Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - August

Here we are again, another month along, that means mum has to do "her thing" and arrange the "Scavenger Photo Hunt" hosted by Postcards from the P.P.

In case you didn't know, I allow mum to do this monthly thing on my blog..... and I mark her on how many of the items include ME in the photo. Last month she got 11/12......  here we go!

This boat at our back fence belongs to our neighbour - he likes to go out and fish - he even gave us a heap of Snook fillets once.....they were YUMMERS!

This is a pic of some kids on the dodgem' cars at Movieworld on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Mum thought the kids looked soooo cute.

ME in front of a fountain in a local first visit there.

Mum set up a picnic for Scarlet, Zoe and me. She had to take the pic very quickly because we were eating the goodies in our bowls VERY quickly! We approve of picnics!

This is a local Australian rules football game on a Saturday afternoon played at one of the ovals of mum's university... Flinders University. There has just been a goal kicked so some boys are happy (and the other half are not so happy!)

On the day mum bought these, uncie was coming over for dinner. We all LOVE bread and mum says it's not good for our hips !!??!! I put my bread in my mouth- NOT on my hips! - mum you are so silly sometimes!!

Me surrounded by fabric on the guestroom bed - I loved doin' this photoshoot - I was extremely comfortable lyin' around on the material on the bed!

My pawrents loved their visit to the Salamanca Markets in Hobart, Tasmania. Mum indulged in the BEST dagwood dog there ....... not a real dog!!!!! A tube-steak dipped in batter and then deep fried. She had to do a long hike after that one to feel better about eatin' it!!

Looking at the Alpine National Park, Victoria. The highest mountain you can see is Mount Bogong 1986m above sea level. 

These are tracks of a Dinosaur (Megalosauropus Broomensis, Theropod) which are 120 million years old! That's mum's foot, which is not ancient! This dinosaur was 9-10 meters in length. Imagine playin' bitey face with THAT!

No - the bizarre thing here is not my dad dad, it's this giant PRAWN my pawrents found during their motorhome travels. This was in Exmouth, North Western Australia. 

My puppy mouth is waterin' now!! Coral Trout battered with chips! WHY aren't I in this photo mum!!!??? 


Now mum's grades are SLIPPIN'..... I counted only 5 photos with ME! That means mum's score is: 

5 / 12  (!)

Looks like mum will have to work on her grade........ I want to see improvement for next month!!! (**tisk, tisk**)

Bye from mum and me!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi Everyone.

Just a quick post to say Happy 3rd Birthday to my very good mate Wyatt!!


 I AM really happy about your birthday, Wyatt, but mum has just put that thing on my head.... so my expression went a little COOL!!

But we lit 3 beautiful candles for you, and I'm giving you 3 of mum's famous Chia and Carrot balls for you to crunch!! Let me know if those customs people nab them for their own doggies....gggrrrr!

I'll catch up with you at your County Fair Pawty and give you a big lick!!! Gotta go and pack my travel's quite a trip!

In case you didn't know...... Wyatt is celebrating his birthday at a County Fair in his honour. Click HERE for details.

See Ya!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A New Pawty Trick

Hi everyone!

We went to Grandpaws' last week and we had loads of fun as usual.

At the back of Grandpaws' lounge room he has a new sofa (that magically turns into a bed) with an old throw over the top.

So we all had to check it out..... you know..... by using bitey face as the means. We have already re-arranged the pillows for him.

Zoe is really windin' herself up for it!!!

Scarlet decides to continue bitey face from ground level........ but then....

She and I notice a larger than normal gap under this sofa!!!  do ya reckon???..........

Hey yea!!!!!! Guess what .....we can fit under - well Scarlet was the only one who she is wanting to continue bitey face and well, Zoe, is just looking shocked and a little miffed about it!!

We always have a ball at Grandpaws!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Blue Octopus and Orchids

Hi everyone and everypup/puss.

I have a great thing to share. I know some of your peeps already know of this thing....but it's soooo great that I had to share - or I would burst!!!

