Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt -November

Hiya again all,

Whew I've done a lot of posts this month! Anywho - It's PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT time hosted by the blog Postcards from the P.P.

This is when my mum gets to have a little fun with MY blog - but she get scored by me on her performance. One point for every pic with ME in it!!  Here goes:

My Grandpaw races homing pigeons (you can see one in the right top corner) and this is Grandpaws' Lucky Charm that he put on the front of one of the lofts.

My Auntie Candy gave me this poppy plate for the PSH as it was way past "poppy season" here.... she made this you know - she is excellent at painting.

Then - at Grandpaws, look what I found amongst the "ugly part" of his vegie patch. A real poppy right by the path. Nice.

Mum would never let you see her on my blog - well not the whole of her face anyway. So the "self-portrait" is of me (plus-I'm much more photogenic!) Even if I do say so myself.

WWWOOOOOOOWWWWW!!! This is the quarter chicken hot pack that mum orders on Friday nights. We call it "junk food friday". Under that pile of chips and gravy is a BBQ chicken leg and thigh, roast pumpkin, and steamed peas and carrots. Out of this lot - I get a mini version of everything put in my bowl, plus extra chicken I beg outa dad dad! UUUUmmmmmm! Can't you just lick the screen???

When mum was looking at Bird pics for my posts earlier this month, she came across her pics from the "Australia Zoo" (the home of the late Steve Irwin). Everybody knows the croc-hunter and after we lost him to this earth, the peeps who visited the Zoo got to help put together this Memorial for him. This is only a small portion of the Memorial - it is located under the "CROCOSEUM" where he performed with animals and his much loved crocs.

A close-up of some of the messages from his fans. So sad that the world lost this man who just LOVED animals. If ever you come to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - you need to visit his Zoo.

This is one of my polar fleece blankies, complete with Polka Dots!

Me looking out my bedroom window. Monitoring for any intruders.

Mum is NUTS for PURPLE. These are items never far from her. Her stainless steel water flask, and her leather wallet. When she bought this wallet over the interweb, she had to buy two - because her good friend (my Auntie Lynny) is ALSO NUTS for PURPLE - so she got one for her for Christmas. 

This is mum's prized Tiffany Lamp - she treasures it soooo much. When she bought it in Melbourne - she "shlepped" it for blocks and blocks through the CBD, took it on a crowded tram, booked it lovingly onto the plane home, then watched baggage handlers THROW it off the plane to land HEAVILY onto the wheelie cart. She thought it would be in a MILLION pieces........she has no idea how it survived, but boy she was HAPPY!

Mum says when I was a puppy I made a Stalagmite. Clever huh?

This is what mum has just finished making. A Mosaic Lady. I think mine's way better!!

This is PART of the 87 hundred steps down to the beach at Seaford, South Australia. There will be a post about this soon.

Nothing beats the WARMTH of mum's HUGS.

It's a pretty good month mum, you scored 12/15 - not perfect like last month - but darn good!!!

Bye for now!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey Everybody/pup/pus,

Today is SPECIAL because it's my Blogging Bro's GEORGE THE LAD's 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!!! So, in his honour, I'm firin' up my vocal cords...........here goes:

H-A-P-P-Y  Birthday to YOU

HAPPY Birthday to YOU

Happy Birthday Dear George-y....

(*big finish*).....Happy Birthday to YYYYYYooooooouuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!

****I really mean it!!****

I'm lookin' at you from across the POND, hope you got my card!!

Lots of luffff...... from your Blogging Sis!!!  xxxxx

Friday, November 25, 2011

Give us The Bird - 25th Nov

OK - we MADE it......the marathon of BIRDS. This event kindly hosted by our Blogville Chief Of Pawlice, Sarge.

As you know, mum and I have been posting bird pictures from my peeps' travels around Australia. I have been providing you with a little brain stretcher task.....of finding the FAKE bird amongst the real living and breathing ones. So for the last time, here goes:

PICTURE A: The Helmeted Guinea Fowl. These were wandering the lovely natural bush grounds of a Chocolate Factory in Margaret River, Western Australia.

PICTURE B: The Penguin. This town in Tasmania is actually called "Penguin" named after their healthy colonies of fairy penguins. The town was charming, with Penguins up and down the main street, and decorating their lampposts and litter bins. Look closely and you will see one of the bins next to the small tree.

PICTURE C: This Bush Stone Curlew with it's little baby was wandering through their caravan park in Kuranda, Queensland. Mum was thrilled to get this shot, as it involved a lot of stalking and sneaking on her behalf. This bird is famous for it's mournful calls - quite different to anything they had ever heard.

