Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winter "Get-A-Way" in the PKW - Pawt 3 (final)

Our second night (Saturday) was very pleasant. We went and visited Win and his wife, then we went back to the PKW for dinner. The evening weather was cold, but not very windy and rainy.

However, after breakfast on Sunday, it rained a bit (see the drops on the windows) - just enough to interrupt my morning walkies.

Then the sun came out.

When dad dad went over to Win's shack to take over our camp chairs and my bed and stuff - I had to watch his every move out the back window.

Finally our "family do" started and the bonfire was lit and peeps started to arrive. I was all set with my picnic blankie and comfy bed. See the peeps warming their bum bums at the fire?? Bol!

Can you see that I was not the only dawg at this "shin-dig". My dad dad's cousin is rapidly losing his eye sight.... so he has an assistance dawg. One that helps him see and stuff. I was a little "rat bag" when this dawg first arrived and had to bust myself barkin'. However, once we had mutual smellings.... we both settled down and looked at one another over the bonfire. Later we got to socialise a bit more.

There were excellent foodables.... in fact I didn't get my dawg dinner because mum said I scored big-time ...... nibbles from the BBQ including sausage, pork, chicken, cabana, pumpkin tart and  peanuts too! It was mind boggling-good tucker my furiends!

I even had a run off leash before the sun went down (and most peeps had gone home) and had a run through the sea edges when my peeps were back by the shack. Bol! You shoulda seen the look on ma's face when I came back all happy and wets!! PRICELESS. She towelled me off and we stayed by the fire until I was dry.

Win kept the fire burnin' into the night and we got to help eat lunch leftovers for dinner (nom noms).

It was getting quite late and quite cold and my pink towel wasn't warm enough ..... so after this picture was taken mum went back to the PKW and came back with my sheepskin coat. Then I was toasty warm and listening to all the camp-fire talk. Boy those peeps can talk!!

Our last night saw the weather turn nasty again - more wind and pelting rain - just like in Scotland Bertie!! Bol! In the morning there was a pond at the base of our PKW steps!!

Home we went after stopping in on Win at the shack. It was a great weekend - but ma said it was hard work managing my paws..... every time I got into the PKW there was washing and drying of my paws. THAT was a little TIRESOME..... but we dawgs gotta suck it up .... it pays to keep the peeps happy!!

Hope you enjoyed my PKW adventure - we kinda hope the weather will be better the next trip out!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter "Get-A-Way" in the PKW....Pawt 2

So ..... on goes my report of our little hollingday:

So here is a picture of me and my dad dad waitin' for our Brekky to be served by the mum person. I personally was very unimpressed that she forgots the bacon in the freezer at home!!

Luckily - she had some sausages in the van fridge which she fried up with some eggies for us..... I am not asleeps ... merely restin' until my tid-bits  get fed to me at the end of the feastin'!

I have them well trained my furiends.

So all ready and fuelled up for my day.... we went and walked alongside the waters "edge".....

NB: "Middle Beach" is a fishing and crabbing beach - not like the pretty white sandy ones I usually go to. This beach has a main channel that the boats use to "get-out" to the open waters - I'll show you that later. The water's edge however, is grassy and muddy and also has mangroves.

There was a bunch of black swans in the channel.

Along the beach we saw a few shacks like Win's. My peeps liked the homemade stones fences and the two skulls!

At the end of the shacks there is a very newly installed boat ramp and floating pontoon jetty..... dad dad said when he came here as a boy there was nothing this fancy available.

Back at Base Camp one of the workers of the caravan park owns this Kelpie pup and she came over to play with me.

So we played and played - and I had to dodge and weave her sharp little puppy teeth!!

Nothing to see here!!

In case you all were wondering about the state of this caravan park.... it is a bit rough and unkempt .... it has been very neglected in the past. Now it has new owners and they are about to plow up the powered and camp sites with big equipments and grow nice grass and make concrete pads for the campers. The kelpie's human is the man who is driving the big equipments. 

Time for a rest in my PKW after all that walkin' and playin'.

