Saturday, March 29, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 3 - Swimming!!!!

Hiya my furiends!! This is a very special post which demonstrates truly stunning aqua abilities. Now I must remind you all that I was one of those dawgs that didn't want to go anywhere near water... nor get my paws damp. And yes - HATE baffs!

Right - but here in Australia we gets nice hot weather and searing sun - this makes swimming very attractive!!

One day these peeps and their little boats rocked up on my front yard beach!

So after barking at them for a bit - I decided that this little schnauzer would get in on the aqua action!!

So off to the swimming beach we went - I made sure my peeps took a tennis ball too.

Mum went in with me.

OKAY - mum I see the ball - let me GO woman!!!

She took me out nice and deep so I couldn't get my paws anywhere NEAR the sandy bottom! In this picture she was trying to get me to r-e-l-a-x and enjoy bobbing in the warm water. I am looking very concerned but mum had good grip on me.

See I'm out as far as a yellow boat .... real deep - see my first attempts at smooth strokes to go and save my ball!! They are a little splashy at first.

See splashy still. Give me my ball woman!!

Right now I got real entertainment for you furiends. We made a couple of videos so you can really see the steps to swimming:

Note in this first video there are clear steps: 1. First I demonstrate the "Bunny Hop" into the ocean. 2. Then I perform the "Kangaroo" - look for the splashy front paws while my back paws are reluctant to leave the sandy bottom. 3. Finally as I lunge to save my tennis ball .... I demonstrate smooth pawfect schnauzer swimming strokes back to shore.

Did you pick all the steps??? Didn't I make it look soooo easy with all my bravery and stuff.

This final video is showing the finale of my lessons - nice and close you can even hear me breathing! Mum is being so careful not to tip waters into the camera!! BOL!

So there you go! I can now tell my "smarty pants" pelicans that I can swims just like them too!!

Whew - that was a huge, wet post huh??!!?? Mum just wants to add that the swimming beach at Port Vincent was beautiful and clear and warm .... it reminded her of swimming in tropical Queensland!

Stay tuned - Pawt 4 is just as exciting!!


PeeS: Frankie Furter - yes I do believe that Squid Ink was historically used in printing and art .... now the peeps squeeze it into pasta and sauces (Yuck says mum!)

PeePeeS: Reilly and Denny's mum - we cannot understand why in the USA you cannot get battered, crisp and delicious fish and chips in paper!! So I asked my uncie who lived in the USA for a while - he said that he and his friend (from Australia) tried to find good ol' fish and chips .... the closest was a chain called "Sea Shantys" and he was most disappointed with what they got there. Apparently you could "ring a bell" as you left if you enjoyed the food ..... and they DIDN'T - so the bell stayed QUIET! BOL!

WE know how good the real McCoy is .... don't we Aunty Bree! When you come back to Adelaide I'll shout you some overlooking Brighton Beach! Pawmise!! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 2 (Fish edition)

Thankyou for all your lovely comments - you feel like you are right with me on my Hollingday don't you!! Here's the second report for you:

Here is me helping uncie K with some early morning fishing. I'm checking his perimeter to make sure there is nothing nice and smelly he is missing.

Some mornings auntie B helped with the fishing.

This is sunrise ..... I know what you are thinking ..... my pawrents are usually being lazy and sleeping through all the sunrises. But mum says this is proof that they can be up early. After all... the pelicans and seagulls are already up and flying around!!

See what my clever aunt and uncie caught! And there were a couple more yellow fin whiting a little later too. If you think you are having a bad day ..... think about what happens to these fish next!!

After lunchtime that day - dad dad, mum and I were walking into town and we walked past the surf club and boat ramp.

We noticed this little boat (whose peeps and beagle are staying in our caravan park) up on the sand and both peeps were huffing and puffing trying to slide the boat lower into the water.

The boat was STUCKS my furiends. So mum, dad dad and I stopped and we helped huff and puff and push the boat in! Well - my furiend the beagle and I didn't do much pushing .... there are limitations you know! Don't you just LOVE his little yellow lifejacket??!!

Anywho the man (The Dutchman) and his wife ( a real nice lady) were very very grateful for all our help.

Whew - eventually we got that boat back in the water and the beagle got lifted in there by lifejacket handle on his back!! His little head is peeking out (look at his mum's left arm area). We waved them off!

