Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm NEXT host - Mr Pip and Puddles' Bucket List World Tour!!

I can hardly type...... I'M JUST SO EXCITED AND HONOURED ....

Guess who is visiting me...... in little ol' Adelaide, Australia!!??!!

As some of you will be aware...... Pip is feeling poorly and decided he would visit some of his dear bloggie friends all over the world on his "Bucket List World Tour". His driver is the infamous "Puddles" the beer drinking and cheeto eating Dachshund who is up for any kind of trouble and destruction pawty.

They arrived today..... and I had the delight of hosting them for the afternoon.

First I collected them from the Airport...

.... and we jumped into this cool hotrod I hired for a trip to Brighton Beach to visit the Beach Sculptures exhibition.

Lucky for my guests the day was a little cool and overcast (believe me - it was the only break from the hot hot summer so far)

Hey Pip - glad you are enjoyin' the sculptures - where did Puddles get to???

Puddles!!!!!! What sculpture did you find????? And what's so funny??!!!!!!!

Takes her to find the RUDE one!

Why has this one got a windmill head??? Peeps......!!! They are weird sometimes!

Are they skeletons driving the rusty boat?? I'm gettin' outa here!

We all agree we like this one..... it's kinda like waves ..... only in metal.

We'll see ya ROUND....... get it??!!..... Round...... mmmmwwwwaaa!

Right - we have seen and played with the beach sculptures..... now for an Aussie tradition while at the seaside..... Fish and Chips - my shout guys!! I know just the beachside cafe that will cater for our every need!

Pip had the crumbed fish and Puddles couldn't resist the battered Whiting. It was a magical end to an unforgettable day! We had to try and stop Puddles from throwing around her salad..... but we lost! Before management could toss us out on our bum bums ask us to go .... we went back to my house.

My mum had baked some chicken and cranberry cookies for my furiends to snack on during the next phase of their journey.

Then Puddles excused herself and said she needed a nice patch of garden to wee on........ But little did we know she helped herself to a six pack of beer from the bar fridge when no-one was lookin'....... BOL!

(I'll smooth it over with my peeps tomorrow Puddles!)

Safe journey my furiends...... remember to watch their ongoing journey from Pip's bloggie!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pup-sitting and a "Hello"

Hiya all...... sorry I haven't been around much. I have been busy keeping an eye on my peeps who seem to have been busy too. And I even overheard a conversation which leads me to believe that we are goin' on hollingdays again soon ..... to the beach.... I am rooly excited!

The other day my uncie dropped of Scarlet and Zoe so we could pup-sit them..... and they came along on my daily walk.

They love seein' our local park.

Poor dad dad had to handle two retractable leads with feisty schnauzers on the end. Mum just had to have Scarlet's lead.... and the flashy box of course.

Lucky for us we had some very rare rain a few days ago.... and the duck pond which had completely dried up got some more water in it. It's level is still very low.

Here's one shot where you can see our faces...... not bum bums!

When we got home Scarlet needed to rest.

I thought it was a good idea too.

It was a warm day..... so even our little birds enjoyed a drink and a swim in our birdbath.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sarge's Sled Day Fun!!

Hiya all,

My mate Sarge over there in the U.S.A. is holding a rooly cool event today....... 

It's already the 2nd of February here...... so I'm on the edge of my red faux fur bed waiting for the event to be posted..... maybe snacking to kill some time.....

In the meantime..... here is my PIX showing my full sledding skills and my furs flappin' down the snow slopes (on a perfect day I might add!)......

See how excited I LOOK!!

I had to rooly dig my paws in snug so I don't go *A* over *T* and have a big schnauzer snow spill everywhere. I certainly don't want to knock into any other sleds with Blogville residents and spoil their rides!!! BOL!

So get over to Sarge's Bloggie and check out all the Blogville sled riders and thrill seekers...... what a heap of FUN!!!!


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