Thursday, August 30, 2012

Intruder (dead bird) Edition

Hiya all,

Today I was awoken with a start....when mum let out a HUGE sneeze.....really....that woman can really SNEEZE !!.  The whole of MY bed shook! So I got up first....and headed for the outdoors so my yard and perimeter check could commence.

I headed out my doggie-door and turned right and then right again. What did I see before me????? THIS:

A dead BIRD lying in my garden!! (PeeS: For the purpose of providing you, my readers, with a visual....mum has recreated the event with my plastic quacky duck...... ) The real thing was about the same size and the peeps called it a pigeon.

I was VERY brave..... and unsure if it was actually dead...... I BARKED and BARKED and BARKED at it telling it IT WAS NOT OKAY TO SLEEP IN MY GARDEN.......

Mum had gone to get dad dad to collect the intruder (dead bird) because she didn't want to touch it. What a chicken!!

I was shaking with excitement and mum had to lure me back inside with the aid of jingling the "liver treat" jar. Mum was concerned I might get all brave and pick it up and run around with it...... AS IF! I was too bizzy telling it off!

 Then dad dad came and picked it up and took it for its trip to the bridge. (Could we have made a pie out of it??? I ask myself.) I was very interested in sniffing where it had been lying.

It's not the same with the "recreated" pictures..... the real deal was much more exciting - but I wanted to include you, my friends, because it was an exciting event! I'm here to share.

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Friday, August 17, 2012

Feeling the Chill.....and victory at SKOOL


Now that the Olympics is over in Blogville (wasn't it the best!) - things are grinding back to normal now.

Winter is being brutal here.... well as brutal as it gets here in South Australia anyway. We had a couple of cold fronts breeze through over the last couple of days - complete with big rain - and I've resorted to a lot of this:

Today - wrapped up in blue blankie.....

Last night - with Baa Lamb and mum's snuggie.

Because of the rains...... my parks and walking areas are nice and green..... refreshing on the paws

Me snuffling in the undergrowth.....

Dad dad has been letting me do more "off-leash" walking....

It's looking a little grey..... (but there is a sea view on the horizon here)...... I like it when the weeds grow higher in little clumps amongst the grasses - it's quality snuffling indeed!

Here we are arriving at my local oval.....

Zoomin' towards mum with the camera...... I'm just a blur!

And zooming back to dad dad who is hidin' behind a tree here...... don't ya love this off leash stuff??!!

The ducks are happy with the green grass and their nice and full pond (this pond can dry up completely during the warmer months)

I love my walks in winter..... I don't get so hot and puffed.....

Mum couldn't resist showing you this picture - she loves it - she was crouching in the grasses to get this angle of the hill - see how little dad dad looks!!?

The greatest news........ I've passed Grade 3 at skool (and ..... ahem..... guess who was doggie of the month??? ....... **pause to blow on my paw nails and rub on chest furs**..... )

Our Grade three requires the following:

All heel work: sit, stand, drop and all turns on loose lead
Recall: Off lead
Finish: On lead
1 minute Sit Stay: Off lead
2 minute Drop Stay: Off lead (I get bored during this)
Stand without moving for Exam: Instructor can walk up and stroke my back without me moving my legs. This is tough but I did it!

Grade Four is pretty serious and is generally done if you wish to go onto "trialling". Mum is not keen to do that because then she says "skool gets too serious" and she wanted me to learn the basics and just have social funs. So I'm not sure if we will persist with this yet. I'll miss the interaction with my fur friends the most if I stop.

We'll have to take it week by week.

Be good and sit nicely for your treats...... bye for now!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My WIN....... well 2nd to be exact!

Hiya all,

Isn't the Blogville Olympics just the best. It is so wonderful to have different events to look forward to everyday..... it's just so exciting and the HOSTS are doing are marvellous job! 

Back in June..... my mate Frank the Tank the Pugalier from Wales in the Yoouu Kaayyy held a Caption Contest to celebrate his TWO YEARS of BLOGGING.

Here is Frank by a Lake.

And here is the picture we had to caption.

My caption suggestion was: "Waddayou mean WE'RE OUT OF FOOD!!!!"

I know this would be a skeery situation for any of us fur kids! It would means months of counselling for me - I can tell ya!

