Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - March

Hi ya all,

Here goes the Photo Scavenger Hunt....it catches my mum out...she says the months FLY by and then she is all in "a flap" tryin' to get her pictures done.

Thanks to the the blog, Postcards from the P.P. for hostin' this fun monthly event.

Mum got up first...then grabbed the camera to snap this morning shot. That's my blue blankie behind me. I'm givin' her the stink eye. 

Buttons from the button box.

This is one of mum's cooking pot "coasters" from the kitchen.

This is the kitchen from the Bed and Breakfast Mud Brick Cottage at Clare we booked last year - my first doggie hollingday.

This is the local picture theatre down by my Sissy R's house.

Here you go my Scottie friend...... a street named in your honour!!

Mum thinks that it's very fancy wearing some of her diamontes. The earring really weighed down my ear!

A landmark that overlooks Port Noarlunga beach.

Just so you know what that Landmark was all about.

I'm not adverse to tryin' to expand my fashion world! Lookin'  "traayy sheek" don't ya think??

Dad dad is a Stephen King fan.....there's 87 million words in his books. Glad I don't havta read em' !

Looking at the City centre of Cairns, Nth Queensland - from my peep's 12th floor hotel balcony.

Whose half face did you think mum was gonna picture?!?

Congrats mum - you got 10 /12 ........ that's pretty good!! I'm proud of ya!! 

I wonder what's in store for April???

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Port Noarlunga Beach

After we checked out Sissy R's house building progress, we walked to the beach so I could take in the beauty, stretch my legs, and get sand and stuffs between my toe pads.

Here tis'

There are cool rocks to the right of the boat ramp, and jetty and beach to the left.

Beach rompin' funs !!!!

What???? Time to go home???? Well I am kinda knackered!!! We can come back another time though!

I want to check out those rocks and rock pools when the tide is lower.

See Ya, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sissy R is building a house!!

Now that my mum is much better (she says to thank you for all the good wishes!!!) we decided to go on an outing yesterday. 

You see, my dad dad has two grown up daughters from his first marriage, and the younger of the two - Sissy R - has knocked down her old cottage and is building a brand NEW house! She lives at the Beach (lucky duck).

Here is dad dad and me checking out the site.

This shot lets you see the whole house. We went down to see the roof on, but the builders had even done some brickwork. There's a lot of "builders stuff" at the front of the house.

Here you can see the wood trimmed front door hole, and on the left the two windows are from the lounge room.

Now I'm in the lounge, looking out at the skip-bin through the window. These windows are excellent "doggie peering" height.

This is the dining room - with glass sliding door to the outside. It will be nice to have an outdoor setting out there - must tell Sissy.

The view from the dining room, down the hallway and into the garage. She is gonna be able to go straight from the car garage into the house - the door is at the end of the hallway.

Dad dad is standing on the driveway, and I am at the back of the garage. She'll have a roller door front and back. See that big pile of orange builders sand????? Well don't tell anyone, but I'm about to do a big wee on it - sssshhhhhhhhh !!!! It will do the brick mortar the world of good!

The back of the house - bricking going well.

This is Sissy R's street - see the end of the street about 200 metres???? Wanna know what is there??

This is! She's a lucky duck that Sissy of mine. We are off to the beach now. I'll post those pics next time.

See Ya!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The last few days

Hi all.

It's been a little dull on my side of the pond for a few days. I've had to keep mum company a lot while she has been sickies. The couch in the lounge has been "base camp" for her, and for me too. She says she had problems with her tummy, but judging from the 87 trips to the bathroom she has had (per day) I think it might be the ...ahem.... other end. Just sayin'.

Needless to say - we have caught up on a lot of recorded TV shows, but she couldn't manage to sit up and supervise my computing and blogging. I'm tryin' to catch up on the stuff I missed.

Every day - dad dad has given me a little break from my nursing duties, and taken me out for a walk and little run. We are having such lovely weather at the moment. The real hot stuff is finished and now it's just warm and nice. We even had about 15mm of rain on Wednesday so the gardens and trees and bushes and stuff are very happy too.

