Sunday, October 4, 2015

Do You Remember Me? A Pupdate IS required!!!!

Hiya everybuddy!!! It's been such a long time since you have heard from me ... it's like I've just skidded off the face of the planet! Here is my "proof of life" photo:

My peeps - especially my mum have have a hard, tough time. First we decluttered our house, put it on the market to sell:

If you look real close you will see a certain pup's face made it into the advertising shot of the kitchen! 

It took almost 3 months to sell it, then we had to clear all our mountains of stuff out and put it into storage (yes -even my toys and pillows/beds!!) 

First a big truck came and took all the furnitures and bigger stuffs

And then this truck came and took other stuffs that my peeps didn't want anymore - like the lounge suite!

You know my peeps are building a new house for me us. Yup - our custom design. 

Here is what it looks like at the moment, but I'll post more about the build separately later.

So all our stuff is put away into two storage units while we bunk in with mum's brother (uncie) and Scarlet and Zoe. Check out how stuffed our storage units are:

In amongst mum doing all this kinds of stuffs:

Something extra EXCITING happened. Mum was contacted by Schnauzer Rescue in our state and was asked to foster a male mini schnauzer ...  Dad said "no way" (because we were busy, packing and about to be homeless) .... he lost :


We became good friends ... and we did a lot of "helping" while mum was packing. Here's us helping her in the kitchen. You'll hear more about Archie later.

And that's not all, in the last month of us still having a home ... mum's good friend and my Auntie Lynny went back to the Yoouu Kay and we looked after her house, car and Lily. Here's me looking after Lily.

Looking after Lily on the couch we gave to the Salvos.

So there were 3 dawgs and 2 peeps sleeping on a queen size bed in the last few days of our old house. We even got to go on walks and visit the parks and even our build:

Archie and me standing on the concrete that is the floor of our alfresco.

Auntie Lynny came home on the day that we had to hand over our house to new owners, then we all lived at Auntie Lynny's for a couple of weeks.

Here is Archie and me sharing my blue bed at Auntie Lynny's after some big plays with plastic squeaky toys (Archie's very favourite!)

Favourite toy at the moment.

We are expecting that the new house is going to be finished in mid February 2016, so we have a few months at uncie's. The good part is I get to live with Scarlet and Zoe for a while. That's good funs.

These pics are from Scarlet and Zoe's very last visit to our old house ... and they met Archie for the first time too.

I'm also really close to where Grandpaw lives ... and he is real good at dishing out the treats if you know what I mean. 

Scarlet and me at Uncie's watching Uncie cleaning the front windows for us.

So I just wanted to touch base with you all, and hope you can forgive my ma for letting my blog almost flush out because of our house bizzyness. Technically we are "homeless" but lucky Uncie is letting us stay.

Till next time!!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx ooo xxx 


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