Friday, October 31, 2014

HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEN !!!!! (Includes behind-the-scenes)

The Following is the "politically correct version" of my message ....

Happy, happy Howl-o-ween to all my furiends/friends who celebrate it!!


(Now what really happens at my place ... )

Ok mum, you've draped the dining table with your blue dressing gown... and stuck this silly stuffs on me .... why??

Oh ... for a course of Liver Treats ... yay!!!!

Oh you say it's Howl-o-ween??? Is THIS the afternoon/evening where I get to go SUPER BARKING BALLISTIC at the small peeps walking in front of my house wearing silly stuffs like I am????


I also just wanna point out Ma ... there are some BIG ASS bugs on the carpet!!!! Get the can of BAYGON pronto!!

And frankly .... I'd be gettin' the Cob-Web broom too - geez cleanin'   standards are slippin'

Hurry up Ma - the hat is making my ears squish down and it's annoying!

 See I have no ears left!!

You would think that my Ma is into Howl-o-ween ... but here in Australia it isn't a big thing .... well the SHOPS would love you to buy all their nick-nacks and sweets ... but we are like the Howl-o-ween GRINCHES here.

We don't open our door ... in fact we have a sign to keep trick or treaters OUT ... and we have NO sweets.

That is POOR I know.

PLUS - any little peeps shouting "TRICK OR TREAT" would NOT be heard over my BARKING!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

(Another) PKW Hollingday (Normanville Beach) Pawt 2 (final)

I LOVE THE BEACH.   I ADMIT IT. So much so - I am going to FILL this post with me and stuff at the BEACH. As you know we just had 10 nights at the Normanville caravan park ... so you can just imagine how MANY TIMES I got to go to the beach. Here's just some of the stuff I got up to.

Here is me and dad dad leaving the PKW and going to the beach.

You got my tennis ball and the plastic throwing thingy???

Across the bridge, along the river, then over the sand dunes .....

Here I am runnin' around dad dad's legs and gettin' him all ready for the funs!!

Throw it dad dad!!!!

Sometimes I had to go swimmin' to save my ball! I liked it!

I made furiends on the beach. This one was chasin' a seagull while I was chasin' my ball.

This is a local Westie cross ... we sniffed stuffs togethers.

I then joined in a game of "chase and fetch" the balls with the big doggies. I loves big doggies .... the man who came with these dogs said I am a "big dog in a little dog body" and was impressed at my good manners around them.

Sometimes we chased their blue ball, other times we chased my tennis ball.

Check out SHARNI. She and I got along real well too. Her breathing sounded like a truck snoring ... and she was very into her "ball at the beach" games too.

She was little - but she packed a punch. Her ball even had a chunk bitten out of it but she didn't care.

Here is an action shot of us "takin' off"

Her peeps were nice. They were camping in the dune sites in a tent.

Mum says this shot "says it all". It's the pure joy in my face when one of my peeps has the ball ... and is about to throw it for me!

This next furiend was very good at swimming out to her ball, and bringing it back...

Here I am greeting her in the shallows.

 Dad dad is fussing with me ... while the man in the red hat was watching dolphins swimming and fishing close to shore.

There were peeps riding horses.

And this picture is for my new furiend from Noosa, Queensland, Charlie!

I found two of these crabs - but was more interested in my tennis ball. I bet Charlie would have loved to play with the crabs!

So there you have it .... with all that action packed adventure - who WOULDN'T love the BEACH. 

I'm a lucky pup because I get to go to the beach quite often. Our next PKW adventure is in the late summer in the new year and we are going to a new beach and bay.

I cannot wait.

*** I am Rubie, a mini schnauzer, and I am addicted to THE BEACH! *** 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

(Another) PKW Hollingday (Normanville Beach) Pawt 1

Can you guess where I am????

Yups - I am resting in the Annex of our Peep Kennel on Wheels (PKW)

Here is Base Camp. We are camped at the Normanville Caravan Park for 10 nights. Just mum, dad dad and I are here on our own for the first 5 nights .... then we will be joined by dad dad's two sisters and their hubs.

So why am I so TIRED???

Coz I have been doing a LOT of this on the BEACH.

Coming back to camp from the beach .... if I've gone swimming:

Mum rinses the sea water off my skin and wraps me in a towel to dry off.

There are many walks too - this one is along the esplanade.

Need some help with that Ice-Cream Ma???

