Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Hi All,

Well, it is an exciting time for those of you who celebrate Halloween. But my mum thought I should get more involved because I have so many furiends across the pond who do celebrate this time of year.

So with determined stride, mum with recycled tote bag in situ, trolled through some shops to ensure that I was suitably "kitted out" for the occasion. (*rolling schnauzer eyes upwards*)

This was was first costume purchased - a little mellow dramatic but very slimming black - which I think is cool!

Did I tell you we had to have a whole professional photo shoot complete with spider webs (which creeped mum out) and little plastic bugs and everything!

Mum made me suggested I enter a contest over at the Five Sibes bloggie - so have a look over there for the whole outcome of the photo contest!

The Five Sibes Official Contest Image.

In the spirit of fun, I thought I would show you a couple"out-takes" from my photo shoot. I think they are hilarious, and seeing as mum is not here at the moment, I have the POWER!!!

I call this the "Collapsed Witch" - see how I pulled the spider webs when the momentum took me down!!!

This one I call the "Exhausted Witch" - who had had enough of the whole photo shoot thing by this stage!!

Make sure you look at the Five Sibes Blog once they have posted the contest to see how I got it together for the final entry!! He he he!

Well - this is how I prefer to be seen - but I must humour my mum or the Liver Treats might "dry up" on me. But I mean it when I say:


(May your costumes be comfy and you score some good treats!)

Bye For Now!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt -October

Hi Ya All,

Another month has shot past (almost) so it means my mum has another go at:

Mum is hoping to get a pretty good score this time, (she gets one point from me when I also appear in the picture) - so here it is:

This is a ceramic cat that mum made to remember her black cat Cleo. Cleo is over the rainbow bridge but her last favourite sleeping spot was under this little table, hence why this cat is so perfect. I can tolerate this cat, but if I come across a live one.....I will have something very loud to say while chasing it!! (sorry to all my kitty furiends..... I promise I will try and behave around any of you!)

This is just a SMALL selection of mum's candle holders and stuff. Boy I started to "schwitz" in all that candle heat. It's a miracle that she didn't set the drapes alight!!

It's not Autumn here but we found some crunchy leaves off our Pittosporum (James Sterling) bush to show you. PS: Mum is bonkers about the look I gave her flashy box in this shot. (Who says Yuki is the only schnauzer supermodel!!!???) (winks)

This was our foggiest morning a few months ago - my hills view completely gone, stolen by white fuzzy stuffs!

I feel all golden after playing with mum's jewellery box contents!!! I also have that "rapper" kinda look Yo Dude...... Rubie In Da House ??!!

One of my bloggie furiends called my "wall art" "GRAFFITI" - so it makes sense to use this picture again!

Hey - this is the oldest underground working wine cellar in the whole of Australia and was built in 1845. It is located in the Hardy's Winemakers Grounds close to where we live. I've mentioned before that there is a lot of vineyard and wine production heritage in our area, due to migrants from Devon, UK, setting up South Australia's first commercial vineyards here. I'm sure all of you who enjoy a little vino, have heard of Hardy's Wines.  I'll do a post about our trip there soon.

I'm licking my chops thinking about Pumpkin Bread, or Pumpkin Muffins than can be made from this delicious Butternut Pumpkin!

This is me enjoying my environs along the Field River, quite close to my place. I look like I'm creeping like a panther huh??

Ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! I'm SCARED!!!!!! Why didn't you tell me that we have a big fat ghost in our loungeroom ma!!!!!  AAAAArrrrrrrr!!!!!!

It's one of ma's more disappointing sunset shots, but made so much more AWESOME because I'm in it - don't ya reckon!!??

Now I know that some of you are into Halloween, but we here are not so much. Mum made me suggested I enter a Halloween competition for a fun dress up and....... well........ I got to be a witch. (sigh) So here is my Witch's Hat (double sigh).

So, mum, I just did the tally up - AND GUESS WHAT??????!!!! YOU GOT A PERFECT SCORE.....

12 / 12 !!!!!!


Thanks, my sweet Rubie, I tried really hard this month! And you know, you are still my "pumpkin" xxx

Awwww mum! (blushes) do you improve on 12 / 12???

Hmmmm........ ?!?

Mum is speechless everyone, but I hope you enjoyed this month's Photo Scavenger Hunt, can't wait for the challenge of next month! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"I'M FREEEEEEEEEE !!!! - and a Statue

Hi Ya all,

I have exciting news! Mum took that stoopid cone thingy off my head!....well, it was removed on Thursday afternoon actually. See:

I'm as pleased as a calorie addict going to a chocolate fair about it!!! 

I want to thank all my furends out there who sent me well wishes..... but some of you thought it was my ear - it wasn't - I developed a little sore patch BELOW my ear. But the cone thingy allowed the scab to develop and do it's thing without me scratching it off every 2 it's ALL GOOD now! Thank goodness!

In case you are wondering what I'm being posed with..... it's mum's new statue that she got for a BARGAIN price. Bless her, she can't go past a bargain!!

