot of barking (ear piercing loud barking) to let them all know I was VERY UNSURE about their arrival. Mum was not happy with this..... but it's what I do!

Eventually - the barking stopped. 

Let me introduce Baby Peep Gemma. Her mum and my mum used to work together for the Government. They now live in Queensland and are two plane trips away from us.

I needed a little bit of treat encouragement to get in the same shot as Baby Gemma.

See getting a little closer.

I especially like the tum rubs!!!

Mum was happy to be slobbering all over the little Peep - and even offered to KEEP HER (!!!! :-0 )

I dunno about that - nothing terrible happened to me during the visit ...... and she was kinda cute .....

But Keeping her....... I don't think her mum would like that !!

At one stage Gemma was lying on my rug and I went right up and sniffed her! Strange new smells indeed.

But the visit was over and they had to go back home. Mum said I was Brave - but said I could have been a little Braver .... 

Something to work on I guess my furiends!

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, January 12, 2014

There's no use KNOCKING........Mr BIRDIE .........

Do you get this kinda stuff goin' on at your place???

We gets these strange knockin' noises, mainly in the mornings. It's very spooky.

This is the commotion at the Bay Window, in the main bedroom.

Don't try lookin' SWEET Mr Birdie - I ain't lettin' you in!!

We even made this little video for your viewing pleasure.

I gotta say, this cheeky birdie has also tried to get in via the Family Room window, and the Kitchen window -lucky the glass is strong!!

When I have had enough, I run outside and scare him away!!

Bye Bye BIRDIE!!


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