Anywho I came 2nd place - and Frank said he would post me a "mystery prize"!!

Boy...... I was waiting by the door.

FINALLY ...... Scooter (my pawsonal pawcel delivery man) rang the door bell and gave me this package. YES!!!! It's from Frank!

Mum slit it open then gave it to me..... I shoved my woozle down in that package....

Then started to inch something out......'s coming out........

Lookie here...... it has a Welsh smell......

And it has a rope thingy through its legs.......

We played together....then rested on the pink faux fur floor cushion together....

I gotta say Frank...... you picked a beautiful prize for me.....I LOVE IT so much.....and it squeaks too! I  don't tear up my toys... I will enjoy playing with him for a long long time Frank. It's so nice to have something to remind me of you. xxx

Heck.....What's that???? Dad dad has his OUR breakfast ready....... and he's we're having sardines on toast...... Gotta go new furry furiend!!

But stay there....I'll be right back.

Make sure you go to Franks blog today - he's hosting "Extreme Weather Sports" - it's a blast too!

Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

Sunday, August 5, 2012

EQUESTRIAN - Blogville Olympic Games 2012

Hiya everybody....... the BIG DAY has arrived....... it's the 5th of August that means my hosting EVENT, EQUESTRIAN is happening!!

The crowds have now filed into the Equestrian arenas and are lining the routes of the Cross Country course. They are going to go wild when they see our pawticipants!!

The arenas have been cleaned..... we are savin' that horse poop for a special event at the "after pawty"..... for a rolling good time...BOL! The jumps are in place..... and the judging panel are primed..... and have been suitably bribed fed and watered...... now they can get down to business to judge the Dressage, Show-Jumping and Cross-Country Events. I hope our Athletes and Steeds are all in PEEK CONDITION (paws crossed)!!!

Without further ado......... HERE ARE THE ATHLETES (and STEEDS!!!)

(PeeS: If you click on the Athlete's names..... you will be magically transported by high speed steed to their respective blog sites)

Benny and Lily are showing us that Synchronised Jumping is the only way to go in Cross-Country. They both appear to be on the way to a clear round. Pawsome!!!

Sweet William the Scot is not being intimidated by his fierce and fit steed. This is bare-back riding at it's best everyone...... (and a little skeery!!)

Sasha is unsure as to whether her steed is the correct proportion for her ...... but we are all confident that she'll conquer her competition nerves! Go Sasha!

Nola is wondering when her steed is going to commence the Show-Jumping course......maybe the horse needs a little more sleeps furst???? 

Molly the Wally's picture tells it's own story....a lot of creative talent is noted.... excellent work. And after the events.... the horsey can eat the coursey???? BOL!

Straight from the horses mouth....there seems to be some last minute riders' fee negotiations by Casey the Boxer. That dawg knows a great Dressage horse when he sees one!!

Goose shows us the correct way to take a jump for the Show-Jumping event..... and Steed Bert is concentrating on pulling his tum-tum IN to ensure clearance of the jump. They don't wish to gain any faults to hamper a Perfect Round. Doin' real good boys!!

No!....... NO!...... DAISY!!....... that's fur the AFTER PAWTY!!!!!!!! Don't........ 

Ruh..... Roh........

TOO LATE........!!!!!

Daisy finds the horsey poop we were saving for the after pawty....... who can blame her....really?? Did you get some schmooshed into your collar girl????? The peeps LOVE that!!

Frank the Tank....... chooses his Steed after more fence negotiations.... I think there's a lot of confidence here!!

Puddles' Steed looks more than ready to go....... and Puddles assures me that her Sparkly Hat will bedazzle the judges by all it's immense "sparkly-ness"..... thereby ensuring a perfect score.

Roo has got his horse-power sorted (he's ridin' "Seabiscuit")....... let's hope that thing is gonna be OK over the water jumps in Cross-Country...... and let's hope that strap holds!!! BOL!

Here is Sarge..... our Chief of Pawlice..... he assures us that Roo is not infringing upon the "horse-power" rule book...... but will be watching the course carefully (before and after his events) for any excessive speeding!!

Shelldon and Beachnut seem to be putting the cart before the horse....???

