Monday, May 12, 2014

"Snow Boots" and my 4th Birthday!

Check this craziness out my furiends. This is what arrived in a little pawcel at my place (after mum did her magic ordering of stuffs at the keyboard from the internuts).

Oh the deep embarrassment!! Why does this have to happen TO ME!!

What if I stand on three paws and just SHAKE EM OFF - hmmm - not working!!! I must have done something really wrong to get this sort of punishments!

So - the explanation you are all waiting for. Well - gather round. Our winter hollingday will be a doozy this year. Apparently we are going to drive and drive (for two long days) and end up in a chalet surrounded by SNOW!! Yes - my furiends - I know that some of you are Snow Professionals .... I have SEEN this .... but I however do not live close to any such white weather stuffs. That's why we have to drive a long way. 

Remember that Doggie Behaviourist we met on our summer hollingday???? Well she got talking with ma - and ma asked her if we need to put the mini schnauzer into shoes for the snow ... and the instructor said "Yes". She said that it would be wise because I have never had the snow experience and that my tootsies might go into shocks!!! So ma got onto ebay - and then these arrived.

Mum did not think I would like them - but right after I tried them on she was throwing Liver Treats all over the lounge to make me walk in them .... here is the video to prove it:

Right after she put them on me - there was a LOT of laughing - at me, not with me!! How rotten rude. However after a few minutes I was pretty good - like the video shows.

I still think this whole situation is ridiculous - can't I just look at the SNOW from the CAR or the CHALET windows???

Mum says "No".

All I can say is..... this hollingday better be good. Apparently I am staying at a hotel that lets us dawgs in the room, then we are in the doggie friendly chalet, and then we are staying in a holiday house which is doggie friendly too.

Oh - and mum says to tell you that I have a pink puffer jacket to go with my boots.      Great.


Guess who turned FOUR years old???? Yups - ME!! Allow me to POINT OUT that my Pawrents completely forgot my Birthday and remembered two days late!!! Lucky for me there was much REMORSE.... and there is only one way mum could make it up to me:


Mum made me (And Scarlet and Zoe) special Birthday hamburgers. Scarlet turned FIVE a week ago.

Here is Scarlet having a "pre" sniff. Zoe is looking on.

So as soon as Scarlet turned away - the Silver Rocket bounces in with a Swift LICK - no sniffs for me - I get down to business!!

We ENJOYED those Birthday Burgers - oh boy oh boy - they were lip smackin' good!!!!!!


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