Get your peeps into the op-shops!!!! Look at what they sell there!!

Have you ever seen anything so WONDERFUL! This is what my mum brought me home from the op-shop! It was only 50 cents! It is actually a hand puppet but my mum thought I would love it with all those leggies and stuff!

I became so attached to it that I took it everywhere with me - I even let Scarlet and Zoe play with it. If you look closely my octopus is now showing signs of  being rolled through the mulches on the garden beds.

But any dirts will wash right out. So - I'm encouraging your peeps to get into their local second hand shops and see what they can dig outa those big toy baskets. Remember to pick stuff that don't have hard eyes and noses.....we pups love to work on gettin' those off!

It's a great inexpensive way to keep stuffie turnover going in your toy baskets!!!

Oh - before I mum promised Wyatt's mum a picture of our Orchids in a vase in the house.

Nice huh? These stay good for about 6 weeks in the house.....but mum puts them into a cold room if we put the heating on at night.

A closeup. Look at the little yellow thingys in the middle. They are cool don't ya think?!

See ya soon, Tail Wuggles!!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Field River Reserve

Hi everyone! We got out and about this week, mainly because mum said she needed to take my picture by a fountain!!?? Lucky for me this means goin' to a new park that we haven't been to together yet.

Here we are - me leadin' dad dad and mum bringin' up the rear with the flashy box.
This park is about 2km from my place.

There were a couple young lads doin' some fishin' - I am lookin' at them but mum didn't want to freak em out by taking a picture of them.

Here's that fountain she was goin' on about..... I'm happy that there are duckies to look at!

Daaaa.....dee dum dum........ the things that go through me head!!

The pond in all it's glory.

Me doin' some schnauzer schnoofling.

Ohhhhhh.........more duckies!!

Close up of a duckie.

Along here is the field river catchment that brings water to the pond, then the excess out to sea.

Mum loves this photo of me jaunting along.....not a care in the world.....(excuse my bum bum!)

Here I am mid-run coming up the bank.

What?????? A pic without ME in it!!!!!!! An outrage!

An info station of this area. Thanks for chopping my head out of the pic ma!! (It's hard to get good help isn't it!!)

On the home stretch now.... I love bouncing through long grasses.

I don't know about you...... but I'm ready to get home for a snooze! Another lovely winters day!

Hope you enjoyed coming along - see ya next time!!!! Tail Wuggles!!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cousins Playing Again.

Some of my favourite posts are showing the antics my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe and I get up to. Here are some pics of our most recent day together.

My mum calls this "schnauzer blur play" because it's so hard to get a photo non blurry. Check out my ear and the delighted look on my face. Scarlet has a toy and Zoe tryin' to get it, and I'm about to help!

ZOE: I love sitting up on this chair and watching my sister and Rubie play.....then I can do a "surprise schnauzer attack" right on top of them when they least expect it! Such fun!!

Sometimes I beat Zoe to it, and start bitey face instead!

SCARLET: Geez Rubie, everytime I go and select toy from the toybox, you try and get it off me!

Yea well - it's MINE!

ZOE: Woo Hoo - time for bitey face - I'll distract Rubie, Scarlet go get another toy!!

SCARLET: How bout this Dagwood doggie??!!
ZOE: Yea - it might be OK if you and I both hang onto it and Rubie can't snatch it back!

Bitey face is such fun! First with Scarlet.....

Then with Zoe......

A break in the play - means we can pull some faces...... I'm winking while Scarlet is just pulling the best mum thinks this is a classic Scarlet expression! (mum says to click on the pic to make it bigger - and admire the look on Scarlie's face)

ZOE: We are outside now - but check out our winter fur looks - we all look so fat with all our extra furs!

My mum is scared that when we eventually get our furs cut again, I'll still be fat! I can honestly say, we have enjoyed NOT getting those buzzy cuts!!

SCARLET: Do you reckon we are looking more like "Wookies" than Mini Schnauzers!!???

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of our day!

Bye for now!


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