Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas: Pawt THREE! (final)

Now for the most imPAWtant part...... my gifts and presents. I know you guys have been dyin' to see how I scored with Santy Paws.

Feast your eyes on the following:

The pawcel you saw me unwrapping contained a "hide-a-squirrel" toy (Grandpaw could NOT believe his eyes when I opened my pawcel and started plucking squirrels out!!). In my stocking was a squeaky rope stuffie, a dawg yummers pudding (ate it), two sorts of flavoured bubbles (which I don't know how to play with) and a christmas woofery cookie.

I gots a hot-dawg stuffie and a bone stuffie. Some awesome foodables including chicken sticks, piggie ears and liver treats (my fav, thanks Santy Paws)

Don't forget that I got a new bed just before Christmas because mum rang Santy Paws and asked nicely!

 My uncie, Scarlet and Zoe got me TWO new id charms - they both have mum's mobile numbers on the back.

This one is real pretty and sparkly too - both got the spellings of my name RIGHT!!

Then my Auntie Lynny gave me this cool dawg stocking..... with a rope, squeaky toys and balls...... but my attention is being held by the Turkey bites!!!!

Then I got THIS!! Can't make out my action shot???? That's me playin' soccer!!

This is my first Big Ball ...... mum got it for me because I love playin' with balls. I try to bite it..... but can't get my tooth pegs into it. Mum says it is good that way because then my Big Ball won't go "pop bang" and then go in the bin. Crazy woman. I have A LOT of fun with this - Thanks very much ma!!!!

So I think I must have made it onto the "Nice List" but thank goodness Santy Paws was lookin' the other way when I could have been doin' some Naughty stuffs ;-)

I gotta go and play some soccer now....... See Ya!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas: Pawt TWO

You guys made mum and I laff and laff in your comments about that skeery HUGE Penguin. I liked Frankie's suggestion .... to put him on someone else's PORCH. (Problem is I can't lift him). Plus..... I have to decide which of my neighbours I like the LEAST to drop him off at their place! I needs thinkin' time! 

Anywho - here is more on my Christmas season.

Our big Christmas bash is on Christmas Eve at Grandpaws' place, it's a double celebration for us. Traditionally - my mum and her family celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve (it's a German/Lutheran/European thing) and it's also Grandpaws' Birthday. He is mum's dad, and he is now 83........ that's almost 87 you know!!

First mum puts the Christmas Collars on Scarlet, Zoe and I..... and there is great funs from then on.

Little Zoe was "hell-bent" on tryin' to get Scarlets off.... it was very funny

It was very tempting for me to keep sticking my face into the foray too!

Then loads and loads of peeps arrived..... all huggin' and kissin'.... and eatin' yummy noms. They all loved us coz we is soooo super cutes! (Even if we do say so ourselves!)

Mum wants you to know that it took forever to get us all in the same shot and looking good..... there were many bloopers..... but we just loved playin' around and make the peeps work hard to get our attention - and what THEY call a good shot!

After all the "day-time" visitors left, my Grandpaw was gettin' a few phone calls from Germany..... relatives who was wishin' him well! I however, was wondering when I could start unwrappin' the gifts!! I gots all excited when I spied my very first Doggie Christmas Stocking (see behind me).

Finally..... after dinner and begging for  a taste of confit duck and roast porks.... we could start unwrappin' what Santy Paws had sent us!

I am an expert at making huge paper messes "wrapping papers"!!

OOoooooo lookie here..... is that a cookie from my favourites doggie bakery???

So you can see we had a great day..... and I'll post all my gifts tomorrow on Pawt Three!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas: Pawt ONE

No - I was not kidding when my Auntie Shelly said she'd make me my own Caftan for mum's themed pawty...... but it was too hot to keep it on - so mum put my Christmas Collar back on. I have to say I LOVED the flower had matching wristlets too - but mum kept confiscating them because all I wanted to do was chew em' !!! You can see I am with my mum and she is wearin' her loud Hawaiian Caftan.

There were presents at the end of the evening - here is me unwrappin' mine....

In one of the pawcels I found piggie ears and liver treats..... lip smackin' greatness!! 

Mum says sorry for not takin' many pictures..... but she was real busy doin' pawty hostess stuffs. I however, was busy sampling the yummers foodables and playin' with Astro (fur kid). His sister Venus is not much for playin' ..... she was observin'.

Astro on the left and Venus is on the right.

When all the peeps left (feeling very full of foodables and drinkies) I found THIS left behind. 

Now what the heck am I gonna do with this????
(It's evil and scary lookin'!!)

Any suggestions??

Saturday, December 15, 2012

There's a "Santy Paws HOTLINE" !!! WHO KNEW??!!

Hey - a wonderful thing happened today. I did a deal with my mum. Here's how it went down.

