Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - February

Hi all,

Before we kick-off the Scavenger Hunt fun - I wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to my blog's followers - you have been kind enough to follow my blog and have now amounted to over 100 of you!!!!! WOW!! And DOUBLE WOW!!! Your support and love is much appreciated and a Big SCHNAUZER LICK to you all. I mean it!! Thanks xxxx

Hosted by the blog - Postcards from the P.P.

Well - isn't it amazing - we have almost gone through February - is it just me, or does each month seem faster?? Anywho - mum has done the PSH again, and remember - she gets one point in her performance score for every photo with me in it as well. Show us yer stuff ma:

My dad dad is into Music - he used to play in bands and stuff. He dug out this special sheet Music for me. I'm thinking this doggie reminds me of some of my bloggie furiends.

My mum made SUSHI for the very first time - she is squeemish about raw fish - so she made Teriyaki chicken and avocado and cucumber ones. She was a bit "over-it" at the end of the meal, but I thought they were YUMMERS! 

On February 14th - when I got my secret admirer card......mum said there was "love in the air".

Meet "RANDOLPH" - he is CUPID and he lives in the backyard, in front of the veggie patch.

Mum photographed this Weather-vane on top of a high high church, in the sky.

My dad dad made these in ceramics class with his friends, at about the time he and mum started goin' out together, over 10 years ago. They eat asian noodles out of these bowls, and I often get a taste!

How cruel was this - I had to watch mum build this out of 87 of MY milkbones!!!! After the torture was over - mum gave me ONE!! (*Schnauzer eyes rolling upward*) 

This is me after I was leaping all over the big rocks in my yard. Uncie "tissed" up the pic with the balloons and the 2012 - and mum says that this is a LEAP YEAR!! Whatever that is!

This is the little train from dad dad's train set. We found it in the garage.

Hey this chair is built FOR ONE!!!! Where did all you guys come from!!!!!!!!! 

So when's the refill??

Mum says that peeps often get to "trace" their Heritage with the help of one of these places. 

Well, mum you did pretty good again - not a perfect score like last month, but you got 11 / 12 !!

Rubie's mum: Well, Rubie it was hard to work out how to get you into a picture of "In The Sky", I didn't want to send you up in a hot air balloon you know!

(*GULP*) Thank goodness for that ma....I don't reckon I would have coped with that!

Great job Ma!!!

Rubie's mum: Thankyou Rubie - and you got to try Sushi as an additional bonus!


Bye for now, tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Friday, February 24, 2012

"A run" on Silver Sands Beach

We had some cooler than normal "summer weather" just recently.... so we took the opportunity to drive to a nice beach so I could stretch my legs.

Here we are just arriving at the beach. Nice "cool" and overcast day around 24 degrees C (75F).

Dad unhooked me and I said "throw the ball, throw the ball!!"

Yaaaaayyyyyy....runnin' like the wind!

Mum loves capturing my "action shots"

They decided that I would run better without my harness on...... see I've already made use of the poop-a-doop bag!!

I caught ya little ball!

I call this move the "deer hop"!!!!

Waitin' for the ball to come out the air.

Hang on.....need to rest a bit

Jumpin' with Beach Joy!!

What a life!

Look at the SPEED across my SANDS!!

Why don't we come here more often????

Some kids are out enjoyin' the Surf Club activities.

And mum liked the look of this stuff washed up.

What a terrific day we had! Hope you enjoyed it too!!

See Ya Soon, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MEET my MUM !!!!

Hi all,

Ohhh - today is an exciting day. As you all know my mum supervises my blogging and to be honest, she's been a little jelly of me. She wished she could have a little bloggie too. She does stuff, cooks stuff, makes stuff, and grows stuff and, well, has a lot of spare time on her hands because she stopped working.

So today - she has been closed up in my our office and has produced Crafts, Cooking and Freedom - her own bloggie. It's OK I suppose. I still get a mention. That's good huh??

Here is me and my mum - she still won't show her face but is gonna reveal a lot more about HER!

So, my furiends, can you please ask your peep to pop on over and visit her bloggie - the link is in my side bar - she is gonna need some love and followers to keep her feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Bye for now!!

PeeS: A few of you have voiced some concerns that because of this new blog, mine might be a little compromised(?). Well, FEAR NOT, because I've had this conversation with ma ahead of time and laid down the law.......that she is not to let her "supervisin' duties" slide and that MY BLOGGIE continues to bloom with goodness and such. OK - everyone cool with that?........ (*winks*) I thought I should throw my weight around before any issues pop up! Better to be safe than sorry.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey all,

My good furiend MUFFIN tagged me - and because of this I must answer 10 questions and then tag others.

Here we go:

1. Describe yourself in 7 woofs: Sweet, Funny, Appreciative, Apprehensive, Loyal, Curious, Hungry!

2. What keeps you up at night? Not too much. Maybe when my peeps decide that they need to use the little white room adjoining the bedroom and make the ceramic white thing make water flushing noises.