PICTURE D: This is the White Faced Heron, note it's yellowy legs. This one is found where there is fresh or salt water, this one was on the rocks at Busselton, Western Australia.

PICTURE E: Nothing beats a Peacock showing off. This is the male and he can puff out all his beautiful feathers when he is tryin' to ward off danger, showin' off or tryin' to woo a girl. This one was showin' off   in Bowen, Queensland. Or was he tryin' to "woo" my mum!?

PICTURE F: Two Little Corellas plus a random little bird in the background. These corellas were super friendly and sat on the edge of the concrete pad adjacent to my peeps' motorhome in Exmouth, Western Australia.

PICTURE G: Two awesome Australian Shelducks in captivity. Also called the Mountain Duck. Mum thought they were just so pretty. She also tried to block the image of "roast duck" out of her head!!

PICTURE H: Two happy Lovebirds, well bein' in love I guess. Another pic taken in a zoo.

That's our series of Bird Pics, hope you enjoyed seein' them as much as we enjoyed showin' them. Good luck to everyone who entered Sarge's event!

XX Rubie and her Mum.

PeeS: Just a quick look at the blog owner so you can refresh your memory at something that has FURS not feathers. Don't judge my eyebrows at the mo, I am having issues with them!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give us The Bird - 24th Nov

Hi all, wow this is day Four of Sarge's great event of showcasin' our feathered buddies.

As usual, amongst these great pics (all taken by my mum), there is a FAKE bird hidin'. See if you can spot it. Congrats to my mate Frankie (and others), who picked the FAKE picture (B) from yesterday.

PICTURE A: Australia's only all black shorebird, The Sooty Oystercatcher. If you are an Oyster, try and run when you see this dude comin'!

PICTURE B: These are female Western Rosellas, found only in a small area of Western Australia.

PICTURE C: The iconic Jabiru. This one was pictured on the mud flats of Cairns. To follow are two better pictures of them so you can see how lovely the colourings are. There are other little birds here who wanted "in" on the picture.

PICTURE D: These were easier to photograph as they were in a zoo in Queensland. They are the largest Australian wetland bird.

PICTURE E: Look how lovely the feathers are on it's head.

PICTURE F: This is the Cassowary - also an Australian icon. Mum was desperate to picture them in the wild but they are very wary of peeps and hide real good. So this picture was taken in a zoo. It is funny that twice mum saw them in the wild, and dad dad missed them! 

PICTURE G: The Brolga. Even though you can see fences, these ones were not confined, they were walking around housing in a small inland country town of Winton. My peeps stopped for some lunch, and these two were just walkin' around!

PICTURE H: Mum was fixated by these little Apostlebirds - pic taken in Daly Waters (inland). They were friendly little characters and very chatty and sociable. Mum threw them some breadcrumbs from the motorhome. These little fellas are famous for makin' mud nests in the trees.

PICTURE I: A yellow skinned and blue feathered chicken found walkin' in our bushes!

Well - that's day four done. You will have to study the pictures really well to find the FAKE! I'm not sure if we will do a post tomorrow, as I'm getting stressed at no pictures of ME on my blog during this series!! You might forget what I look like!!  ;-)

Anywho - bye for now!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give us The Bird - 23rd Nov

Hi all,

We are still motoring through Sarge's "Give Us The Bird" event, and are now up to Day 3.

I've been posting mum's bird pics from her hollingdays, and I slip in a FAKE bird, asking if you want to study the pics carefully and "find the FAKE"! In post two, there were some successful observations, but it's really hard, so good luck!!

PICTURE A: The Blue Faced Honeyeater. Hey who can blame them for liking HONEY!! Yummers!

PICTURE B: Various birds travelling in a flock, pictured in Queensland.

PICTURE C: The Australian Bush Turkey. These are real funny lookin'. Note the almost bald red head and a wrinkly ring of yellow skin around the neck. As these birds age the yellow bit get bigger and kinda hangs down. I think they are ugly!!

PICTURE D: Here they were at Steve Irwin's "Australia Zoo". This is a demonstration of the trained and friendly Macaws who put on a show in the stadium. The peeps are the handlers. Mum has a HUGE soft spot for Macaws.

PICTURE E: This is a second Macaw that flew around in the people stands, just over their heads. So awesome!

 PICTURE F: A wonderful Rooster and "his" Hens walking around in another "farm friendly" caravan park.

PICTURE G: The Noisy Minor. I guess they make a lot of noise. We also say "they make a din" which means the same thing.

PICTURE H: A Pelican on a post. Mum liked that he/she had it's beak open.

We are gettin' through them huh........ did you find the FAKE??? I know it's tough.....

See you for more on the 24th!


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