Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First ever REAL swim!!

Mum, dad dad and I are taking all these big steps down to the beach.

What a beaut warm day... and I can see some dawgs up ahead.

Dad dad has taken my lead off - and these two girls have taken me under their wings.... the black dawg is Poppy (she lost her back leg last April after a host of operations failed) and her sister (I forget her name....sorry!)

POPPY: Now Rubie.... it's a nice hot day.... do ya wanna come into the surf???

Well - I'm scared...... don't really like the waves .... can you help me get over my nerves?? I'd rather muck about on dry land.

POPPY'S SISTER: Come on Rubie..... you CAN do it.... keep paw after the other!

You will help me ma if I get into trouble???

MUM: Of course - I'll wade out and be there for you.

POPPY: That was just one little wave Rubie..... jump over and come on in - the water is FAB!!

Let me do this shake first and I'll give it another go! Wish me luck!

POPPY: You just run into the water this!!

Right here I go!!!!!! 

Look ma..... I'm past my tummy in the waters!

MUM: Oh gosh..... do you think you can go a little deeper to try and swim??? I'm here to help if you need a hand!

I'm deeper..... will that do?? Is this swimming yet??

MUM: Not really need to get deep enough so you have to doggie paddle because you can't stand anymore - I know you can do it!

(Paddle, paddle, paddle...)

Look at me..... I'm swimming ma!!! Look no paws on the bottom!!!

NB: Thanks to Poppy and her sister whose enthusiasm really helped me get over my nerves. I think I like this swimming business.... I remind myself of my furiend Bert who is forever in and out of his lakes and stuff (no matter what the weather!)

We are off to go home now. See ya girls!!! See ya round! Thanks for the swim tips!

Here is a "cliff-top" view of where I was swimming. See the peeps in the water - that is the sheltered spot without rocks that helped me find my surf paws.

What a day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

OMD ...... it's H-O-T here!!!!!

My furiends..... it's hotter than a Volcano here at home at the moment. Here we are visiting my Grandpaw.

ZOE: Yes sir-ee - we need to have some stayin' cool tips here.

Scarlet and I suggest - don't do zoomies in the "big hot sun" time of the day..... and in the early evening - find some nice cool lush grass to lie on.

SCARLET: And on the inside of your house - lie up high and position yourself under the nearest air-conditioning duct!!! Do not let the peeps move you. A soft growl will tell em' who is boss!

ZOE: Always have big bowls of nice cool water handy.

Don't forget your veggie garden - see what Grandpaw has to do:

He has to build big umbrellas to shield his plants from the ferocious hot days here in Adelaide.

He hasn't planted many tomatoes this year - but if he doesn't cover them - the tomatoes will burn and cook on the plant! Last week we had a 44 C day (111.2F) and it was BAD!

Even my mum and dad dad cover the veggie garden with two big king size sheets after Christmas - traditionally late January and February here produce the really hot days! Today we are going to get 42 (that's 107.6F).

OOoooo here is Grandpaw coming back in the from the garden with a green bowl. Scarlet and I are excited and want to see what he's got! What's in there.....what's in there?????

I see three tomatoes, three capsicums and two eggs. The chickens are still laying (even though we bark very loudly at them when Grandpaw forgets to put up the little schnauzer gate...BOL!)

My mum and uncie gave us schnauzers our schnauzery hair cuts last Monday..... we hate the process - (especially me!) but we do feel cooler afterwards.  

I know my furiends overseas are having the opposite weathers at the moment..... so be good and stay cool..... or stay warm ..... whatever is applicable for you!!

Bye for now, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Helping your Peep Work

This lucky doggie gets to help her Gardening dad while at work. Thank dawgness there is a little time for some whizzing about too!!

BOL! A Special Thanks to my Uncie for my new understated background blog design..... Rubie xxx

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Last night for New Years - my mum and dad dad had a little pawty outside under our Gazebo. Scarlet and Zoe were there too. We all had a delicious BBQ dinner, pre-dinner snacks, and sweets. Us dawgs did get quite a bit to sample - YUMMERS!

Mum brought out the candles to give mood lighting after the sky went dark. There were "pop-bangs" of fireworks..... enough to freak out Scarlet - who went to seek out a "bomb shelter" (under dad dad's desk) to hide in. I, however, was OK (mum says I am getting braver and braver!)

To review our year quickly.... I would have to say the highlight was my Birthday in May where I held the "Pawtners n' Pals" event in Blogville..... that was so fun!! Lots of presents were sent to my furiends all over the world!!

My Actual Birthday Pawty - With Scarlet and CAKE!

The other big highlight was the purchase and delivery of our Brand New Caravan ( I call it the peep kennel on wheels) and this has opened up hollingday opportunities we did not have before as a family - and I love that!!

Our first trip away.

Oh and who could forget our Blogville Olympic Games!!!!! I hosted the Equestrian Events and - BOL! - We sure did have some fun didn't we?????

Me gettin' in a little jump practice!!

More highlights for me included romps at the dawg park - this photo is so funny - I had to show you again. The light grey schnauzer to my right is "Bertie" and he is doing excellent "open mouthed" running while I am holding my tennis ball.

Is there anything better than "zoomies" at the beach??? I got to do that a fair bit this year.

Oh - and meeting my first real live Kangaroos in the Aussie Outback - how HUGE was that!!??

My Auntie Candy took in a dumped and frightened and homeless pup .... and called her Georgie. She was about 12 weeks old when she was found - and she has made it into "pup heaven" by living with my Auntie Candy!!


We are not sure what kind of breed mix she is - but she is getting along very well with her Staffie brother. She had her "big girl" surgery in November.

More stuff you didn't know - we had a HUGE scare with Scarlet in November too.


Scarlet and Zoe were at the local dog park..... when Scarlet collapsed suddenly, went totally limp and uncie had to rush her to the V-E-T-S quick smart. She went on doggie life support and gave everyone a huge scare for 24 hours. She got better - but the vet could not really work out what caused the collapse. Uncie is still battling with the "Pet Insurance" people who are very quick to sign up the peeps to buy the policy - and take their monies every month..... but when it comes to PAYING out on a medical trauma..... there is LOTS of time and procedure they must go through. So uncie is still battling for payment!! So I'm sending the company a "Phrrrrrrtttttt!!" because that is delaying Scarlet and Zoe's treat monies!!! GGgggggrrrr!

Don't do that again will ya Scarlie....... that was real skeery!

She is 100% better now.

I'm still playing soccer with my Big Purple Ball - and yes to your comments over my Christmas gifts ...... come over and help me play with them all!!

This is a well deserved "nana nap" after playing soccer.

Anywho - Mum and I wish to send our sincere thank you to you all who read and comment on this blog - you are amazing - even if we don't always get around to keeping up with everyone! We try - we really do. 

Have a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year one and all - and we look forward to your adventures throughout 2013!!


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