And I gets the most comfy wumfy spot in the van. (*Happy Sigh*)

So..... what's for dinner ma??????

Stay Tuned for the final pawt of our PKW adventure!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Winter "Get-A-Way" in the PKW....Pawt 1

Hiya all,

Last weekend dad dad, mum and I went to Middle Beach in the PKW (Peep Kennel on Wheels). We were a bit nervous about the weather forecast ..... it was due to be VERY COLD, and VERY RAINY.... but we went anyway. Dad dad's cousin "Win" has a beach shack at Middle Beach and he was hosting a family "do" on the Sunday..... so lots of peeps were gonna come down just for the day on Sunday.

Oh - and did I say.... the Middle Beach Caravan Pawk is right next door to Win's shack!!! How handy!

Right - we are here - let the adventures BEGIN. You can start by puttin' somethin' in my little pink bowl ma!!!

The weather was too shoddy for us to build the awning and annex.... so the PKW is all nekkid!!

First things first..... off to walk the nature trail and board walk.

Nice little bridge.

Great smells to be schniffed!

Very good smells indeed!

Reached the end of the walk..... with some nice water views

The view the other way

Here is us going to visit Win's beach shack - I'm about to go down the driveway

The shack is yellow and at the back of the photo - there is a lovely back deck which overlooks the water - but you can't see it from this side.

Settling in for our first night's sleeps. It's chilly you know. I've got an idea about that blankie....

Yup - I'm ALL GOOD for sleeps now!!

The first night it rained and rained and was VERY windy and gusty. We were VERY happy that the awning and annex were not up.... because the peeps reckon it would have been ripped off and flung away in all the bad weathers!!

We call this "extreme camping"..... but we are happy the PKW stood up to the test and kept us warm and dry! 

I need to send a shout out to my very good mate and furiend Frank the Tank from Wales, in the You-Kaay. He has been very much waiting to hear of my new PKW adventures.... and Frank ..... see - we have colds and rainy stuff here too!! Only not as cold....and no snows....like you do mate!

Stay tuned for Pawt 2!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Strange Spooky on-goings here!!!!

Hiya all,

Just thought I'd share some strange stuffs with my furiends out there, after all some of you are very clever:

There I was - mindin' my own bizzyness.....    THERE!!!     ..... can you see it!!!!????

What IS IT!!?? Do we haves a "Schnauzer Pol-ter-geist" here or sumthin'????!!!

It appears on THIS WALL about the same time everyday .... I THINKS it tryin' to COM-MOO-NI-CATES with me!

Evens when I looks UP! It's there!!

Maybe it's my new flat, black, brother or sister??????

Also - when I looks down....... it's there!!!! What ya tryin' to say Mr  Schnauzer Poltergeist?????

It's very spooky - don't ya thinks!?!

Should I be bookin' a priest to do a house "Cleansing"???

I saws this on Foxtel (cable) once.

I'll keep monitoring this situation...... but IF this SPOOK thinks he or she is gonna eat my Liver Treats, Piggie Ear Strips or Milk Bones.......

He or She had BETTER THINKS AGAIN!!!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8th July stuffs

Hiya all,

Just wanted to give you the low-down on my Yesterday.

Yesterday was a very nice day. Even though we are having Winters here..... it was a clear and sunny glorious day.

My dad dad turned like 87,000 dog years old. So I gave him three presents and a card that mum and I made. 

I could help him unwrap stuff - but dealing with the sticky tape on my furry paws was something else!

My cousins Scarlet and Zoe came over - here is Scarlet on the blue recliner - in the middle of a game of bitey hand with her dad dad.

With Zoe observing from a safe distance..... plotting what she can get up to next!

Everything was going to usual plan.... playing....napping and our dinners....

THEN..... *(GASPS)*

Mum and dad dad started putting nice clothes on, mum put on war paints on her face and phew smelly stuff sprays on!!

And they took my uncie and then they drove off leaving us fur-kids at home.....ALONE!!

They went someplace where they have stuffs like this given to them!!!



Take it from me ...... Revenge will be SWEET!!!


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