There they go...... Happy Fishing!!!!

Later on that afternoon - the Dutchman (and wife and beagle) came back and see that wire bucket he is holding? .... It contains freshly cooked blue swimmer crabs. They turn red when cooked and he was going down to the shoreline to clean the gunk outa them.

Guess what the nice Dutchman brought us!!?? Yep he brought us some yummers crabs (cooked and cleaned) .... and .....

some fish (snook) fillets - all caught because my peeps helped push their boat in the water!!! As you can see my peeps wasted NO TIME in arranging the FISH FEAST that very night. Mum fried up the snook in butter and oil ....

And, auntie B fried her fish (salmon, yellow fin and Tommy ruffs) too. Dad dad made potato cakes on the BBQ and mum tossed a mixed french salad.

Can you see me trying to bust in on the FISH action!! Uncie K was trying to sit down but I had other ideas!!! He he!

My peeps thought they were "King of the Castle" my furiends. Eating fresh caught fish while over looking the ocean. "Heaven" they said. And I can confirm ...... the fish was yummers indeed!! (*winks*)

Later on in our stay .... auntie B caught this squid off the town jetty. It's very black because it hasn't squirted out all it's black ink yet. That happened after our photo.

Here I am in the van doorway - practising my "High Fives" with my mum ..... I really like doing this. Mum thinks it's time to trim my nails when she saw this picture! 

To finish off my "Fish Edition" post ..... here is a picture of our Fish and Chips dinner another night which we ate at the Town Gazebo overlooking the swimming bay. (I will be swimming here later - post to come!!)

And of course - here I am doing my QA on the fish (after mum picked off the batter of course!) She looks after my figure!!

So stay tuned my furiends..... more action packed Holliday reports to come!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 1 (YAY!!)

Hiya all,

I have been counting the seconds until my Hollingday to the beautiful seaside fishing town of Port Vincent could start.... finally the day arrived and the PKW (Peep Kennel on Wheels) and mum, dad dad and I drove away from our house with the PKW following close behind the car.

This is OUR camp spot right on the beach in the Pt Vincent Caravan Park - to the right of our car is the camper trailer of dad dad's sister (aunt B) and her hubby(uncie K). They came too.

We also had dad dad's other sister (aunt C) and her hubs (uncie B) join us for half our hollingday. They have an excellent tent which they set up in the caravan park. 

Right ..... here is my our front yard. I feel like running around on it!!

Here I am going out on MY beach with dad dad for the first time this stay.

Do you think I have enough room to run around????

I love running into the shallows after my tennis ball. Mum called it the "white paws program" because she thinks that dunking my paws in seawater everyday makes them nice and bright white!

Harness is off - I am wet and sandy - all good!! Do you see our camp behind?? To the right of the cabins is first the camper trailer, then you see a white pointy thing - which is our PKW.

The routine back at camp..... I get rinsed off with the hose (!!) then rubbed with my towels .... then I get to stretch out on the soft grass and dry and snooze. The last parts are heaven my furiends!

No rude comments about my tum tums please!! ;-)

This camp spot gets fairly breezy ..... and the seagulls and pelicans sometimes freaked me out with their cruising overhead - they just stayed up in the air almost not moving!!

Most afternoons the peeps got out the snacks and drinks .... I was always willing to do QA on the foodables!

This is the man-made rocky jetty that peeps like to fish off. I like to walk along and check their buckets and stuff.

This is a very dangerous "puffer fish" that a fisherman caught. These are very poisonous and I can get VERY sick just by licking it. I didn't want to lick it anyway.

At the end of the afternoon each day my beach disappeared under the tide that came in. Some peeps that went out on their boats would come and feed the pelicans their fish off-cuts - the pelicans loved that! 

Another day in paradise!! See that little peep in the background fishing??? Kinda above my tail and a little to the right. That's my uncie K doing some fishing from the beach. I can't wait to see if he catches something!

Hope you enjoyed my report so far .... more to come!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I been on hollingdays ....... a taste of my reports to come!!

Hiya all,

I have not been around much because we have been on HOLLINGDAYS!!!!! I'm going to do full reports for you - but mum said I'm allowed to give you a little taste of things to come:

Me and some Pelli-cans

We lived in the PKW

I perfected my "deep sea swimming" !!

I made lots of furiends in the caravan park!!

So get ready ...... details to come!!


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