Also, my auntie Josie wanted to see the statue so she could work out if she needs one..... here it is auntie Josie!!!! There are a couple of different designs, and some are in a dark grey colour. My mum reckons she can mosaic coloured glass over the top of this one. We'll see about that !!!

I'm more concerned about the strange creaking noise that mum's legs and knees just made as she bent down to take these shots!!  You okay mum????? Need a Cone on your Head ????!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not "the best" play day.

Hi ya,

I'm a bit subdued at the moment. You see - I have developed an owchie below my ear, and I wouldn't leave it alone because it was itchy, so I went to the V-E-T-S on Saturday and this is the result:

Sadness personified.

Then came Monday....our puppy play-day with Scarlet and Zoe. Mum and dad dad made me keep this stoopid cone on for it and everything! But I was not the only sad one on play-day.

You see - Scarlet, Zoe and uncie arrived as usual.... then uncie had to leave because he had to go to someplace and do some website and commppuuting work. So then our place was all depressed "times three!!"

Scarlet and Zoe: Waddayamean dad dad is leaving us?????

Scarlet and Zoe:  OOOhhh woe is us!!

Not even a round of piggy ears could cheer us up! My stoopid cone meant I couldn't play bitey face!

Scarlet: Auntie.....I loves you...but I really miss my dad dad when he is not with me!!!

Scarlet: Maybe a liver treat would make me feel a little better??

Scarlet: And another beef cube????

Scarlet: Was that the front door??

Scarlet: I'll just watch the road for our car.

Scarlet:   (sigh)......where is he????? All this waiting!

Zoe: Don't worry Scarlet...... he always comes back to us! He can't bear to be apart from us either! 

Uncie did come back, and tried to explain to Scarlet and Zoe that he occasionally does have to do some work, otherwise they would be living on a park bench and starving....BOL! 

So that problem was solved.....but it does not solve my cone-head problem. I'm stuck with this until the owchie heals!   :-(


Changing the topic.........go over and meet a new blogging mini schnauzer.........Nora Bella. She is a brand new addition to her family and joins her black brother, Theo (another mini schnauzer). She literally has just arrived in the family, so check out her blog HERE and be goooing and gaaaahhhing at baby pics and new adventures.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come Garden with ME!

Hi ya,

Remember mum's orchids?????

These are lovely flowers that we grow outside in pots, but they only bloom once a year - the good thing is that they last for ages as a cut flower and we get weeks of looking at them inside.

Well - it's the time of the year when they are all finished bloomin' and they need some attention.

You see, after a few years the bulbs die off and new bulbs form - these new ones are where the flowers come from. But mum tells me, you need to pull apart the whole pot and ditch the deady bones brown bulbs and replant the bulbs with green strappy leaves coming out of them.

So - we didn't get pics of that part...... and you missed mum gettin' attacked by angry ants that she disturbed (he he he that was funny!!) - but we are now up to the repotting bit:

I sense my pup help will soon be required!

You can't use any ol' potting mix - you gotta buy the mix for orchids. 

Right this pot is good to go.

Tip about 1/3 of the pot with mix, then arrange the good bulbs loosely on top. Tip more mix around and on the roots of the bulb.

This is what your woozle and nose should look like after helping.  :-)

Hey - these need to be put in a pot ma!

Yup - this one will do.

There - repotted.

I just havta make sure it's nicely even and all that!

The finished products - five pots of alive orchid bulbs - all ready for flowering next winters! Oh - and you should give all the pots a good drink of waters.

Now I know why I felt like we were bein' watched!! She lives next to the orchids.

 Whew - all done - and most of that dirt fell right off my woozle. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! I'm only sorry we didn't get pics of the "ant incident!!!" (BOL!)

Till next time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An update & contest reminder!

Hi ya!

I decided to hit the office (the room where our commmpuuter is and all my creative blogging takes place) and give you some updates.

A couple of days ago - this big truck pulled up and two men wearing very bright jackets jumped out. Of course I had to do my "big girl bark" and warn EVERYONE in the street about it.

Coz if you think you are gonna SNEAK into my street and fiddle with the lights......without me REPORTIN' - you can THINK AGAIN!!!!! 

I've been checking on my duckie babies in my make sure they are all happy!

Sometimes I overdo it on my walks and need to take a "baby rest" ......... sometimes.

In amongst the nice weather, we have had some coldish spring weather - on this day it even hailed some little ice thingys from the skies! Can you see them on the pavers?

I've had some visits by my cousins, Scarlet and Zoe - mum thinks this photo is a cracker!!

More three way bitey face - my cousins were on my ottoman, and I am standin' on the carpet - that is why it looks a little funny!

Another great look on Scarlet's face captured!

Finally - I want to update you all on another fun event on The Five Sibes Bloggie. They are holdin' a great photo contest for Howl-o-ween..... CLICK HERE to learn all about it!!!

Yes.................I have just been put through my photo shoot............(sigh)!! Thank goodness for liver treats!

See ya!!


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