Monday, April 21, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) - Pawt 5 (final)

Right - we are on the home stretch now. 

This is me going round to see my new dawg mates in the caravan park.

This is Harry - I gotta say mum LOVED Harry. She said he was snuggly and cuddly and sweet. (*Rolling my schnauzer eyes*)She wanted to take him home with us. I was not in favour of that. Harry's family would have missed him  too much.

Hiya Sebby. You doing all right today??

This is Toby. We got along like a "house on fire". Toby's mum couldn't believe that a "little dawg" like me was showing no fear of Toby. I'm like that - I don't discriminate against dawgs of any size!

This is Max - he and his peeps are visiting from new South Wales.

This is the only other mini schnauzer I met - meet Chloe. We actually met her and her peeps Rose and John at another caravan park. You see - we are not going to Port Vincent next year - we are going to Moonta Bay instead. Anywho - Chloe and her peeps were at Moonta Bay and we all got along really well - I hope to meet them all next year! (If Rose and John see this - please email us and we will tell you our dates - we've booked!)

So - as you can see - it's all very social in dawg friendly caravan parks -I love it!!

Smack bang next to our caravan park is the Surf Lifesavers Club of Port Vincent. They were hosting some school kids doing some water activities.

Looking back - the two storey building is the surf club, then the little building closest to the camera is the fish & chip shop.

Past the fish & chip shop is the town wharf .... that's our next stop.

Up that street there - is the main shops and stuff.

Past the wharf, is this little jetty - this is where Auntie B caught that squid. Tide is out at the moment.

The newest part of Port Vincent is the Marina district. A marina was created and now some very big and modern houses line the marina.

The marina is not yet fully finished but some of the houses have their own jetties and pontoons on the water.

This is me overlooking my beach on the morning we left - look at the seagull photobombing my picture!!

All packed up and the PKW is hitched back up to the car. About to drive out!

So sad - I did not want go home.

We even had some sheeps on the road on the way home!!

Hoped you enjoyed my Hollingday!


Hope everyone had a great Easter!! We did!! We went to Grandpaw's and mum made us some yummy foodables. The peeps didn't only eat chocolate - even though it looks like that on this picture!

Friday, April 11, 2014

PKW Hollingday (Port Vincent) Pawt 4 - "Road Trip!"

Morning tickles and snuggles with dad dad in the PKW. He tells me that today - uncie K and auntie B are coming in our car - we are going on a ROAD TRIP!

Driving out of our spot - we will be back later caravan park!

Mum wanted to go further down the York Peninsula and check out a coastal homestead that allows peeps to camp along the coast. Uncie K wanted to see it too so he can assess if it's good for fishing.

First stop for coffee was a little town called "Yorktown" and this is where we stopped - here I am checking the mural and looking at the sheeps and birdies.

We have reached the Homestead that is just out of Marion Bay - and we walked round to see the coastal campsites.

The first site contained a "Pod" - which is like a fully self contained box for peeps. This one overlooked:

This beach - but it was a steep winding path down the cliff to get to the beach. I was keen to go - but the peeps - not so much!

The next set of bush camps had this board walk down to the beach. We went down to check it out.

This is the beach - supposed to be good fishing here!

This is the track down from other campsites ... also really steep but very pretty.

This is looking to the left - we liked the look of this big rock pool!

The peeps liked the camp sites but the tracks down to the beach were too long and steep for good access or fishing. So they decided this homestead was not going on our camping calendar.

Anywho - we started getting hungry so we went to Marion Bay for a hamburger overlooking the jetty. Mum didn't get a photo of that though. I got big tastes of hamburger!! YUM!

Back to Yorktown - we found a nice pawk to have some photos taken.

Hey look in this town the rocks can look like CLOWNS .....


Even though this SERPENT was much bigger than ME .... I was very brave and not skeered at all!!

Meet this nice doggie "Ruby". She has a great name don't you think!? This lady in black is a Doggie Behaviour Instructor and was helping Ruby with some stuff. In particular, Ruby has a "issue" with meeting new doggies nicely. So I helped. We got along great. I showed Ruby that if you sit nice and calm (and for a few minutes without jumping up) for the instructor - you get a chicken treat!!!!!!!!!!!.

See here we both are showing our sitting calm behaviour for Ruby's mum. After a few minutes - that worked with chicken rewards too!! Woo Hooo! Now don't forget that skill Ruby!!

We said our goodbyes and got back in the car. Back to our campsite at Port Vincent to join our PKW.

That was a great day touring ..... and I was very good in the car. I even crawled into uncie K's lap and went to sleep!! For a non lap-dawg that was amazing they said. Uncie K used to be a farmer with a big sheeps property .... and he had doggies help him with the sheeps and stuff. So I think he is a bit of a dawg-whisperer!! I like him. This is his leg I'm sitting near.

So I hope you enjoyed the sights of our day out. Next Pawt will be the final hollingday post and I'll show you round the town of Port Vincent and introduce you to some of the dawg furiends I made here.

See you soon!!


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