The really AMAZING thing that happened while mum was "down for the count" is that she approved dad dad to do an evening cookfest in HER kitchen!! He made roast chicken with all the stuff, he even had to give me my evening meal twice!! Mum says it's good for dad dad to keep his cooking skills up - and he admitted to  feelin' rusty about it!! He did good (no fire alarms or explosions), and mum didn't have to stand up. You had my support and full-faith dad dad!

I can declare that the chicken was good! Yummers even!

But don't worry, even though we couldn't go to doggie skool today :-(  mum still did local training with me in the house. She is almost 85% better she reckons.

Now - most impawtantly - I wanted to say a personal CONGRATULATIONS to my dear furiend MAGIC from the Yoooo - Kaaay. Magic had FOUR puppies this week while I was minding mum, so I wanted to send BIG HUGS and schnauzer LICKS to her and her peeps - especially Leigh. We are all over the moon. Rest up girl. If you don't know Magic click on her name to see her bloggie and send some love her way.

Gotta go now - mum is wanting to rest again and keep her fluids up. Might mean trip number 88 is coming soon!!!! BOL!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yard Patrol

Hi again. In this post I am gonna take you through some of my impawtant duties as "top schnauzer".....(well only schnauzer) member of this patch of land. Now, mum is worried because I'm postin' lots of photos taken from BEHIND....so you will all see lots of my bum bum.......but we gotta face it....we all gots one - and I couldn't be bothered pasting little stars over it...so brace yourselves!!

Here I am surveying the street that runs up to my house and land. Hang on.....there is an unauthorised infiltration of the road by a walker!!!

This is where one runs through these two bushes and WOOFS at the top of ones abilities, and let them know just how unimpressed I, the guard schnauzer, is about it!!!

I've been told that my explosion of loud woofing is enough to cause a heart attack - a valuable tool to stopping any bad guys!

That showed them a thing or six!!! Don't they know that there is no authorised walking on my streets without my prior consent, in triplicate!! Humph!

Do I spy one of the peeps across the road try to walk around their own front yards!!!!!! How dare they check their letterboxes without gaining my CONSENT!!!!! More woofing required here!!!

Look at my angry face. I'ts OK now ma, I scared them back inside their house!!! They will be thinking long and hard before tryin' that stunt of letter collection again!!

 Ruh Roh - Brad the turtle is tryin' to tell me something!

Brad has just informed me that there are peeps with a dog coming up my street!! Boy this turtle is like "Radar" offa "M*A*S*H"!

Woof Woof and double Woof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People please, there are procedures you MUST follow!! Don't flaunt my territory laws!!

Another curious thing my furiends, my mum reckons that my "big girl bark" is soooo loud that it makes her ears bleed! Fancy that...... I've been watching the passers by as I'm giving them my best barks....and I haven't seen any bleeding yet...but I will keep tryin'!!!!

Hum da dee dum...... a little bit a selective digging is also within my duties......

And if one is lucky, you can find yummers decomposing stuffs to nom on.  ;-)

Another of my duties is to monitor new arrivals to my garden patch. Here are two concrete balls that mum slipped in - she tells me that they will be mosaic'd soon (schnauzer eyes rolling upward)

Come on people.........just because this is an "outside" bench doesn't mean you can neglect your duties of dusting away the cobwebs.......unless you want me to do it with my schnauzery beard/woozle!! In fact, bringing in cobwebs and assorted organic matter in my beard to display proudly - is one of my duties. no??!???

So you see everyone, there is lots to do around here for a little dog. The peeps are so laid back about territory infiltration, that they get angry at me about my barking (*yes really!*). Don't they know that I can alert them to any impending burglar, and potentially "floor" that peep by making their ears bleed or delivering a heart-attack!! 

Where is the thanks, the gratitude!!!!!!???????

Monday, March 5, 2012

Here's My Hat Especially For Judi !!

One of our most kind and generous blog mom out in Blogville is needing our healing vibes at the moment.

 I've decided to put on some pretty pink for you JUDI !

Judi is Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra's mom and her blog is:   http://samandy007.blogspot.com/

*** Hoping and Praying.....Healing Vibes.....Healing Vibes !!!! ***


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