First she tells that one of my wonderful creative auntie's (Auntie Shelly) is makin' me an outfit for the big bash we are hostin' soon for some of my peep's close friends. See - mum is tryin' to pull together a bit of a theme evening..... she has encouraged the girls to "wear a Caftan". Mum's caftan is kinda wild...kinda Hawaiian in theme.

Anywho - Auntie Shelly is also wearin' one.... hers is apparently "Indian" print.... and Auntie Shelly is gonna make me somethin' to wear too.

Now - I know what your thinkin' - we dislike clothes..! Well - check out my header Chrissy picture.... that outfit was made for me by this Auntie too. Normally I will wear clothes for bribes - like a constant feed of liver treats throughout the photo shoot....he he he!! (Like above)(It's the only reason I look a little joyful!)

So mum made me a deal. She said if I agree to wear the outfit..... she will talk to Santy Paws on the Santy Paws hotline.... and see if I can have ONE of my presents early! 

Apparently Santy Paws agreed - mainly because he said he has this cool new bed for me but his Wrapping Paper don't quite s-q-u-e-e-z-e around it real good. Oh and mum also told him that I have been leaving the Christmas stuffie ornaments alone and not chewin' or carryin' them around from under the tree. Even though that little penguin is mighty tempting - let me tell you!

So check this out!!!!! Santy Paws got a courier to drop it round. What a cool comfy bed - WITH a built IN BOLSTER cushion. I love puttin' my head on cushions everyone...... so this is the Bees Knees of beds if you ask me. I'm so happy with this bed - that my little tail is wugglin' 87 million times a minute - see!!!!

Uuuuummmm - so comfy!

Hey thanks BIG GUY - you have come through for me!!

I might leave you some of my special cookies along with that glass of milk!

It's a ripper - don't ya reckon?!?

Auntie Shelly - if you are readin' this....... can you make sure there is a little "elastic" in my outfit - you see - I intend to "overindulge in yummy noms" on the night of the big bash.... and mum says that a Caftan hides a "multitude of sins" - whatever that means!!!

I leave it in your capable hands! ;-)

To my furry furiends out there - sorry I'm not around much but December is mum's "CRAZY" month so she doesn't switch on the computer as much as she should!! But be good, and count sleeps, and leave the decorations alone - you will be rewarded!! (*winks*)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beach frolics and an invasion!

I know a lot of you are freezing your "you-know-whats" off at the moment.... but here in Adelaide we are having summer - that means a few beach visits for me.

This is the O'Sullivans Beach - 10 minutes from our place. I spy something up ahead.

Cor Blimey!!! What's all this on our beach?????

There are lots of peeps jumping in and out of boats and in and out of the waters. Mum says it's the national surf lifesavers carnival being hosted by Adelaide.

Humpf! Taking over the beach!! I am going back to my furiends at the rock pools.

Here I am getting all soppy wets chasin' my ball.

I had to save my ball from the rock pools....

My harness was so soppy mum took it off me (*relief*)

See this doggie...... we had a blast together!

We were running up and down the beach after balls my mum was throwing!!

More furiends kept joining us!

The rock pools at low tide are lovely to frolic in.

It was time to go .... but I wanted to go and socialise some more!

It was a lovely day.

Boy - was I tired afterwards!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


There I was..... minding my OWN biddiness yesterday afternoon... when my peeps started unloading the shed and bringin' up boxes and surrounding my napping spot on the couch with them. How's a dawg supposed to get quality naps around here??

Then dad dad opened a huge big box which he got all brand spankers new from the shops. His old tree was over 35 years old so mum and him thought it was time to get a new one. Mum started putting her pretty stuff on it. I was snoopervisin watchin' from the couch.

Then these three came out the boxes and mum lined them up so I could have a nice "Paws-Off" "familiarisation session." (Did your peeps have too much university Psychology trainin' too??...Geeezz) 

It wasn't "Paws-Off" for too long....

This little Christmas pengy was a little tempting for me....

Mum: NO.....RUBIE...... They are NOT YOURS...... you are not allowed to touch them...... if you do Santy Paws will see.... and you know what THAT means!!! So you have to show Santy Paws just how good you can be.....alright??

Crikey!!! I'm gonna have to watch my moves my furiends.... maybe try and control my stuffie urges until the 25th?!?! That's a LONG time!! This is gonna test me fur sure!

Mum says they are stuck put at the base of the tree.... to guard the presents..... like I guard the house.... HEY!!!! This tree is BLOCKING some of my watch-zone in front of the house!! Can you move it a little to the right ma?????

Cripes!! Just what do you call these mum????

Mum: They are called "Reindeers" Rubie. Aren't they cute??

They look more like "Rein-Dawgs" to me..... are they gonna be able to play with my tennis balls????

I knew it....... more useless tat decorations that just won't do much!

They won't even kick my ball ma!! What kinda dawgs do you call yourselves??!!

I'm just gonna sit here - and not CHEW ANYTHING..... until I see the mountains of presents that Santy Paws brings me.

How many sleeps to go??


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