3. Who would you like to be? What a dumb question - I've got the best life....why mess with that??

4. What are you wearing? Pink diamonte collar on top of my natural furs.

5. What scares you? Thunder, unexpected loud noise, unexpected things that appear in the house or garden without my permission. Treat jars gettin' low,  Oh,  and going on a diet - heck - that scares everyone, no???

6. The best and worst of blogging: BEST: Meeting new friends, having a good laugh with great posts, catching up with my beau, Dex. Stayin' in touch with my mates. WORST: Losing friends to the bridge, dealing with the STOOPID "security words" (now there are TWO - one of which you can barely make out!) that you have to type in when leaving comments!!!!!!!! I wish that bloggers would turn this off and just do "prior approval" of comments if you are worried or wish to screen. So much nicer and quicker for users! Just Sayin'.

7. The last web-site I visited: Muffins to get the questions.

8. What is the one thing I would change about myself? FASTER METABOLISM. BOL!

9. Slankets? Yes or No? I take it we are talking about blankets with sleeves in them. In Australia, we call them "Snuggies". Mum got sucked into buying them - she uses them in winter but doesn't put her arms through the sleeves. I gotta say YES! because I snuggle with mum in her Snuggie.

10. Tell us something about the blogger that TAGGED you: Muffin is a relatively new furiend to me and he is a super cute fluffy Shih-Tzu who lives in Singapore. He is almost as "food-focussed" as me. His young mum picked him as a small fluff ball pup from a Pet Store box - and he is very happy about her selection - as are we!!

I'm Tagging the following Blogs: (Sorry if you have already been Tagged!)

1. Dex and Lou from Schnauzer Days
2. Isaac the Wonder Schnauzer 
3. Stella and Rory - fellow South Australian Furiends
4. Bogey and Indy from Critter Alley
5. Susie-Belle from the U.K.
6. Wookie and Halladay from Furry Fosters

Bye for now!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day - Part 2

My Transportation successfully took me to the "House of Bow-Wow" where Dexter and Louis had booked in the most amazing, romantic, candlelit dinner pawty. Here we all are:

A classy place - and no-one got their furs or beards singed on the candles either! The music the boys picked to accompany dinner was slow and dreamy, then after dinner we managed a few twirls on the dance floor!!

Our Roast Turkey Dinner was just Pawsome and we all had doggie bags of leftovers to enjoy.

I didn't want the evening to end.....it was so pawsome to see my Dex in the furs again. Tessa and I chatted like the BFF's we are and Louis, very politely, provided amusing conversation.

Thankyou to the boys for arranging this wonderful Valentines Day Dinner!!

PeeS: Hope you all had a great one!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day! - Part 1

Hi all! I've been counting the hours till the Double Date with my Dexter, his brother Louis and his date, my BFF Tessa.

I'm all ready - my dress hasn't arrived in time (note to self - do not believe the "delivery dates" from the interwebs!!!) - so I decided to wear a stylish scarf with little red hearts around the edge to celebrate the occasion.

Look what was delivered to me this afternoon:

Words and Woofs fail me - Isn't he the BEST!!!!!!!!


Door Bell: DING DONG


Mum: Rubie I think the transportation has arrived - you remember Dex and Lou arranged something to get you to Dinner????

I see it.......But I don't believe it!!!!!! Dad dad - I think you need to give me a little BOOST!!!!!


Are your eyes as wide as mine?????? This is what I call transportation!!!!!

Hey dad dad - get your shovel, I think my transport left a little bit of somethin' on the pavers for the vege patch!!

See you soon! We are off!!! Lucky my transport knows where to go!! Woooo Hoooooo!!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Now, An Invitation!

After my walk today with dad dad we stopped off and checked the Letterbox on our way inside.

Oh my dogness...... there is a pretty red envelope with my name on it!!!!!

Better get it to my readin' table to examine this thorog, thourorly, thoughoorley, a lot!!

HEY MUM!!!! You gotta see this!!!!!!!!!

Mum: Oh Rubie, looks like you have been invited to a romantic  VALENTINES dinner with your Beau, his brother and your BFF, Tessa! How exciting!!


Dexter and Louis - I am delighted to accept your very kind invitation, I'll be there!!!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Valentine Riddle.

OOOoooo how exciting! I just collected this from our mailbox and it is addressed TO ME!!

It doesn't say on the back who sent it to me....... but I have detected a clue......there seems to be a little SCHNAUZER stamp on the back of the envelope!! And also it is sent through "Royal Mail" - isn't that a clue too??

The envelope that contains the beautiful card is addressed to "Rubie Lou"!!

Look at the front of this gorgeous card..... there seems to be an "R" and a "D" featured. I'm sure the "R" refers to me, and the "D" the mystery........

What does the card SAY Rubie???????, I hear you shout! 

Hang on, let me read it first!

There you are........ the inside revealed but the mystery not solved!

Mum and I are in love with this lovely, gorgeous detail on my card!

Well, my dear readers...... I know who sent this card....I picked up the scent immediately.....but do you?????

I'm a lucky doggie aren't I ??!! 
Thankyou my wonderful secret admirer!!! 

Hope you are all getting ready for Valentines Day!!!


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