Magic is fully focussed and concentrating on getting the slow trot correct for the Dressage ring..... you GO GIRL!!

This duo is hoping to blitz the course speed record......Declan has a fine pedigree of racing background.... and Cross Country is his forte..... let's hope Puddles can hang on tight!!

Madi is our only feline athlete..... so we wish her all the BEST..... she may look like she is trying to jump off the saddle..... but we are sure she is playin' mind games with the other athletes!! Genius!!

Nina is showin' great bravery and form in this skeery water jump.... and we are relieved she made it over that whoppin' big log!!  OOooooo too good!!!!

Finn as a young un' giving her nervous rider a thing or two to think about. Ted looks a little unsettled but I'm sure they will do great in Cross-Country!!

Lily Belle showing Olympic level skill on mounting her steed... but she might be concentrating on the after pawty bash and sharing some beer with Puddles!

Asta is showin' how high her steed can fly over those jumps...... she looks stylish and composed.... elegance indeed!! Hoping for a clear round, and it's looking great so far!!

Yuki has her outfit on for Dressage...... now where is the strapper to tack up her horsey??? It's hard to get good help sometimes..... I'm sure she will put in a Gold performance today!!

Benjamin will compete in Show-Jumping today.... and then Lassi will do the Dressage. That horsey had better have taken his vitamins this morning to get through the program......

I'm sure they will go great!!

Oskar is getting worried about the distance needing to be covered in Cross-Country.....he has discovered that it's "one rock forwards.... one rock back...." with this steed. But his steed thinks there is another way to woo the judges!!

Jazzi has similar problems to Oskar...... she is about to cut through the springs that bind her steed...... so they can gallop into the arenas travelling fully forwards......

Wooo Hooooooo!!!

Now I hear there's a "dark horse" in the Show-Jumping event..... hang on.... Rory is dark....but seems bigger than the just who is the steed and who is the rider here???? Doesn't matter.... as long as the round is clear of faults!! Go RORY!!!

George and Tess demonstrate that TWO are better than ONE whilst Show-Jumping..... just make sure your horsey lifts his legs high to clear that back pole Georgie!!! Oh the English are so DAPPER aren't they???

More "field negotiations" caught on camera. Shawnee caught smooching her chosen steed who is keen to get moving in the Cross Country Event.

Sally-Ann (pink lead, foreground) wanted to show us that the Welsh Terrier has what is referred to as a "saddle coat" pattern. Kind of a "built in saddle" really. This is a big advantage for Equestrian events!!

This is Vidock (on the right) mucking around with his brother (Tom de Prainville) prior to the Cross-Country event. You have to be relaxed and joyful to achieve peak performance.... don't ya boys!!??

Ruby has got her hat sorted....... "now where's my Steed???" No doubt she will locate one and blast through the Show-Jumping event!

Here is Joe...... showing us a thing or two.....I might have to go and practice this bucket technique so I can eat on the move!! BOL! Joe is busy fuelling up before his arena appearance. Best of Luck Joe!!!

Weenie is "up there for thinkin' "!!..... He is not taking the chance of developing any saddle sore-ness.... and has the comfort factor all sewn up. Stripes always impress the judges too!!

Aoife has also given his rider great thought..... should Aoife come to grief over any jumps.... she intends to soften her fall by landing on her rider..... ingenious!!!!! 

So that is all the athletes accounted for in the Equestrian Events..... and what fabulous performances they ALL gave..... SIMPLY FAULTLESS !!!

So here is the final say from one of the members of the Judging Panel:


Every athlete is A WINNER!!!!!!


I hope you all have been checking in DAILY to see all the fabulous Olympic Events that Blogville are runnin'....... to make it super easy..... I suggest you just head to the blog of the Olympic Committee - Mayor Frankie Furter because he has all events  listed, fresh, everyday!! Thanks Frankie!!

****The other host for today is MAYZIE...... who is hosting "Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do"..... slip right over and check out the FUN!!!!****

Now for the "after PAWTY" ........... oh - and I see Puddles is enjoyin' a head start on the festivities (beer in one paw and cheetos in the other)...... and Daisy, has already hogged all the nice aged poop AND got lots schmooshed in her collar and furs..... SOME dawgs know how to PAWTY!!!  


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