Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's OFFICIAL - We are building a HOUSE !


As you know - my mum has been busy recovering after her big surgeries - and - I have done a GREAT job of making sure she is ALL better and stuffs. She wants to tell you that she is very much recovered and is feeling strong again. She will need all her strength for the next few months - coz we have done this:

This is dad dad signing for our house build - with Auntie Eileen - the very nice "Oakford Homes" lady. We have designed our house from the ground up. You can just see our plan on the white paper in the background.

Mum dad dad and I checked out some display homes where Auntie Eileen works. This is the first visit for me and the display village was not open yet so I got to have a look around before opening hours began.

Woo Hoo this one has a long hallway! Very good for playing tennis balls!!

Gotta sniffs the back of the couch ... no pee-mail here thank goodness!!

OK - it's got a kitchen - but where is the most impawtant thingy?? The dawg bowl mat - of course???!!!

Nup - no dawg station in this one either!

Can't see the dawg station in here!! (These peeps have no idea how to style a house!!)

Another ensuite 

Oh - this one has shiny tiles huh!! No dawg mat in this one either. None of these are suitable ma!!!

Mum and dad dad love the "alfresco" on this house - and have designed their alfresco based on this display home.

As long as there is a doggie door in the glass doors - I approve!

It's gonna be sad to leave my house ... but at least I won't be leaving the area.

Stay tuned - will be posting about our PKW hollingday soon!!


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