Sharing is Caring Ma!!!

This is the first day of my Aunties and Uncies arrival. I took them down the beach to exercise them a bit. This day was a little cool - so I knew they would "make it".

We love this particular caravan park because it has a river running through it that links to the ocean. The river is a popular fishing spot - see my Uncie K fishing (he's on the right) with his friend. They both caught fish too.

Back at camp - it got a little like a dawg park from time to time. This is MIA - she is a mini schnauzer cross shih tzu. 

Here is Mia's best mate Maddie (the white Westie) and in the background is another white doggie from the caravan behind us. 

You should have seen my mum SWOONING over MIA .... Mia was so CUDDLY and LOVING .... 

Mum wishes I was a little more like that ... but I'm "little miss independent"

We also saw this little fella - he was lingering outside the "MENS" building.

This is dad dad and I watching TV in the PKW at the end of the day. I was exhausted!

More to come.

Bye for now!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Paws Clapping .... my Eye Bump ALL GONE!!!

Hiya all,

I need to share some good news with all my Bloggie Furiends. We were fairly quiet about the following issue ... because mum was fairly skeered that it could be nasty ... or serious ... 

I had an "Eye Bump". Well - it was actually close to my eye ... not on it.

Can you see??

Here's a close-up.

We went to the V-E-T (a new V-E-T because we didn't much like the way our old V-E-T spoke to mum the last visit!) and he was a little worried too. However - he said it could just be a cyst (very common for we schnauzers around the eyes and face) so he let us go away and wait for a couple of weeks to see if it goes away by itself.

And look what happened:

Today's picture.

We are all very happy now. I'm a lucky puppy! It actually went away during our little Hollingday. 

So - I just need to get through my "Dental" now .... and a biopsy of my eye bump is now irrelevant!! 

Stay Tuned - because I'm going to post about my Hollingday shortly.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

INTERnational TACO DAY !!!!!!!!!

Hiya all,

Scarlet and Zoe came over to help me Celebrate the 4th of October!!!!! No it's not the DATE ..... IT'S .....


INTER-National TACO DAY !!!!!!!!!


You see - Blogville LOST a dear dear Scottie Furiend not that long ago - our sweet JAZZI - and Jazzi always hosted International Taco Day on the 4th October of every year to celebrate the delectable BEAUTY of the HUMBLE TACO. She LOVED them so much.

 Jazzi's Family agreed to continue the Taco Day tradition - so we can honour her and the time she spent doing so much in Blogville. Thank dogness. We have also been asked to share a memory that means so much to us about her and her bloggie.

There is so much to choose from ... but something that was special was around the time of her Birthday in 2012. Jazzi's Mom is very crafty(in the craft sense) and talented in making stuffs. There was a HUGE explosion of Tye-Dye stuffs that Jazzi's Mom made and Jazzi supervised ... and they together decided to give the items away for her Birthday!! I was lucky enough to win a Tye-Dye PLATE (in my favourite colour) - I was so EXCITED!!! In Jazzi's honour I will ONLY eat my TACOS off Jazzi's plate for ever and ever more!

This is a picture of the Plate Pawcel after it arrived at my home back in 2012:

(Hand the Pawcel over and no buddy will get hurt!!)

So I let the "cat out the bag" and told Scarlet and Zoe that we HAD to be very good girls during our PHOTO-SHOOT (Mum wanted some up-dated pics of us togethers) - so we could get into our TACO DINNERS for Jazzi!

Out comes my PLATE .....

First we got a "lite" tortilla - then it got topped with beefs and lentils.
Then Red Capsicum
White cabbage
Finally grated carrot. (I can't have grated cheese anymore because it makes me sickies)
Alfresco eating for TACOS!

Here's to YOU Angel Jazzi!!!! We know you are watching!

We LOVE International TACO day!!

ZOE: OMD!!!!!! These are really really PAWSOME!!

ZOE: SCARLET!!!! I believe THAT TACO SHELL is MINE!! Get it out your mouth NOW!!!

Scarlet and Zoe really enjoyed their TACOS .... but what is going on over at the Peeps Table?????


Even the PEEPS had International TACO DAY!!!! 

On a serious note:

We **LOVED** you JAZZI .... and were VERY SAD to hear you had to go over the Bridge.


We KNOW you are eating TACOS 24/7 now.

XXX  Rubie, Scarlet, Zoe and Rubie's mum


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